Got to admit, I had to take a second look. But our government recognizes our world champion Los Angeles Lakers!!!

GovTrack: Congratulating the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2009 National Basketball Association Championship.

Whereas, on June 14, 2009, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic in game 5 of the 2009 National Basketball Association Championship Finals;

Whereas that triumph marks the 15th National Basketball Association Championship for the Lakers franchise and 10th for the Los Angeles Lakers;

Whereas that triumph also marks the fourth National Basketball Association Championship victory for the Los Angeles Lakers since 1999, earning the Los Angeles Lakers more championship victories in this decade than any other team in the league;

Whereas Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, who throughout his career has epitomized discipline, teaching, and excellence, has won 10 National Basketball Association Championships as a head coach, the most championships for a head coach in National Basketball Association history, surpassing the number won by the legendary Arnold ‘Red’ Auerbach;

Whereas the 2009 National Basketball Association Championship marks the ninth championship for Los Angeles Lakers owner Gerald Hatten Buss;

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  • Joseph

    As much as I am a Lakers fan, this is an example of sheer government waste. Time is money. How about help fixing the economy senators starting with your home state?

  • jeremy

    I Love the Lakers, but this makes me embarrased to live in this state.

  • ATLakers

    It was most likely written up by a staffer and passed within 2 minutes. Big whoop. Pennsylvanian senators did the same for the Steelers (, Penguins (, and Phillies (

    In fact, all the New England senators passed one for the Celtics last year (, so why not do one for the Lakers?

  • ATLakers

    PS, the links up there, remove the 2nd parenthesis from the link. It got merged by accident.

  • dan

    joseph you are a dumbass with no grasp on economics or politics

  • nabil

    Haha. Now where’s that Michael Jackson bill? Some dudes in the senate was saying it was just a waste of time or whatever, but that was just a cop-out, because they do this stuff all the time. Give MJ his do.

  • Joseph

    Actually, I pointing out that Senators (politicians) talk a mess and have no idea about what to do with the economy; hence, to do a PR quickie. Throwing around insults without your hint of what you mean by ‘grasp of economics’ doesn’t make you seem too bright either. maybe you should take up a job as a FOX news tv analyst.


    Joseph aka Keith “overbite” Olbermann. Senators don’t “fix” anything. What we their hands off instead of their hands on dillweed.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Big ups to the govt for this. Coolest thing the state has done in a while. Let the haters hate.