This is an interesting little thing we found. According to a newsday article focusing on the Knicks, it mentions could be a possible trade peice? With speculation about Radman not playing and trade rumors, what do you guys make of this?

Newsday: While awaiting the league ruling, Donnie Walsh isn’t looking to make a quick move to bring in an unsigned free agent. Other options could emerge on the trade front. The Lakers have made it known that Sasha Vujacic could be available.

  • Makaveli

    I wouldn’t trade Sasha unless its something we really need. Sasha is a great player.

  • Durt McGurt

    Bye!!! At this point, I’d take a tissue box and a bottle cap to trade this guy away! Seeeriously, everytime he dribbles it gives me a heart attack! Has he ever seen a shot he DIDN’T like?!?! He supposedly worked on his game over this past summer but to me it looks like he took 8 steps back instead of forward. Finally! A trade rumor involving this guy…pull the plug on this Mitch!

  • mamba818

    i love sasha as a player and a person i hope they dont trade him.
    i would like to see vlad, luke, mihm, or even lamar gone.

  • zako

    trade radman and mihm… not sasha


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    Someone with some sense! I’d rather see DJ Mbenga than Mihm and we’ve got plenty of SF’s, least of which is Vladi. Besides, not matter what anyone says, he’s clearly done something to piss off the Zen Master.

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    Why do we do stuff like this???

    does anyone here really think that trading (Sasha) a player that plays a minimal role to our team is gonna save us?

    Our problem is philosophical…one that say- double team everyone no matter how much they suck..then we go into scramble mode and confusion starts.leading to a layup or something… what about MAN-to-MAN..why the hell do we have two 7″ and KOBE (the kobe that play D for team USA over the summer) and we still can’t get it right??
    i would start looking to the guys in suits on the bench..and that does not mean that i don’t think our players are F-ing themselves too….

  • KONG!

    Radmanobvichialogruman or whatever his name is is a poor bball player.
    Sure he can shoot the ball, but lacks any other fundamental bball skill. I mean, he misses simple layups and is a void in the Lakers defense(the little that they have now).

    Ship him out, he’s becoming our next Kwame

  • mr.laker19

    Sasha? When did he become the problem? I dont think we should make any more trades unless mitch can get us another steal. And there are other players that should be on the t-block before him (cough, vlad, mihm).

  • xtro

    for rasheed wallace or tayshaun prince only

  • lainok

    Sasha definately gets a little over excited when he’s out there, but he’s still a kid. There is much more potential in the development of him as an all around great player, shooting and defense, then there is in radman. Yes, Rad can hit the three sometimes, but so can Fish, Kobe, Sasha, Farmar and on a good night Ariza and Odom. I’ve been saying it forever, please get rid of Radman, and if we are luck Mihm will go with him.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    no vujacic is a good high energy guy back-up to Kobe. He has his games of 15+ points. Trade Vlade instead.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Sasha is an outside threat. Although his ball handling scares me sometimes lol, but he’s the spot up shooter we need. Don’t trade him.

  • SliqRiq

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    I couldn’t have said it better!!!

  • thuggishfish

    luke walton isnt going anywhere lakers love him too much, mihm should be traded along for someone not as good but tough, ANYONE. somebody needs a center right?? mihm for a tough guy. radman should be playing for crying out loud hes our best shooter and were not using him!? AND YOU WONDER WHY WE LOSE LEADS AND GAMES! WERE NOT USING OUR WEAPONS!!! WHATS WRONG WITH PUTTING BOTH RADMAN AND ARIZA ON THE FLOOR WITH GASOL KOBE AND FISH? TWO FORWARDS DONT HURT ESPECIALLY THEM. WHY DOES PHIL ONLY WANT ONE? ITS SO STUPID. SIT DOWN RAD WHEN HES HOT……. OK.. GOOD LUCK WITH LUKE WALTONS SHOT!!!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    After 2 games, it seems Sasha has found his game back. Give em some more time. I think he’ll be an asset to this team.

  • Mitch4Pres

    nooooooooooooooo no trades. if it aint broke dont fix it. too early to panic and mess with the bench mob

  • megaloco10

    i heard a battier, hayes or head for sasha,vladi,mihn on another forum..

    a pipe trade too..


  • Heron

    Radmanovic is comedy! No way do we trade him. I wish he’d grow his hair out again.

  • getgasol

    I don’t like it.

    Keep Sash. We don’t need anyone new.

  • Shaq786

    SASHA, lamar, walton, josh powell/DJ….for gerald wallace, raja bell, nazzi mo

  • Logic Guy

    KEEP SASHA- At least he tries on defense and irritates the hell out of guys to the point they want to punch him. Walton is the guy that should go. He is afraid to ; touch people, make anyone angry or shoot the ball. He has a nice smile and is a nice guy. When all you can say about a guy is that he is smart and is a good facillitator, it translates into “He’s got no basketball talent” They can not beat middle of the pack teams with Fluke. That Phoenix win was over a team that was missing Shaq and other players. Inmproved defense will come with 1. Improved play from Bynum, 2. Finish with Bynum on the floor and keep Fisher and Farmar on the bench when you need defense to protect a lead(replace with Ariza) The Clippers are going to kill them next time around. Who has the best three point shooting percentage on this team?

  • imfasterthanur

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    HAHA, you’re right. If I was a player on the opposing team, I would love to punch sasha. lol

    Thank god he’s on our team.

  • e

    trade sasha? depends who we’re getting..sasha is a good shooter but he is NOT a good defender..he’s just annoying..not only to the opposing team but to our team as well..if we can get ourselves a 2/3 guard who can shoot and play defense, i wouldnt mind

  • Andrew Rafner

    never ever gonna happen.

    consider the source. newsday!?!?

  • yellowpurplefever

    Walton is on his way out. Why is hes starting? To show case to teams that need a SF who can pass and create. If we can package him and Radman or Sash DO IT MITCH. We only need one of the three, if it was my choice Id keep Sash. Get a SOLID DEFENDER PG or SF that can play 1 or 2. Go luck Mitch.


    WTF?! Why him? I’m telling you for Years now, trade Walton & Radman and get 2 good defenders, g-dammit.


  • Whatsa

    I’d do it for Tayshaun Prince or Rasheed Wallace or Starbury LOL.

  • jason420_7

    i love the machine but its not like hes not expendable..but if we did trade him u have to get another fearless shooting backup 2 guard for him that would have to be a better defender otherwise the trade is kinda pointless..only other option would be to trade him for another big man to come off the bench but only if theres plans to trade odom too cause u would need size to replace odom..but i wouldnt do that cause now your talking about breaking up alot of the team and i dont think thats too smart to do when your a winning team..

  • Angelo Vergara

    No need to trade anyone. Our team is perfect as it is. The season is still early.

  • Lakers4Life

    trade sasha and vlad rad

  • e

    [Comment ID #56883 Will Be Quoted Here]

    im not too sure about that

  • west818

    STFU DUMB PEOPLE. Vlad has been on fire the start of the season and on the 2008 playoffs, heating 3’s that saved us from Utah Jazz. Remember?! BUt freakin sasha couldnt guard Ray Allen and we lost that important home game cuz of Sasha. TRADE SAHSA AND WALTON.

  • gus26

    we do not need to trade for anyone.. what we need to do is play better d… and by play better d, i mean…

    1. STOP double teaming anyone who catches the ball in the post.. (i saw a triple team on jefferson tonight!!!!) what the hell kind of weak system is that anyways.. and ok it worked the first couple weeks cuz no one saw it comming now any team that plays us passes it in to the post and then looks for the open shooter while the rest of the lakers scramble..

    2. STOP trying to steal every ball and gambling.. too many times are guys looking to steal a ball at the elbow or the high post or even the wing, making someone from the pinch post rotate over then the center (pau or bynum) comes out only to give up a layup.. or be out of possition for the rebound so we give up an offensive rebound

    3. STOP trying to make every fastbreak or actually any play a highlight.. the hightlights and oops will come stop forcing them.. too many times i see an ally oop attempt go out of bounce.. if you just make the pass you get the assist and more importanly the points..

    if! if! if! we were going to make any moves i say go after a pg that can play solid or ok defense.. and don’t give me the fisher is a great deffender crap cuz i’m wearing the number 2 jersey as i write this but facts are facts.. look up the past couple games and see how many layups the opposing pg have put up on us..

    and if not let kobe move to the point and play the defense he knows how.. and let d gaurd their sg..

  • gus26

    or just wait for marbury to be bought out and sign him to the vet min.. i heard he was looking for a team out west.. don’t think it will work?..

    imagine him coming off the bench!!.. then it would really be a bench mob.. think we look nice now.. imagine these line ups for the game.. (with no foul trouble)

    fisher farmar steph farmar steph fisher
    kobe kobe sasha ariza kobe steph
    luke ariza luke luke ariza kobe
    gasol odom odom odom odom gasol
    bynum gasol bynum gasol gasol bynum

    don’t think it will work?.. me either.. but thought i would keep the pot stirring.. lol

  • gus26

    aahhh it messed up when i posted it.. i had it all lined up and stuff.. well the line ups are up and down cus if you just read accross the same player is named more than once and there are 6 players on the court.. hahaha


    This is a bunch of crap! …Read the newsday clip! …Sounds like D’Antoni playin mind games again; with Jackson, and Sasha for that matter, just before The Knicks and The Lakers are about to clash! …This is D’Antoni’s classic signature! …TOTAL BS!


    We ain’t losing Sasha! …Who still has more “UPSIDE” than Luke, Mihm, Vlad, or even Odom! …These guys have all reached, either their current or ancient level of zenith, and have only one direction left to go!

  • Diehardfan

    Sometimes a player can try as hard as he wants and hustle as much as he can and still not be an effective player in a particular system. That being said it is hard to say who should go and who should leave. Both Radman and Sasha are three point threats that you can’t just leave open. Also, for any of you who want Sasha gone then you must agree that Luke has to go for the exact same reasons. But I think that the Lakers need more toughness on defense. If the Lakers can get rid of either one but not both and get a really tough player in return that would be awesome. for example, Gerald Wallace or Tyrus Thomas.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Durt McGurt, you are crazy… Sasha is a very good player. We just need to regroup… Our record is 20-3 and there is talk of trades??? You f**king kidding me? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  • aggressive expansion

    i would do any trade with any laker player except the core of kob,pau,bynum,ariza, anybody else, i wouldn’t mind seeing let go. bring in a legitimate point guard, i like fish off the bench. and a legitimate small forward. ariza right now is perfect coming off the bench, plays more minutes than lame-ar scrOdum, and plays harder. so make a trade but address the point guard and small forward issues. jesus, you wanna know why we’re struggling, just look at how well fish is getting picked apart in the screen and roll, i just want to smash my tube everytime i see that happen.

  • ojt

    I rathet keep sasha as he is a pest in defence not great but a paest,trade walton fisrt.If sasha has to be traded include luke walton so we can get this scrub(present kwame brown) and then worry about mihm and vlad.Walton ins on the way out any ways…

  • ojt

    walton is on the way out… srry for the errors (happens when one is in a hurry)

  • sketch

    please let the door slam you in your slovanian ass on the way out!!! and get a friggin hair cut dumb ass!

  • laker1210


  • ojt


  • Stan

    We’re doing reasonably well right now, with a 20-3 record we shouldn’t need to make any changes.

    Just because we’re not beating teams with a 20 point margin doesn’t mean we’re not doing well, we’re spoiled. I think.

    Unless our next ten games starting to look like Sacramento’s home record, we should keep our team the way it is.

    Yes, we beat the under talented Wolves, the short handed Suns, but let’s talk after December 25th. See you at Staple Center.


  • Oscar24

    Mihm+ Vlady or Sasha for Ben Gordon….Every body know that Ben won’t stay with the Bulls so,let go after himmmmmmmmm

  • WallyNewYorkCity

    Sasha plays good defense at times he plays harder on Defense then Kobe. Keep him.
    Lamar has to GO! there is no way Lamar is not averaging 20 points and 10 boards a game. he plays against second team players, he should be taken over. There is no intensity in his game. we need to trade him for a defense of stopper like shane Battier and allow Josh Powell to get minutes at the position. Lets make it happen.

  • dub824

    i hope they trade sasha. his defense is overrated, he plays annoying defense, not good defense. he whines and complains like hes a superstar. he always looks like hes gonna cry when he has bad games. hes not that great of a shooter. all he does is chuck up shots. it also seems like he pisses off his own teammates with his stupid decisions like he did to ariza recently.

  • kPoAbUe

    Ay guys have you seen the LEAGUE. Pheonix has just traded for JASON RICHARDSON. Denver HAS GOTTEN BILLUPS and know they are legit contenders for playoffs (which wont bother us anyway). THE LEAGUE IS PERPARING THEMSELVES FOR US. We need to get rid of fluke sasha and mihm ( i like Vlad) if we can get wilson chandler for them and a draft pick its a steal.