This one hurts. We all agree that Sasha is the perfect bench player for us, but at the same time, if this little excerpt is true, there is no way we can keep “The Machine.” What are your thoughts? It’s believed that Vujacic’s representative will be seeking the full mid-level exception of $5.8 million.

  • Billy Kupchak

    He’s definitely worth it if we did it for Radman! :cool:

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    I think that the only changes we should make in our lineup is releasing mihm, mbenga, radman, and maybe newble…KEEP WALTON AND ODOM!

    If we release 3-4 players…then we should have some cap space to get maybe a good backup shooter like James Posey

  • LakersFirst

    If this is true, then tThe Lakers now need to look in the free agent market and see what available two guards would be interested in coming to the Lakers for the MLE. If those available players are better than Sasha, then it would make sense to sign one of those available players, if they are willing to come for the MLE that is.

  • ek

    I say let his a$$ walk. He is also inconsistent at times like Lamar. I think the Machine needs new batteries very often. He will end up like Puke Walton….after they receive their contracts they play like Garbage….thats the truth.

  • daboss1848

    lol . . .
    #1 when u release a guaranteed contract, u still pay the salary
    #2 when u release a guaranteed contract, it’s still part of your cap
    #3 even if u release all those players ur still over the cap
    #4 Mihm has player option (staying), Radman has guaranteed contract (staying)
    #5 when team is over cap they have several exceptions they can use to sign – MLE, LLE – – – that’s all the Lakers will have for awhile



  • cg75

    sasha is a restricted free agent and lakers can match any offer he receives. if somebody else is willing to pay him $6M a year for 4-5 years, then its good for him, we can choose to match or not. he can ask all he wants but what he gets is a whole different story

  • Whatsa

    Release the dead weight first.

  • hZm

    I have a gut feeling that Sasha will pull a Luke on us if he gets a contract like this.

  • BringDFishBack

    He hinted in his exit interview he wouldn’t be back. It’s his loss, it’s gonna be similar to Edge in football and leaving the Colts. He was never the focus of the defense because either Kobe, Lamar, or Pau were always in and he could get open shots. The good thing for hte Lakers is that shooters are easy to replace. A guys like Turiaf and Ariza are very hard to find guys just like them, but you can get shooters anywhere.


    i would not trade him>>>>are we crazy..WE SHOULD trade WALTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelvlam

    I agree with fellow fans, if he’s seeking for the $$$, then the Lakers should let him walk. Shooter is a dime a dozen with options, but big man like Ronny and Ariza on the other hand is tougher to replace!

  • BringDFishBack

    It’s kinda funny to read some of these comments where people know absolutely NOTHING. You can’t just release players. Sasha is a free agent you don’t trade him. You can’t just trade Luke and not have that contract anymore. If you want to say stuff about what you think the Lakers should do, please know the rules of what can happen.

  • RDLAKB24

    i think he is needed back way more than ronny… gotta keep sasha and let go of guys like walton mbenga mihm

  • D Lo

    A player overestimating his value. What a surprise. Even if we matched he played his arse off in his contract year and will probably come back down to earth next year.


    We need Mickael Pietrus,Kelenna Azubuike….call Mullin,NOW!


  • http://golakers golakers

    Sasha was one of the best three point shooters in the league this past season. He also worked very hard to improve his defense (except for the play against Allen) and he did well at getting under the skin of rivals like Ginobili. I know Mithch will first look to see if there is anyone of equal or greater talent available before making a final decision on Sasha. I would agree with most that Ronny and Trevor are “gotta keep” players, but the bottom line is how much luxury tax is Dr. Buss willing to pay to keep last years squad together. I’d like to see them all back next season.

  • HereWeGo

    if he gets other offers like that then the lakers should not match. even if we release players we still have to pay them. please know the rules. shooters can be found at any time. o well. he was sort of inconsitent anyway.

  • sK

    hey everyone…. lets get this straight, we are STUCK with Radman and Luke for now. The only way to get rid of them would be to package one of them in a trade that the other team REALLY wants and then we could ask them to take one of those contracts. They won’t.

    So they are stuck here for at least 2 more seasons, if not more.


    Call Chris Mullin and say “Look,I know VLad and Luke are crap but y’all aren’t goin’ to win a ‘Chip,EVER!So we’ll take Azubuike and Pietrus or Pietrus and Barnes or just Pietrus”.

    I want Artest too but I’m a REALIST!I’m not gettin’ my hopes up this time,whoever is availible and CHEAP,GET’EM!

  • Sako

    I read on that if Sasha doesn’t re-sign, we might trade Lamar Odom for Mike Miller. That isn’t good news.

  • YoLakers

    Let him go! We could use that money elsewhere…

  • awaker85

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that the MLE is to sign players not already on your roster. Sasha is just asking for the same amount of money as the MLE, not for the actual MLE. Resigning him has no affect on our ability to bring in other new players, it just raises our luxury tax. Which we are over the luxury tax anyways, and not getting under it anytime soon, so as long as Dr. Buss dosn’t mind writt’n the check, offer him 4 million a year, and then match whatever offer he gets, unless it’s crazy high like above 6 million a year. In fact, I’d offer the exact same deal to Ariza and Turiaf. We would still have the MLE to bring in another player, it’s just it’s gonna cost Dr. Buss a lot of extra money in luxury tax, but that’s the cost of having a team that can compete for the chip, so he should suck it up and pay it. As long as we have less luxury tax than the Knicks I’m ok with it, ha.

  • RC

    Sasha is not worth $5.8!

  • John

    If this is true I think we have to let sasha walk. No way sasha is worth 5.8 mil per year. Sure he is a great bench player, but there are games where he shoots 1-9 or 2-11 from the field. As much as I like sasha I think we have to look elsewhere if this is true.

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • Michael_23

    Man this contract stuff is hard …

    I’d really would want Sasha back. If he’s gone we have no backup SG.

    I think he would be a great starting SG in the under .500 teams. But there’s no place for a championship like the Lakers.

    It turned out that he’s a greater asset than Mo Evans was after the trade.

  • D Lo

    [Comment ID #41167 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why? miller would be a great 3rd choice after artest and someone like marion.

  • Michael_23

    Luxary tax? Is the price we pay for Laker tickets not cover the costs?


  • Michael_23

    I hope Sasha doesn’t do a Latrell Sprewell act and say “I NEED MONEY!” FEED MY FAMILY!”

    We all know how that turned out.

    Or a Vierjo act saying “I’M NOT PLAYING UNTIL I RECIEVE A MLE DEAL!” Stupid, then they go out and get Ben Walace, that plays almost the same game as him. It clogs up their PF,C position.

  • T-Dub

    LET HIS A S S GO! He had one good game and now we’re gonna pull another Luke Walton deal? If Mitch did that, everything good will go out of the window! 3 years, 10 mil…MAX!

  • Mitch Kupchak

    I assure you Laker fans, that Sasha WILL BE BACK. I just talked to his agent today and we have agreed on a contract suitable for both Sasha and the Lakers organization. We cannot let a player of his caliber join another team. I assure you, you will see him back here next year.


  • Michael24

    bye bye sasha i loved you man




  • lakerfan

    [Comment ID #41133 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank You. C’mon Laker Nation this is not the NFL where you just cut people.

    Sasha is NOT worth it. $5m for 8 points per game? Please. Put your emotions aside and make some smart decisions.

    SK, you are right…we are STUCK with Luke and Radman. The only way to get rid of them is to package them and find a sucker GM to take them. We all know that if Lukes contract was expiring, Kobe would be packing his bag for him.

    Why doesn’t anyone like Mike Miller? He would really help the Lakers. He shoots over 50% from the field (45% from 3 point range). 16 points per game. I mean Kobe shoots well from 3 point range and he is a 38% shooter.

    Let Sasha go. Get Mike Miller.

  • goodfella

    i think now we have options, let’s look at all the mle players and pick the best suitor.

  • RD

    FUCCIN $ELLOUT! if he really wants to win that badly, he would take the same pay, and let another player we really need [artest, maggete] join us for the MLE!

  • Freshh

    Give it to him

  • MILO

    ~hey if luke is gettin paid so should Sasha!

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #41230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If it were only that easy…

  • DieHardFan

    He is not worth that kind of money. The NBA is a business and if we can get a better defender for that amount of money then we should do it. I would give that money to Posey or Artest.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    If management believes Sasha will improve this coming year as much as he did this year then resign him. If they believe he is as good now as he will ever be let him go. Sasha said he is going to work hard this summer. If this is true we should sign him. Remember all the deadwood
    we just got rid of. The Lakers want to promote an excellent work ethic,
    Sasha and Kobe and Farmar are examples of the type of players the Lakers need. If anything has been learned from the playoffs it is how
    much work is required to achieve excellence.

  • KING-BQ1981



  • dub824

    oh well… bye sasha

  • John

    [Comment ID #41256 Will Be Quoted Here]

    for some reason this makes me laugh.

  • S-quire

    Gotta agree with Darryl Imhoff about work-ethic, I think Kobe only has good rapport with his fellow guards, they’re “Kobe guys” in a lot of ways. He has history w/ Fish, drafted same time, came up together. Farmar has ridiculous work ethic and the killer instinct. Sasha has the swagger Kobe likes but does not butt heads with. I dunno about 5.8 but he’s worth more than Luke or Vlady.

    Speaking of which, let’s keep it real guys, I was talking to my buddy and I think it’s clear what’s going to happen. Nothing. That is for a while until Vlad and Luke show something in the regular season that makes them tradeable. Then they’ll probably be shipped off as part of a big trade that we will be completely unexpected. That’s always been the Lakers M.O., they keep their cards close to their chest.

    Oh and as for getting another big, I potentially like Nick Collison, maybe someone like Reggie Evans, or we could even draft LORENZO MATA-REAL (Go Bruins)! Wish Taj Gibson was available, he loves LO.


    Luke and Vlad for Mickael Pietrus,let’s get an article about this guy,PLEASE!

  • Young

    [Comment ID #41230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    two wrongs don’t make a right…

  • lakerschamps08

    umm idk wats gonna happen but if i have choice of miller or sasha i love sasha but i think i pick miller cuz he has size and is not afraid… and shoots 3s better.. but idk. i want sasha and ronny back but NOW who knows

  • Thuggishdeer

    5 million as in 1 million a year contract.

  • qazqazqaz

    sasha out = sun yue in?

  • Tim

    This is bill duffy talking. ughhh.

  • ab4sure

    I’m going to be with the team that wants and needs me the most,” Vujacic said. “Who it’s going to be, I can’t say right now at this point. But we’ll see.”

    “I just want to win a championship”

    Do these 2 statements go together??? What if a lousy team wants him and needs him the most???

  • Machinehead18

    Ahhh!! This isnt good. In my opinion, he’s worth it. He’s a reliable backup behing Kobe, in case of injury or whatever. He was one of the best 3pt shooters this year and, based on his interviews, he wants to improve on that. He seems to be the only guy on the Lakers who gets in the face of guys on defense.

    In my opinion, no free agent or player on any other team brings what Sasha does.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #41214 Will Be Quoted Here]

    my man i have stayed with sasha the whole time since he was here. I have seen his videos from his country and he more like ginobili and parker type europeans: that keeps getting better. He has an awesome sharp shooting. This is no doubt. You might argue with me with the game numbers, but I will fight back saying think about how good he is at practice. He knocks down a lot of shots, and is not afraid to shoot big ones.

    He had truly lived up. definitely. His irritating defense on spur’s leading scorer ginobili should not be forgotten. His efforts on game 3 should not be forgotten either. Yeah he comes from the bench, but he plays the very final crucial seconds in the forth quarter. There’s a reason and I hope u guys know this by now. He said he wants to win a championship. ab4sure thinks it’s funny. tell me one other player besides Kobe, who said these words from the lakers squad. Sasha and Kobe plays with their heart. So, I want Sasha to stay. and think about it this way: if we can pay Luke, and Vlad whatever money they want, wouldn’t you pay Sasha???? are u kidding????

    in the end,

    what a year, what a journey: i should say. Lakersnation had been a crucial part of my daily life the past 6 months. from getgarnett to TLN to Nation… i have great memories. I have read article in this website. and because I read most articles from my DASH, I didn’t comment on most of them. But, the point is I have simply enjoyed this website. Thanks to everyone at TLN for making this wat it is today. Living in Dallas, I didn’t never for a second felt I wasn’t in LA. If TLN doesn’t get you going as a Laker fan, nothing will. This is the closest I have ever been to lakers.

    Thanks again. I hope off season passes by quickly, we have another season to make a run. And this time, we need home court on the finals. period

    p.s. who knew a website i found on google looking for “Lakers news” could one day become so special.

    love ya’ll.

  • jay

    First of all this is the LAKERS FO fault. they should have redone vlad rads contract after he f*cked up by snowboarding. that was a breach he made. so we could have taken money back and signed him for a lot less. Now we are stcuk with a one dimesional player (if that). i know Phil is looking for his toni kukoch (no luck wit vlad.) So i say keep the core Kobe, fisher, LO, Bynum, Gasol, and then farmar and luke. get artest at the deadline in janmuary, and tell luke to call his homie R. Jefferson to come through. Seriously i am even being 2 greedy but all we need are a PF and PG. we can do so much with our players and it might be a great idea to change players positions. we get a new point guard and fidher can play SG off the bench. So jus a tweak.

  • ab4sure

    Hey Jack… i never said it was funny get your facts straight. Read again what i said i don’t want to go over it for you.

  • ab4sure

    Oh Jack btw… those who said they want to win a championship on the lakers are Jordan Farmar, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, LO, etc… They have all said they want to win a championship. Also, what happened to Sasha in games 4 and 5… 1/9, 2/10. You don’t get a great contract off one game.


    We F’cked up when we actually thought vladimir radmanovic deserved a good contract lol. And “Smush Walton” as well lol

  • Jack

    You guys have to realize that Sasha’s a restricted free agent. That means as long as Jerry Buss is willing to open up his wallet and pay some more luxury tax, we can automatically match any team’s highest contract offers regardless of cap issues.

  • Jack

    Oh and this is a different Jack =P.

  • kPoAbUe

    for all of you saying trade radman and fluke well lets trade them for like 2nd rounders. there were some 2nd rounders that are superstars right now lets take our chances. what u guys think?

    resign sasha and mr. energy and get like two 2nd rounders.