This is a good sign from Sasha. We need the Machine back!

L.A. Times: “I love it; I’m not going to lie to you,” said Vujacic, who had also assumed more point guard duties with the Slovenian national team. “It’s a big responsibility…. I’m up for the challenge.”

  • LAbassani

    This look like aint going to be 100% true!
    But sure its exciting..
    Not as much when you think about Rondo’s and paul’s dribbles..
    But let’s see how this turns out.

  • LD24

    For some reason, I’m sorta okay with Sasha playing point. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this his natural position?

    I mean, when I think of ideal PG in the triangle, I think of someone that can space the floor, defend reasonably, and make smart choices. Both Fish and Sasha can space the floor and can defend similar types of other PGs (let’s face it–not many people are staying in front of Rondo or CP3, etc).

    However, Sasha isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to decision making, and it’s pretty much why Fish gets the nod. That said, I’ve always thought Sasha had the right mentality–play/work hard and passionately. He’s still young…he’s nowhere near there yet but when he learns to think like a triangle PG, he could really be good for us. Plus, it’s about time he owned up to his damn contract…

    • Why

      couldnt Agree with you more..hopefully we bring in a 3rd gaurd just incase though

    • ImaLaker

      now that phils coming back its a good move i agree with you.. phil like big guards sasha is 6’7.. he likes defensive guards sasha can get nasty and harass as a defender… he likes guards that can shot the 3 sasha can do that hopefully a lil more consistant but he can knock em down… and kobe said himself, if he had to pass the ball to someone to win a game its fisher then its sasha because of his confidence…

  • Manuel TSYN

    Yes, I like Sahsa Vujacic as a Playmaker he’s a good passer and he can shot well from behind tha arc..Do it Jackson..

  • Abs

    it also makes sense because sasha is a very pesky defender with a good amount of speed, so that can back us up a bit.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      What are you talking about? He can’t even defend Ray Allen man on man. He’ll get smoked by any PG in the league.
      Sasha plays defense by gambling on steals because he can’t stay in front of guards. He also can’t make it through screens or picks to stick with his man. Sasha plays defense by letting his teammates pick up his man.
      Isn’t it time to trade his sorry a$$. I know he made clutch free throws at the end of game 7 to help seal the W, but doesn’t that mean that he’s more valuable to trade, seeing as this is his last contact year?

  • Lo12

    he never played PG for Slovenija, he never even played for his national team becouse nobody on the team likes him plus slovenija has many talented playmakers like Dragič, Udrih and Lakovič

  • lakers2000

    Ladies and gentlemen, this might work. The reason why is because of two words “contract year”. We know Sasha has the potential. Go Lakers.

    • ugHh

      And what about after contract year? He reverts back to crap right?


    yeah i do HOPE he does something good this season and does na end up hitting brick shots, fouling etc. Yeah he was good during the clutch playoff moments (free throws) but what else can he do? can he really lead the “TEAM”, work on the triangle etc etc. But we dont have a choice, we just need to remain optimistic about his game. tsk.

  • ^ ^

    Yeah whatever let’s just see… he haven’t prove anything yet sense being a Laker. This guy is a bummed!!!


    I don’t know why he’d be so excited about playing the PG position for the Sparks! Hahaha!

  • Mecka24


  • OaklandLakers

    I don’t subscribe to this. I’m watchin for all of you who support it. Delete you’r comments now if you don’t want this to come back and bite you in the ass. Once again who is gona handle Parker, Paul, Rando. Although with the signing of Miller Kobe could be rested more to take on that responsibility but I don’t want him to have to do that.

  • RonRonGq


  • Pau Gasoline

    Nooooooooo !! he is a shooter, a catch and shoot type of guy. At best he can pump fake and take two dribbles. (at best) c’mon Mitch stop srewing around and sign a TRUE pg to back up D-Fish.


    everyone who just gave hope and praise to sasha… u r all fuuu ck ing idiots.!!! stupid stupid stupid. and please dont tell me that u guys arent the same morons who say get rid of Lamar…. Gosh people here have really bad memmories. …Idiots… sasha is a chacha.. a emotional player who cries at every MISTAKE he commits. Maybe u guys just wa
    tched his free throws at game 7. itll take more than that.

  • Bynum&Odom = BO!!!

    He sucks…

  • RoWyN

    How quickly did this die? LOL

  • Day

    Lol, I like Sasha and all but…
    Steve Blake says hihi.