There is a RUMOR going around at a few places that Sasha is being offered 30 million by Houston. There is no valid link and just looking at the rumored numbers, I HIGHLY doubt it’s true. We’ll keep our eye on it though…

RUMOR: “The Houston Rockets are set to offer restricted free agent guard Sasha Vujacic a five-year contract that could be worth around US$30-million, according to an insider report Monday. The Lakers will have 1 week to match the offer once Vujacic signs the offer sheet.”


    hahaha 30 million for sasha

  • True Lakers Fan

    o fuck lol

  • lakersdynasty09

    Wow..if this is true sasha better be able to produce for houston…but its just a rumor dnt worry guys..

  • daboss1848

    ladies/gentleman, this is merely a MLE offer

    he’ll get several of these

  • daboss1849

    way to much for a shotter and nothing else.

  • kPoAbUe

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol


  • Kobe2k9

    let him go! 30 mil to him should not be offered to him and if you really know basketball you would agree with me on that and he should only be offered 12 mil – 14 mil for 3 years take it or leave it and he will not flourish in any other team so he should be smart about it too

  • Banzai

    Sasha had one good season..if you can call it that….he isn’t worth 30 million at all…maybe 10

  • daboss1848

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    14 mil for 3 yrs = 4.67 mil/ year
    30 mil for 5 years = 6 mil/year

    kid improved every year – hes a pesky defender, a great shooter, and improving his penetration (keep your puns to urself)

  • LakersFirst

    Houstons payroll right now is set for $68.2M next year, so this has to be an MLE offer.

  • kb24bestever

    Dmn i guess we wont be seeing sasha back next year.

  • xtro

    As the Thompson Twins would sing, “Lies!” “Lies!” “Lies!” Yeah!

  • thevoiceofreason

    I love Sasha but 30 million in 5 years is ridiculous. No way this is true. Even if he signs with the Rockets that puts pressure on him to play at a high level every night.

  • Tim M.

    Ouch. hope this is just a rumor…. sounds kind of out there for Sash, but damn…

  • lakerlover

    like n’snyc would have said…


  • lakerschamps08

    ummmm yea this has got to be an international rumor from overseas cuz they say US$-million but maybe not…. hes comin back

  • e

    i love sasha, but this is too much…he’s not worth this much money

  • lakerferlife7

    we could pay james posey that…hes way better than sasha

  • Geloman

    Let his a..s go and offer the MLE plus whatever we have leftover from sasha to Maggette, a better and tougher scorer and shooter. I know Maggette and Kobe are pals.

    Sasha had a great season but was bricken in big time in the last 2 games of the finals.

    Not worth it. If we do that, he may be another Radman mistake.

  • gugy

    good for him. but he is definitely not worth that much. If Houston wants to pay that, then go for it.

  • gus26

    haha.. i love the machine.. but 30 mil!!!!.. good luck sasha.. we don’t need another contract like that.. see luke and vlad.. good role players but highly over paid..

  • kaynam24

    who ever posts shit like this is retarded n need to get their facts straight.. rockets dont even want sasha retards.. he will b back for 4mil a year… u swear his stock is that high dumbasssssssssssss


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    chill bro… that’s why it states “RUMOR”

  • Freshh

    PEOPLE i was one of the first ones to hear this rumor.
    it was FAKE!

    a admin from another forum made it up as a joke..


    [as u can see july fools highlighted]

  • Whatsa

    Sasha knows the Lakers is his home.. and that money shouldn’t even be that big to him.

    But yeah Freshh, nice picture.


    It’s okay! Remember that Kareem Rush is in the free agent market!

    We can sign him if ever . . .

  • e

    i think its time we give an offer to james posey

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #43343 Will Be Quoted Here]


    Tell me, is there anything he doesn’t do?

  • Sako

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    Sasha said that he likes long walks on the beach, and romantic poems and movies. What a dream boat… hahahahahahahahaha, jk

  • varsityoptimism

    i want be winner.

    i want be laker for life.

    i want go to team that need me most.

  • T-Dub

    HOLLA AT-CHA A$$!!!! NEXT!

  • T-Dub

    We might as well offer the full MLE to Maggette So we’ll be in line with everyone else when he figures out that no other team is willing or can pay more. If you’re not an all-star, the era of the 50-60mil contracts ARE OVER!!!!

  • Motown

    Too much for him, and like people have said he’s just a role player like Luke or Radmanovic, who are both grossly overpaid.

    We should try and throw something out to Monta Ellis, it’s a longshot, but he would be an amazing coup at MLE price considering his age and potential. If not then Maggette or Posey would both be good, Maggette is good offensively, while Posey can D up and also hit the 3.

    Kareem Rush would be a nice pick up on a minimum deal aqs he can hit the 3 like Sasha. We need to get rid of Luke and Radmanovic man, for real.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    That’s a lot of money for sure. However, it is also what the Lakers paid to Luke Walton. Technically, the Lakers can pay Sasha by matching a signed offer sheet and still have the MLE for Posey. The bigger issue is how much over the cap and into the luxury cap can the Lakers afford. It could really come down to do the Lakers want Sasha or Posey. I have read that the Celtics have offended Posey and he is looking elsewhere. The Lakers Need to go after him even if its at the expense of Sasha.
    If they can afford both than even better, but there are only so many playable minutes in a game and don’t Posey and Sasha play the same positon

  • daboss1848

    [Comment ID #43414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Youre certainly right – I forget that the only player we are allowed to appreciate here on theKObEnation is the man himself.

    My apologies – sasha sucks, cant do anything, hes a dime a dozen, coby will be our next sasha.

  • domidomdomz

    Sasha loves the lakers, so he would surely be back. he’s not ron artest who hears wrong inner voices..

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #43418 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Translation… SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

  • jack sasha haters….

    I knew sasha would get big offers. It this is a rumor, then some other team might have offered him the same kinda money. Look, paying Sasha $6 million/yr is no big deal. This is the guy who plays alongside Kobe in the forth quarter when the Lakers were making the run for the championship. He totally took the life out of Ginobili and is forth in the league in 3 pointers. He ain’t afraid to hit big shots and works hard physically in the game.

    Beleive me there are lot of guys out there who get paid more than 6 millions for nothing, Sasha absolutely desereves at least 6-7 million, and a guranteed contract will make his future safe as well.

    All I can say is Ronny is headed to Utah for sure, but will sweat when re-signing sasha. you know why: kobe wants him back. I am sure Mitch doesn’t want to start the next season again with an angry Kobe.

  • Sako

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    The dwarf in Ron Artest’s backyard tells him what decisions he should make.

  • dub824

    i could care less if sasha leaves

  • LLstandsforLOVELAKERS

    screw posey. we SHOULD be bringing back robert horry. he even said he doesn’t care about his pay much