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With the NBA draft less than a week away, the rumor mill is picking up momentum and as is the case more times than not, the Lakers are involved.

The latest rumor from Ryen Russillo of ESPN has the Lakers trading away the #7 pick and Steve Nash to the Philadelphia 76ers for Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young:

The deal would be fantastic for the Lakers. Carter-Williams was last season’s Rookie of the Year, averaging 16.7 points, 6.3 assists, and 6.2 rebounds. The 6’6 point guard was the Sixers 11th pick in last year’s draft out of Syracuse.

Young is a power forward but is considered undersized at 6’8. Last season, Young averaged 17.9 points and 6.0 rebounds. Depending how free agency goes starting on July 1st, the Lakers could go forward with Young or he can be used in another trade for additional pieces.

Trading Nash would be a plus for the Lakers for the sole reason that there remains doubt that the point guard will ever play again. If he doesn’t, the Lakers will have $9.7 million sitting on the bench until his contract expires at the end of next season.

Once again though, this is only a rumor at the moment. It could be a case of the Sixers leaking the information to let teams know that Carter-Williams is available. Whatever the case may be, expect trade talks with the Lakers and the #7 pick to intensify over the coming days.

  • Frank Williams

    I’d like the trade, we’d get a young proven (Rookie of the year) PG and a young small Forward that has some nice numbers. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

    • Robert Taylor

      I agree with you only if the Lakers get a draft pick instead of T Young.

      • Steve Joseph

        “only if”…… seriously?! So you’d ONLY take last years Rookie of the Year in exchange for this years #1 pick if the Sixers toss in another pick lol. Oh Lord, that’s rich!

  • They call me Pringles


  • LuisDaWombat

    This trade is a straight up joke. Its one thing to trade just Thadd and picks plus take on a pretty terrible contract but adding MCW is really idiotic. This rumor if obviously a fake. And to think that Sam Hinkie would do that is laughable. Most people think Exum is a SG so if they really wanted him them wouldn’t have to trade MCW. I could see a deal that includes straight up MCW for possibly 4th overall pick if they took Exum and the Magic don’t like Smart since they are in need of a PG.

  • Jim Halpert

    only chance this happens is if the Lakers add a future first


    You are high MCW is not a bum you do not know BB now true is not a
    superstar (yet) but is better than anyone we will get no.#7 unless
    Young is not trash yes he’s not super but a real nice role
    player than will help this team if they got him. It would be a nice
    front court if the Lakers resigned Pau & Hill. You’d have Pau at(
    C.) Hill ( PF/C) & Young (SF/PF) not bad at all plus if you get MCW
    (instead of #10) you’d have Kobe (SG) & MCW (PG) that would be a
    nice team just fill a few holes & bench with combo of Young, Henry,
    Johnson, Bazemore, Farmar, Marshall, Meeks & of course Scare. Then
    maybe a FA or 2 could be bought in before you resigned the bench
    players. Playoff team possibly there is no way in hell as person said
    above^^^^ that the Lakers tank to try & retain their pick next year
    (#5 protected) NO WAY IN HELL.

  • KB24

    Philly would never make this trade it would get rejected.False rumor.

  • shockjay

    I’d rather have a 2015 1st round pick instead of an undersized PF.

  • Jared

    that would b cool but i doubt the lakers could pull it off the rookie of the year for the 7th pic and nash would b awesum the lakers would have to add another player though or a pick but that would solve the PG problem