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Thanks to JCool, we have another rumor to digest. This has no substantiation meaning, no reporter, news organization nor radio station has even mentioned this. But, it has “intrigue value,” which simply means, in my book, it made me say, uhm!

Here’s the rumor. Lakers trade Kwame, Farmar, Mo, and a 2008 #1 to Milwaukee for Yi and Bobby Simmons.

Seeing as we have little else to talk about, I decided to do a little research on the players involved in this trade.

First of all Yi. This has been a “what if” possibility since the Bucks drafted him. From the very beginning, Yi’s people were very clear, NO MILWAUKEE! But the Bucks foolishly didn’t listen and now have a problem… Yi won’t sign. So what do the Buck’s do? They trade him. But you have a problem. As the #6 pick in the draft, Yi’s trade value has been set by CBA rules, a little over a mil. Not much for a player with such potential. So what does a team do to compensate for the loss of trade value? You throw in someone with a lousy contract and look for takers. In comes Bobby Simmons, 9 to 10 mil for 3 more years.

Don’t get me wrong, Simmons is a fine player. But he did miss all of last year to a foot/ankle injury. He’s on track to play this year. Attached is a article from his signing with the Bucks and maybe, why they would pay him so much. (Remember, he was a 42 pick in the draft)


Did they over pay him for 5 years/47 mil? Sure they did. But he IS a promising talent — Athletic, good defender, excellent rebounder, an elite three point shooter. He’s what the Lakers were hoping Devean George to be. Actually, he’s more like Caron Butler, you know, the guy we traded away. He does have all star potential, and is being paid like one, even though not having that privilege yet.

Does this potential trade make sense? Maybe. Ever since Slava Medvedenko left the Lakers, Phil Jackson, has had a large hole left in his heart for a seven footer who can shoot from the outside. Vladimir Radmanovic has not satisfied that hunger in PJ’s heart. Maybe Yi can do it?

We have Luke Walton and Vladimir at the 3, so why Simmons? Because he is so much better at that position than what we got. That leaves us with 3 three’s for 20 mil. Way too much. Someone has to go. Not necessarily. Simmons can play the 2 as well behind Kobe.

Yi is a future project, coveted by many a GM.. Simmons can help now. Absolutely a third scorer that we all want and need. Coupled with Kobe and Lamar Odom, he would excel in our system.

This has a recipe for a win-win situation. Making a good pot of chile for Mitch has been troublesome. He might just have the right ingredients now. Add some spiced Weber to the pot, and we might have the right stuff to compete in the Big Chile Cook Off, the NBA Playoffs.

  • http://myspace.com/crunklilgangsta LiL_K

    Yi is a bust

  • http://members.shaw.ca/wumike/ laker_27

    Yi could be the next Yao, but will his arrival please Kobe?
    After all he’s still a young rookie (kinda like a second Bynum…)

    Yi Sun Yue will certainly make all the Chinese Lakers fans happy cuz there’ll be more Lakers Game on Chinese television

  • fatty


    Why would you say that? The guy has yet to play an NBA game.

    If you mean Milwaukee, your right, he’s a bust for them if he doesn’t sign.

    Not being able to help us right away, he could also be possible trade bait down the road. That is if his handlers will let him be traded.lol

  • Billy Kupchak

    Yi JianLian & Yi SunYue baby!

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    Well this is indeed intriguing but if we do this deal say goodbye to a JO deal that keeps us Odom. Yi could be great but he could also be Kwame part 2. Doing this would be risky. Our pieces we’d be giving up may end up being more valuable than Yi. Plus, that Simmons contract is horrible. Also, I think the Bucks may get better offers for Yi than ours. However it makes sense because Yi wanted to be in a city with a larger Asian population. We have China Town AND Little Tokyo in LA, not to mention a bunch of swap meets. We’ll have to wait and see about this one.

  • MacBSlick

    Potential, Potential, Potential Thats all we have been hearing for the last 2 years. We need established players, not players with potential. Are we rebuilding here or building around the BEST 29 year old, 13th year player in the league? Im tired of promises.
    Ill take established veterans over pontential anyday!

    Thanks for the read Fatty!

  • rompx

    no say hello to the Jo deal maybe this will trigger indy yi and bynum for JO

  • fatty

    Two things that struck me about this.

    Is the JO deal dead? And like you said, will this scare Bird to his senses?

    This all may be a bluff. Nah, Mitch ain’t that smart

  • BEC

    Yi is not going to solve our problems. A rookie who doesnt know our system and wont even play with Phil Jackson as our coach. If this does go down Yi is going to get traded immediately to another team, we already have a big man prospect in Bynum, we dont need another one.

  • LFTW

    Maybe getting Yi would help us get either Artest or Maggette since both should be in on our radar and Sac is an asian-populated area.

  • Faith

    I’ve gotten sort of numb with trading rumors. Maybe it was the Gm challenge haha,jk…but at this point in time, with training camp around the corner, and usa basketball underway…I’ll wait until somethings ACTUALLY happens. As in right or wrong, Kobe’s in another jersey (please god nooooo), or Bynum or LO, or Kwame, or even Sasha.

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    This trade could really help the Lakers. If Yi comes to the Lakers, he would play the four position. That would allow Odom to play the three position where he can dominate. This trade definitely helps the Lakers. We need someone who can start at the four position, so that Odom can play the three position. I would still love for that person to be JO, BUT if that doesn’t work out than I don’t have a problem with getting Yi, especially, because we would give up A LOT LESS to get Yi.

  • D. Imhoff

    The only way the Yi situation helps the Lakers “NOW”, as in “Do something and Do It Now!” Is if we can work a three way trade with the Bucks, Pacers and Lakers. However, is Indy any better for Yi than Milwaukee? It would have to be a four way trade with New Jersey or Golden State. I have to go now I have a headache.

  • rompx

    if we do get him we need a chiniese coach to help him he wont understand the triangle if we dont have a chiniese coach

  • J-Cool

    More On The Yi To Lakers Talks


    This guy apprently had a source back when the Kidd deal was brewing so he seems credible.

    Emplay or Eric Pincus of Hoopworld and a mod/admin on Lakersground and Clublakers has confirmed there have been talks between teams.

  • J-Cool
  • cyrus

    Why would Yi Jianlian prefer Indianapolis over Milwaukee. There are about 1200 Chinese in Milwakee and about 1201 in Indianapolis. Something to think about.

  • LALakers1

    My Plan D Trade Idea

    Lakers & Bucks.

    Trade Machine Link: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=2215~3017~1022~3214~981~1031~3002~2789~3206&teams=13~13~13~13~15~15~15~15~15&te=&cash=13:15

    Lakers New Line Up

    B.Simmons/Yi Jianlian/Cook

    Trade Machine Link:http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=981~1031~3002~3206~2215~3017~1022~3214&teams=15~15~15~15~13~13~13~13&te=&cash=

    Lakers New Line Up

    B.Simmons/Yi Jianlian/Cook

    C. Karl

    Thanks Miguel

    Why or Why not?
    Any commenst suggestions?

  • fatty

    Six cities that could work for Yi.

    LA and the Bay area would seem to lead the way. If you were looking at purely Chinese Population, the bay area is by far the place to go. Plus, Yi might fit well in the Nelson system.

    But we have the kicker that the chinese officials would love to see. Kobe. The most popular player in the world is Kobe and number 2 in China behind Yao Ming. Their guy, playing with Kobe would be sweet. (Can you say sweet and sour?)

    We also have Sun. A blogger said maybe we took Sun for this very reason. Interesting.

  • fatty

    Don’t blame Yi.

    Some articles have said Yi is so bad for not going with the Bucks. Its not his decision. The Chinese Basketball Federation calls all the shots. He can only play outside China with their permission.

    China is a very nationalistic country. Everything that is exported is for the good of China. Yi is considered a national treasure and so they strictly control what happens to their stars. Its they who don’t want Milwaukee, not Yi. He just wants to play in the NBA. It would be unfair to Yi to be labeled a malcontent like Steve Francis, who refused to play for the Grizzlies.

  • fatty

    A chinese language lesson, just in case we get Yi.

    néih hóu (hello)

    fòonying Yi (welcome Yi)

    néih hóu ma (Wuz up)

    lán qiú (basketball)

    hóu hòihing gindou néih (Pleased to meet you)

    néih yiu m̀ yiu tùhng ngóh tiumóuh (Would you like to dance with me?)

    Ngóh jek heijínsyùhn jòngmúhn saaisíhn (My boat is full of eels)

    Chop Chop (get moving)

  • cooleo24

    this trade makes perfect sense and makes everybody happy..

    YI will get his wish and play in a bigger market,along with a populated chineese city.And most of the time he hangs out in LA anyways.

    Simmons will get to start fresh, ready to take on the challenge, 4 making a spot 4 starting. and playing for a team that has so much history, and that might be a cofference champion contender.

    Mitch would finally make a trade that would make laker fans happy, also that would make KOBe aswell.. also it would keep his job.

    Bucks F.O would be relieved to be out of the YI situation by also gettting someone out of this trade in return.

    Michael Redd would like MO athleticizum, kwames powers,jordans talent, and a future 2008 first round pick.
    And with aquired desmond mason, and resigned MO williams this might just be the trade that might make milwakee a contender in the east.


  • LALakers1

    Line Up if Trade Goes Down,

    LAKERS New Line Up


    Simmons/Yi Li/Cook


    LAKERS New Line Up


    Kobe/Evans/Yi Li


  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Good news guys, Lakers.com is reporting that Chris Mihm is 100% healthy and is ready for training camp. Personally, I think Mihm is the best Center that we have, and he is the 5th best CENTER in the NBA.

  • BEC

    LALakers1 and the rest, Simmons i repeat BOBBY SIMMONS is 6-6 and CAN NOT play the 4 spot. Personally I would rather start Luke over Simmons, Lukes passing ability and court vision is much more important than Simmons 16ppg. Also, Luke can hit the 3, 40% 3pt%, and hes solid with his back to the basket, posting up smaller players.

  • E-ROC

    I’d make that trade. Yi complements another player branded with the “P” word. That player is Bynum. Bobby Simmons provides DEFENSE, provided he’s healthy. That is what Walton doesn’t do. Farmar, Brown, and first round pick?? Might work. Trade Vlad for another defensive player. Defense has been our problem. We need to address it.

  • lakerfan81

    Two things about this trade idea.

    As Pincus Proposes the trade is Brown, Farmar and Evans for Yi and Simmons. That is trading two starters and 6th man for a rookie and a borderline overpaid player coming off an injury. Not that Simmons is not a good player or that Yi might not be one in a few years but that is not a good trade for the Lakers. Also do the Lakers really need to get any younger? Though from a marketing stand point I could see why Buss would welcome this trade.

    Secondly, Milwaukee does not have to trade Yi. The only way they lose th rights to Yi is if he sits out all professional basketball for a year. That means that he has to break his contract with his current Chinese team and not play any professional basketball for a year, therefore not being prepared for the 2008 Olympics. Even if he refuses to come to Camp for Milwaukee and he stays in China they still retain his draft rights. And why does his former team care where he goes? because they want a big buyout, one that they think Milwaukee won’t give them. And by the off chance that he does sit out of all professional basketball for a year and Milwaukee loses his draft rights. How do you think Stern will like someone manipulating the draft like that?

  • fatty

    If the Bucks could pull off this trade. It would be one heck of a trade for them, parlaying a #8 pick hopeful, for all that talent and dumping a fat contract of Simmons all in one swoop.

    Who wins? The Bucks for sure, and maybe the Lakers. Usually that’s a good recipe for a trade going down. Both sides feel they have strongly benefited.

  • lakerfan81

    Actually I think Critt, Kwame 2008 or 9 1st rnd pick for Simmons and Yi is more than fair for both teams (you could throw in Evans if Necessary I suppose Simmons could serve as a SF and backup SG). I just don’t like the Idea of trading Farmar at this point because besides Fisher, who is 33 and won’t be able to play long minutes, he is the only PG that has any experience. If you look at Yi as a just the 5th pick in the draft then, 19 pick and a future is probably enough for him.