Sasha may return tonight, but that hasn’t meant he hasn’t been busy while hurt! Here is a great new program he’s started! Over 30 million Americans – many of them children – suffer from a skin disease called eczema. Sasha Scores for Kids with Eczema, launched with the National Eczema Association (800/818-7546), is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to support this cause. The first 100 donors will receive an autographed photo of Sasha. Donate now!

Sasha became aware of how severe eczema can be through three year old Lakers superfan Jarrett (see Jarrett and Sasha on youtube).

At three months old, Jarrett was diagnosed with eczema. Because of the discomfort and itch, Jarrett scratched his skin so much that it bled. As Jarrett got older, he became somewhat resistant to the skin treatments he had to follow. His parents tried several different coping mechanisms to keep his mind off scratching and create distractions while applying ointments and medicine. Jarrett’s father Eric, says that when Jarrett was two, he began showing interest in the LA Lakers, so they created routines for Jarrett’s treatment revolving around his favorite basketball team.

Jarrett uses his Sasha Soap, Kobe Cream, and Lamar Lotion to help cope with the arduous skin regime he must follow. Jarrett has endeared himself to the entire Lakers team by memorizing all their names, and jersey numbers, and by being what has to be their most adorable fan.

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  • deemac1

    Good thing they not donating $ off how many points he scored cause they can close that foundation now! lol

  • lakers0828

    Well as a child growing Up with Eczema and as an Adult who still has It I can Defintly Relate only I wish he was doing it for Adults too

  • truth

    Doesn’t matter how many charities this clown does. He’ll get traded sooner or later.

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  • smilinggreenmom

    As the mom of a child with Eczema – this is so wonderful and I am very grateful! I can relate so much about finding distractions and how cool that this little guy has that in the Lakers! Eczema is awful and we have spent many nights awake and our son would scratch and bleed. After he became steroid dependent, we knew we did not want to continue down this road of potent and sometimes dangerous drugs for him. We were told about Belly Boost probiotics for kids and is has been a huge huge miracle for us!!! I hope the parents of Jarrett read this comment because I truly believe certain probiotics can help. This one is not only yummy for kids but has had amazing results for us. Our son has been nearly Eczema free for the past year since taking these and looks and feels great! Plus he can now eat tons of foods :) I pray Jarrett’s family reads about this – I would love to help with our story!

    KUDOS to the Lakers!!!!!! Thank you so much :D

  • Diane

    Thank you, Sasha Vujacic, for helping raise awareness about eczema and for raising funds for the National Eczema Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for individuals with eczema through research, support and education.

  • fightingeczema

    Please support the NEA!