Finally some Sasha news. He switches his agent to Pelinka (Kobe’s agent). He is waiting for some offers, but the good news is the Lakers have offered him…

O.C. Register: Vujacic used to be with Rob Pelinka (Kobe Bryant’s agent) before switching to Bill Duffy. Now, he is back with Pelinka, maybe with the hope that he will be able to attract a few offers some time before training camp opens.

Vujacic, a restricted free agent, was offered a one-year qualifying deal for $2.6 million by the Lakers, but seems to waiting on other teams to call. GM Mitch Kupchak was vague about being contacted by other teams regarding Vujacic, saying that several teams have expressed interest in Vujacic over the years.

  • themachine

    i hope he stays we really need him, he improves his game every summer, a gym rat,great player!!!


  • lakrfan4life

    keep sash!!!

  • xtro

    Adios Machine.

  • Diehardfan

    The Lakers need to keep Sasha but if he costs more than what the Lakers are offering than they should let him walk. He did a good job in the playoffs and he was given credit for playing good defense but it is his shooting that I like. But, he is not worth more than what the Lakers have offered him.

  • steph

    look at this trade.

  • Go Lakers!

    i hope the lakers bring back the machine!!!

  • Master Zen

    This is not new, fools. This is the qualifing offer they made on July 1st!

  • Freshh

    2.6 is a great deal for sash-meister.

  • lakerfan
  • dub824

    he should just take it if he wants to play for us…

  • T-Dub

    This is all he’s worth. I think the league has spoken!

  • lskerfan567


  • kb24 4life

    after watching the offer to sasha of 2.6 mil, i think he is worth it, but that also means that ronny was well overpaid by the warriors with that 4+ mil per year.. i think that sasha should`ve been offered more than ronny this summer.. but 2.6 for the machine is good money…

  • BringDFishBack

    He got offered the qualifying offer a long time ago and we knew that. They have to be made by June 30, and all it means is that he is a restricted free agent. If they didn’t offer it to him, he’d be unrestricted.

  • Paul

    One year..?

    And he’s actually thinking of going to another team? Ugh man -.-

  • LakersFirst

    There hasn’t been much news about other teams making offers to Sasha. With Rob Pelinka as his agent, he will probably start to get more offers.

    I agree with the Lakers, stick with the one year, $2.6M qualifying offer and see what the rest of the league offers/values Sasha at. The Lakers have first right of refusal.

  • Caleb

    LD2k, you’re a little behind. The Lakers made a qualifying offer awhile back.

  • mt

    $2.6 million for a year? Don’t get me wrong, but with Golden State offering Ronny an AVERAGE of about $4 million per year, I think you’re gonna see other teams offering Sasha somewhere around that figure (more/less). which means hopefully, LA can step it up and REASONABLY match other teams’ offers. If it’s it too much, then BYE BYE.

  • Michael_23

    Just one year? What? Ca mon mitch. 1 year people are for veterans over 34 yrs olds. Sign this guy to at least 2 or 3 years with an option after 2 years or something.

  • Kobe8>24

    [Comment ID #45540 Will Be Quoted Here]

    agree 100%

  • Rpoc

    People, use those damn brains of yours. The Lakers unlike last year when they overpaid Luke when the free agency started have decided to offer qualifying offers to BOTH Turiaf and Sasha (1 year).

    They did this to see what the market would give them and they’ll match the offers from other teams if they want to.

    ONLY Turiaf has received an offer.

    Sasha has not and now he’s switching to a more reputable agent (Kobe’s agent) because of THIS reason. That’s the real news here!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #45546 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You guys do realize that the Lakers are over the luxuy cap right? Signing players for multiple years could potentially keep the Lakers over the luxury cap for multiple years, thus, limiting the Lakers ability to go after other players whether it be via free agency of via trades.

    Also, the 1 year offer is part of the qualifying offer, which means the Lakers do not need to offer Sasha anything more, that is unless Sasha signs an offer sheet from another team. But because the Lakers extended the qualifying offer, the Lakers have reserved the right to match any offers from other teams.

  • lakerferlife7

    SIGN SASHA……SIGN SASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • schnide

    I think some people are bothered by Mitch seemingly never wanting to say anything, but personally, I like that he never shows his hand like so many other GMs do. He just gives the same vague, boring responses every time, and next thing you know he pulls a 7’0 spanish star out of thin air.

  • ricky

    i hope sasha agrees to this deal and if he can improve upon how well he was this past season, he can probably get an extention from the lakers.

    the MACHINE is awesome!

  • Rpoc

    Delaying an extension one more year for Sasha would only present problems because then we have to deal with Bynum’s extension (assuming nothing gets worked out this year), Odom’s extension, and Ariza’s extension at the same time. (assuming no roster changes)

    I hope no one fraking overpays him and we get to sign a reasonable contract with us.

  • lakerfan

    Sasha will not be missed. Shooters that camp out on the outside are dime a dozen. And anyone who thinks he plays defense is on drugs.

    He never fights through picks and lets not forget his classic “d” against Ray Allen. Yelling “help” doesn’t mean your a good defender.

    No offers are coming because nobody wants him.

    Now Turiaf is a guy we need to keep. Stop messing around and match the Warrior offer.

  • Nocturnal Dream

    1 year gives him early bird rights.