Please, I beg of you… Take this as a grain of salt. Don’t call your friends, “Hey! I just read on TLN that Lebron wants to be a Laker!” None of that. This is just a rumor. That is all.

Yahoo! Sports: Donnie Walsh, the Knicks GM, had heard for years about Wesley’s influence, but never met him. The two didn’t talk about James, sources say, but it was a chance for the Knicks president to be around one of the most influential people in James’ decision-making process. The Knicks are working hard to get under the salary cap in 2010.

With the Knicks, there are two teams a source familiar with James’ thinking says intrigue him: the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks.

  • T.A.

    This is what I have been thinking all along in the back of my mind.

    Kobe will be on his way out of his prime

    Lebron takes the Lakers torch!!


    Phil Jackson

    Kobe/Lebron win 3 titles together before the mamba retires

    kobe leaves with 7 championships!

    Phil retires after the Kobe/Lebron 3peat with 13 rings

    • Biggest kobe fan

      Lakers is Kobe’s team…if Lebron goes to L.A. in 2010 that’s so many championships in a row…more than a dynamic duo…kobe, james, gasol, odom…that’s just to much…they will win 70 games…. Kobe is never gonna get out his prime because he works to hard..when kobe retires from L.A. he’s gonna have more rings than jordan….Kobe’s gonna have 7 rings and he will pass his torch to lebron… Kobe is the best player in the world…the best player in the NBA….Kobe is 1st and Lebron is 2nd…so kobe ends with 7…lebron will retire with 5. Phil jackson greatest coach ever

      • #1 kobe fan

        Kobe will get 7 rings without lebron. 6 at the least to tie with mj

        • dj

          kobe is going to win like a billion rings to be excact

    • pollo(:

      well it would be a good deal but they don’t have the sallary unless they give up andrew bynum, sasha vujacic, and jordan farmar.

  • e

    as a cav i hate a laker..we’ll see..doubt this will ever happen tho..and even then, kobe is still number 1 son

  • xtro

    LeBron and Drew!

  • CK

    umm this would be a miracle if it ever happened, too bad it won’t.

  • Banzai

    my spidey sense is tingling…BULLS*IT!

  • aggressive expansion

    i like the way T.A. thinks. we can dream brother

  • gus26

    wow!!.. now that would be something!!.. only way this happens is if a number of things align just right…
    1. kobe would have to opt out 2009/10 and take a paycut
    2. we can’t sign andrew to the max
    3. there would have to be a new cba that would be favorable to the lakers (there will be a new agreement starting 2010/11, thats why there will be so many free agents)
    4. if kobe is at an even 20 mill per year and drew gets bout 17-16.. for 2010 the lakers would have 72 mill committed to only 6 players.. thats not counting if they resign lamar, ariza, mihm, dj, yue
    5. they don’t give farmar and extention until after they sign lebron
    6. they do a sign and trade involving pau.. and i don’t know bout that..

    its a long shot.. but after the trade mitch did last year and how the suns got shaq, and how brand left the clips even after they got bd.. it just seems like things have been getting crazier in the nba.. that cba is going to be a big thing for a lot of teams.. short list of free agents to be..Dirk Nowitzki, Rip Hamilton, Tracy McGrady, Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Michael Redd, Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili, Chris Bosh, Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Ronnie Brewer, Cuttino Mobley, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslim, Quentin Richardson, and Raja Bell

  • Sopi

    Stop dreaming


    When he puts on a Laker uniform I’ll get happy….hold up,did he say that out of his mouth,if not,speculation…..

    Saying that….Kobe/LBJ/Pau/LO/AB,OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #53363 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no way this is happening! please stop with the bullsh!t…

  • kobethegreat

    you know i never hated lebron the only reason i dont like him is bcuz he is not a laker….and if he was to become a laker im all for it…someone has to take the torch after kobe….


    MILO,read my comments carefully…I did say ‘speculation’at the end of my comment I just meant,with the line up,that it would be KILLA to have alongside Kobe…and I also said in the 1st half of the comment that “when he’s puts on a Laker uniform I’ll get happy”,meaning just that…seeing is,when I hear in a paper,ESPN(or .com,radio),a Celtic fan with his head down ’cause of the news,his Mother ‘moves’ to LA,then I’ll “be a witness”.

    …but Kobe aaaaaand LBJ would be a nice tandem is all I’m saying…kobethegreat comments at the end explains my own.

  • 323 TOWN


  • Michael_23

    yeah right … the lakers are already looking at contract issues after this season.

    • Biggest kobe fan

      Stop hating…you dont know what’s gonna happen…

  • RD

    dont get your hopes up. its not happening. we cant afford all of those great players at once. its just too damn expensive.

  • grungedave.



    THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN…….these are lke the same chances of george bush having sexual affairs with BUDDAH

    • Biggest kobe fan

      That was stupid as fuck…yhu shouldnt even had posted a comment…and if it dont happen kobe is still the greatest in the world…he’s gonna retire with 7 rings


    I think we need a thread about Al Harrington instead.

  • roscoe

    yah the lakers are gonna sign a 120 million dollar 6 year contract a year after they sign kobe for 100 over 5, sign bynum for 80 over 4, pau at the same thing. this is stupid.

  • kPoAbUe

    LOL 4get about bench sign farmar for 2 mill and bynum for 15 mill nd kobe for 18 and sign lebron lol yea that will work.





    I,yes me,have to say Vlad is lookin’ good on Defense.

  • ickerfan567

    Isn’t LO off the bench? lol
    how would we affor him first off


    sign and trade for Lebron trade luke and odom

  • fred0s

    LeBron will never be a Laker. If he does want to come to L.A., the best he could hope for is the L.A. Clippers. Not that I am a Clippers fan, but I guess it would be nice to have the two biggest stars and the two most relevant franchises in the NBA in L.A.

  • Billy Kupchak

    LeBron will drink Verve! before he becomes a Laker :cool:

  • yellowpurplefever

    No thanks, we got Kobe for the next 3-4 years. We saw what happens when 2 BIG egos are on the same team. We dont need him to win the Chips, he needs us.

  • Anonymous.

    [Comment ID #53419 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, and those two BIG egos led to 3 rings in a row. lol.

  • T.A.

    Lebron and Kobe

    HOLY F U C K!!!

    That is a crazy to think about

  • e-bucher

    6th man of the year here he comes

  • mr.laker19

    I said this!If you guys look back in the archives I said either Lebron, D-Wade or Mello will be a Laker. Dont forget I said it because I guarantee it. Lebron will go to us or New York, either the Knicks or Jay-Z’s team if they move.

  • Worthy

    Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Nowitski, Prince, Tony Parker, Bosh, Yao, and Pau will be unrestricted free agents in 2010 (Assuming, of course, Kobe doesn’t opt out at the end of the season). Hate to say it, but Lebron is light years ahead of anyone, including Kobe, at this point in his career. He has that intangible that Magic had: he makes the players around him better. Kobe showed his true colors when he threw the entire organization under the bus after he finally got what he asked for (playing without Shaq) but couldn’t deliver the goods. I say we break the bank for Lebron and resign Pau or Bosh.

    Bynum, Pau(Bosh), Lebron, Ariza, Farmar

    Can you say Dynasty?

  • rvnk

    ok…this is a longshot, but its nice to think about.
    we are weak at the SF position, and even if its not lebron, there are many other good SFs we could look at in that offseason.
    i think michael redd,tmac(injusry prone), or possible shawn marion(trade for odom and sun yue or something)

    any thoughts on that?

  • kobefanandlebron

    i’m very happy when lebron going to lakers.

    i think he’s happy when he join to lakers and now lebron have lot of helper.GASOL,ODOM,BYRUM,ARIZA,AND HIS BROTHER KOBE BYRANT

  • fakemagicjohnson

    You know Jerry Buss & Kupchak are working every possible angle to make Lebron a Laker. No way you get both kobe & LB, no way. Get 24 his ring, get max trade value for him, & don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Lebron is like a super Magic Johnson, is there ANY other player you would even consider to run this show? NO. So go get him Buss………….!!!

  • RYAN

    Yeh we wont see two dudes makin over 24 mill on the same team, that aint ever gonna happen…….so dream on. Yeh, I’m sure every1 would like to see them play together, Kobe is made in LA and will stay there, screw Lebron he can win a championship on his own, but I doubt that will ever happen.

  • http://sfd fds

    How ’bout Lebron and D-Wade getting sick of losing all the time and signing with the Lakers and buying a 2 room condo to share with each other. They’d get paid 750k each and thats enough to live on with Subway’s 5 DOLLA FOOTLONG!

    • craig

      fds you funny man. how about Chrishbosh Lebron Wade all together come to kobe camp, every morning kobe will call the cab take them to practice?

  • Jesse

    For the first time i think a sign and trade between these 2 is an actual possibilty, thats why i typed in a search about any articles hinting on it to see if people were commenting again after the pickup of Artest, please let me know what you think of this idea. The Lakers signing Artest might make this happen. Think about it, if Lebron decides he doesnt want to resign with the Cavs but wants to play with the Lakers he only could if they traded for him because of salary cap reasons and the Cavs would DEFINELY do it because if not they would lose him to another team for NOTHING. So the only thing left is deciding whats fair for him and now that they have Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, AND Artest to bargain with it makes it much more realistic that they could do a trade and still have some pieces besides Kobe and Lebron left over. Im thinking a sign and trade of Lebron plus Gibson for Odom, Bynum, Artest, 1st rounder, and maybe Morrison is a very fair trade. That gives the Lakers not only Lebron but also a promising backup (at the very least) PG in Gibson. And yes i know Odom,Artest,and Bynum is alot but they have to make it worth it for Cleveland and it keeps the most important piece to compliment KB & LJ in Gasol. They’d have a starting 5 of Fisher,Kobe,Lebron,whoever veteran they get with the midlevel next offseason (cause you know after the trade EVERY veteran that wants a ring will wanna sign with them lol), and Gasol with Gibson,Walton,Famar,and Vujacic a year wiser coming off the bench. Just having Kobe,LJ,and Gasol assures them at least 3-4 rings but probably more….

  • clipperron

    keep dreaming laker fans the la he means ARE THE CLIPPERS DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  • Mike

    That would be a miracle and would be almost impossible!!! But if we all believe and dream together, anything can happen!!!


    Kobe Bryant
    Lebron James
    Pau Gasol
    Ron Artest
    Lamar Odom
    Andrew Bynum


  • fred

    Whoever thinks this will happen is a RETARD!!!!!!

    • violabarnes

      lakers don’t need lebron james

  • Guppy

    Kobe might decide to opt out in 2011 and this would give the Lakers the chance to get James and dump Kobe. If you think the Lakers are loyal to Kobe just remember what they did to Shaq. In LA everyone looks out for themselves.

  • jonsk

    Man, I just watched CC Sabathia face Cliff Lee in the World Series, the Browns are a mess and now people are talking about LeBron going to the Lakers. Can being a Cleveland fan be any more frustrating?

  • eric

    Done deal.

    LBJ for Bynum and Artest + Draft picks and/or Farmar

    • Rigel

      yeh,, but that deal is impossible, cavs wont release james…

  • http://cvhm eddie

    lveo your s siad veryo u lke

  • BJ

    What’s going to happen is Jerry would pursue James and would let go of Kobe. LBJ takes the #24 since he doesn’t want to use MJ’s number anymore. Now the Lakers are are the true America’s team.


    To all stupid fans: KB IS NOT THE HALF OF MJ AND NEVER WILL BE.
    At the other hand LBJ is going to surpass KB and maybe he is the only one who really can dethrone MJ.
    MJ as the main man = 6 rings
    KB as the main man =1 ring (he was more like scottie pipen in the first 3 championships)
    IF LBJ goes to LA get rid of Kobe (SELF ALTER EGO) they dont mix.

    Even Magic was better than kobe. Magic you were and still the number 1 player ever in L.A.
    Let´s face it LBJ is the best option to get more rings but with kobe I don´t think so.

    I´ve been a fan since 1980 of L.A LAKERS.

    • 808ty

      how many rings you got? how many rings you got as “the main man”? lmao, how many rings would shaq have without kobe? Stop it with that babyback bullshit, give credit when its due.

    • Lakers83

      LA BIG FUN shut the hell up! I don’t care what you say about kobe he is still better than lebron.

      • violabarnes

        amen to that

  • SGT.LakerFAN

    Will never happen!!! We dont have the cap space, and Kobe an Pau wont take a pay cut. Other teams who have been suckin throught the past few years have more cap space saved up. They will be able to offer Lebron more money than anything the Lakers offer. So just keep dreaming, plus we dont need him, we got the Black Mamba, King Kobe, Mr. MVP!!!

    • violabarnes

      the suns will never win a championship

  • #1 Lakers fan

    listen here foks kobe bryant is the best player in the NBA!!!!!He has 4 championships rings so far!!!We dont need lebron james or shaq o’neal becuase the Lakers are the best team in the NBA with kobe are with out kobe!!!!And phil jackson wow!!!Alll i could say is good job couch….we got the players like derek fishr,lamar odom,ron artest,jordan famer and the greatest Laker player to me is Kobe Bryant!!!!!And poeple dont hate on kobe cuz he’s the best!!!!!Well thats it poeple the Lakers are the best team!!!!peace

    • violabarnes

      and you know that

  • violabarnes

    i still think the lakers will win the series and go on to the finals and win

    • violabarnes

      suns didn’t do nothing that just going to make the lakers dominate the next game

  • violabarnes

    lakers will be the champion once again

  • violabarnes

    kobe is the best player in the nba

  • violabarnes

    lebron james will always be second behind kobe

  • violabarnes

    kobe has a unique style of ball players he eats and sleep basketball

  • dj

    kobe is going to win a hella of alot rings with or w/o lebron so why does it even matter