Great news! I’m glad he made a speedy recovery, lets hope his confidence did too.

O.C. Register: Sasha Vujacic rejoined Lakers practice Wednesday and will play Thursday in San Diego — and play a significant amount if Kobe Bryant sits out to rest — after suffering a concussion a week ago.

  • mastas


    Let the machine go nuts!!!

    I dont care what people say, I def. have faith in his game. The limited amount of minutes the last couple of season def. affected his rhythm. On the same note he did produce quality mins last season.

    Goodluck to you Sasha, and welcome back.

    RAIN EM’ THR33’s MACHIN3!!!

  • laker fan for life and death

    the machine got a dent. Sasha kick ass this year show us laker fans you can contribute to this team.

  • Robert.

    Great! Sasha is back, and can pester the daylights out of GS.
    BTW, when I play hoops, I model my defense after Sasha’s. It really annoys my opponents, who have cursed me and sometimes gotten in my face. BUT, it keeps them from scoring.

  • danika

    He is so sexy

  • LkrFn4Lf

    I saw Sasha and Maria Sharapova walking out of a furniture store on Monday. At first I was like, “that dude is tall” but then I noticed who it was. They seemed to be arguing, then they got in a very nice Audi and drove off. Hopefully next time I see a Laker it will be Kobe, Pau, or Ron!

    • Robert.

      for some reason, Sasha ‘seems’ smaller, but is actually just about as tall as Kobe.

  • Maria Sharapova

    Why did I say yes?