Interesting. Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus is reporting that Kobe may not get surgery after all. However, Kobe will update his website – reportedly – today on information about the surgery (or not):

Hoopsworld: Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was expected to announce the details of his upcoming surgery on Monday via his website – but the update never came. While there’s no reason to believe the delay is out of the ordinary – there’s been some buzz that Bryant may have decided against an operation to repair the dislocated pinky on his shooting hand.

Again, we’ll keep an eye on this. Keep tuning into for details as they come.

  • lyk13

    Is he serious??? I’d rather he fix it then leave it dangling…=/ It’s been what…7mths?

  • LD2k

    Well we’ll see what he says about it on soon enough :)

  • Geloman

    What is he doing in the meantime? That’s what I’m wondering. I mean the season is just around the corner. I mean he’s gonna miss a good part of training camp and it’s so important to get him, LO, Pau and Drew on the court together and start developing that chemistry.

    Just wasting valuable time. He could be recovering right now instead he’s going on TV making useless appearances.

  • Mettallic-Laker

    Update: exclusive :: Update on Kobe’s injured pinkie
    After seeking numerous opinions from hand specialists, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has decided to forgo surgery on his right pinkie. Fresh off his Olympic Gold Medal performance in Beijing, Bryant expressed that he did not want to miss any time on the court when Lakers training camp opens later this month.

    “I have always felt that I can still focus and play at a high level even through various injuries. That’s really just part of the game. When the doctors told me recovery from a procedure could be 12 weeks, I just decided now was not the time to have surgery. What it really came down to for me is that I just didn’t want to miss any time ‘punching the clock’ for the Lakers, given all we are trying to accomplish as a team this NBA season. I am just really excited and looking forward to being there with the guys when camp opens in a few weeks. That is a real bonding process and if I can avoid being on the sidelines for that, God willing, I will,” said Bryant.


  • jeremy waashington

    kobe u are da best