Its a shame this happened on a great night for him.

Twitter: Injury update: Sasha Vujacic suffered a grade one sprain of the right shoulder.

  • haha

    Good riddance. One good game from him will never convince me.

  • 09champs!

    how bout that other game, when he scored 8 points in 3 mins? the key with this team is consistency. He plays one good game and 3 bad ones.

    And its not only Sasha, what about Shannon and Jordy tonight? dissapeared, so its not only him, everybody has to step up.

    • Marwan Marzina

      I think the deal with Shannon is the pressure of being a starter. This is his 6th game starting for the Lakers and being a starter isn’t an easy job. I think he is doing fine so far but just needs to adjust his game when he starts because when he comes off the bench, he is usually up against other bench players.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Sasha scores 6 points and its a “spectacular” performance. PLEASE!

    He did have one play that reminded me of probably his most memorable play as a Laker – when he gave Ray Allen a layup to lose a home game in the finals. Tonight late in the game after KG’s shot was “tipped” leaving 1 second on the shot close, the “Machine” once again let Ray get wide open in the paint for a layup. Ray missed but Perkins got a hammer dunk. Yeah I guess the way this bum has played the last two years, tonight he was “spectacular”. SHIP HIM OUT ALONG WITH PUKE AND MORRISON!

  • Matthew

    wait, so whats worse, a grade 1 or grade 2? sry its prolly a stupid question, lol.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Grade 1 is the best you can get (its bad but its better than 2+). So basically, a grade 1 isnt as bad as 2 or 3.

  • LGM10

    Wow another injury. Does this mean we have to play ammo? As “bad” as sasha is id rather see him play than fish (a defensive and offensive liability now) or ammo. Come back soon kobe…we need u

  • Matthew

    aight thanks MARwan MARzina… and LGM10, your ritee. id rahter have sasha out there just for defensive purposes.. he does better job than farmar and fisher.

  • iamthetie

    This sucks. He did a great job on Ray Allen in short minutes tonight, especially compared to what D-Fish managed. I get this feeling he is on the cusp of regaining machine status

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