Interesting article on what Los Angeles could be up to. Problem is… take it with a grain of salt. It IS Sam Smith:

Chicago Tribune: And the balance of power could rest with Jason Kidd.

Though both teams continue to deny it vehemently, a rival general manager said last week he’s still hearing talk of a Nets-Mavs deal involving Kidd.

It’s not hard to believe, with the Nets an ongoing mess. They had the most pathetic excuse of the year Saturday, complaining about fatigue after a loss to the Knicks in the second game of a back-to-back. They played Friday night at home, about 8 miles from Madison Square Garden. The Knicks had played in Chicago.

Kidd is said to be upset that Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson have better contracts than he does.

Dallas remains Kidd’s most likely destination, but the Lakers are frequently mentioned. The Lakers’ refusal to give up Bynum for Kidd last winter now looks awfully smart. The Lakers have Kwame Brown’s $9 million expiring contract and some young pieces and draft picks that might make sense for the Nets. And, the Mavs have plenty in reserve to make a deal as well.

…The Suns have been arguing on the court and on the bench, and there has been outspoken criticism of Boris Diaw, who seems a likely trade possibility. Ron Artest remains with a Sacramento team going nowhere and with an opt-out. He has long been on the Lakers’ radar. Maybe somebody latches onto Andre Miller for young players and cap relief from the rebuilding 76ers.

And so coming east again are the Lakers: harmonious, confident, controversy-free, playing well and with possibilities.

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  • double

    Its nice to finally read articles like this.

  • Michael_23

    Whether or not Kidd is upset at players making more money than him or not, Kidd needs to start thinking more about Championship than money. The Nets I thought should have the best backcourt duo in the league, but it isn’t working for them.

    Kidd should leave if not by the trade deadline, then as a free agent next summer. Sign for less money. Lakers?

  • gugy

    We need Artest more than Kidd. Kidd is an awesome player, but after we acquired Fisher and the development of Farmar and the potential of Crit. We are fine with our PGs.
    Kwame, Lamar, Sasha, Mihn and Luke can go.

    Artest is a nutcase, but he respects Kobe and PJ. PJ has experience working with freaks like Rodman. So, I think Artest would give his best and the lakers would improve the defense enormously with him.


    [Comment ID #19752 Will Be Quoted Here]

    gugy is correct. We need Artest for his defensive and offensive abilities. The Lakers would surpass the Spurs in defense. Imagine a team of

    D. Fish
    K. Bryant
    L. Odom
    R. Artest
    A. Bynum

    And then we would have Ariza (unless he’s traded) coming off the bench? Crazy defense that would hold the opposition to well under 80 points a night! Maybe even 70~! Ha



    fish, odom, bynum are marginal at best on defense. getting artest would help alot but no way are we playing better defense than the spurs. pop is a defensive genius he’s nba’s bill belichick.

  • David

    Here’s a question guys. If sacramento gives up artest only for Odom do we do it? I’m sick of Odom’s incosistent play and would do it in a heartbeat. If you look at it at sacramento’s perspective they would either want Jordan Farmar or Lamar Odom as a center piece of the deal. I would much rather deal Odom.

    Will a trio of Artest, Kobe, and Bynum get it done? Maybe not this year but the potential is high when Bynum develops in the next few years.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Depends if your talking short-term or long term.

    Short Term- Get Kidd.

    Long Term- Develop Bynum and Farmar..

  • lakerfan81

    If Sac was willing to give up Artest for Odom (the Lakers would have to take back a bad contract in either Shareef Abdur-rahim or Kenny Thomas) then I would do it. I think that trade would put the Lakers in contention right away.

  • 187 ON BOSTON



  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #19761 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ron Artest’s contract of (7.8M) is not within the 25% of LO’s contract (13.5M) that the NBA requires for trades, so Sac would have to throw is another player such as Kenny Thomas (7.3M this year but has two years left after this year) or Shareef Abdur-Rahim (who is done for the year).

    Sac probably could use a player like LO, especially if they trade away Artest, but LO’s $13.5M this year and his $14M next year make him unattractive. Also, why would Sac help their inner division rivals (i.e. the Lakers)?

  • lakerfan81

    Sac might do it to get rid of Kenny thomas or Shareef both of whom have 3 years left on their contract. That saves them a lot of money in the long run. Artest is likely not to take his player option next year (though I guess he could), so they are not really losing much by trading Artest for Odom, but the money they would save is quite substantial. Technically you could do Kwame, Critt, Karl for Artest and Abdur-rahim and that saves them money sooner than the Odom Trade.

  • fred0s

    Artest for Brown and maybe either Sasha/Karl and a first round pick. Other than that, it seems to much for a player who nobody is willing to deal for.

  • Michael_23

    Sorry to be off topic.

    Michael Jordan decides to get back on the court!

  • Ignard

    Geez i’ll be glad when the trading deadline hits so we can stop with all the trade talk. NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • Rpoc

    Sam Smith = Baseless. I bet he gets his ideas from forums/blogs.

  • lakersfan17

    Heres the thing with any trade that will involve Kidd, I dont want to lose Odom, because when Kidd plays he makes his teammates a lot better.And that might help out Odom more.As for Artest I’ll rather look to sign him in the off season.