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Chicago Tribune: Rumors circulating around L.A. have the Bulls suggesting a package of Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and Andres Nocioni, which sounds questionable because Nocioni can’t be traded until Dec. 15. The Lakers were said to have mocked that possibility.

The Bulls, sources say, have put Deng off limits in any trade discussions. Sources also indicate the Bulls haven’t made any trade offers to the Lakers.

It’s the Lakers who are fishing around.

Believing the Bulls will not consider moving Deng, the Lakers are said to have asked for four pieces from the Bulls, including at least two from among Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Ben Wallace. Reportedly hearing that, Bryant balked, sending word that if he is traded to Chicago—and he has the only full no-trade contract in the NBA—he wants to play with Wallace.

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  • LAnative4life

    im not sure big ben will fit in a lakers uniform

  • Kid Licorice

    I think it’s become clear (at least to me) that Kobe will be a Laker for the duration of the 2007-08 season. Neither they nor the Bulls want to do anything drasticc before they have a chance to gauge how good their respective teams are. All of that leads to one name: Loul Deng. The Lakers, smartly, won’t move Kobe for anything less. The Bulls, smartly, won’t move him until they give him a chance to prove he can lead the Bulls through the playoffs and into the Finals. And I do believe if the Bulls don’t get to the Finals, they have to trade for Kobe.

    As a Laker fan, the optimist in me says that with the marked improvement of the Lakers young players (read: Farmar, Bynum, Turiaf and Vujacic), the Lakers will havea break-out season, Kobe will be delighted by the unexpected success and all of this trade talk will disappear.

    Kid Licorice

  • LD2k

    Makes sense on both sides – let the Bulls develop on more year and see where they go.

    Let the Lakers see what this healthy, core and young players can do and see where THEY go.

  • kgmvp

    So if this trade goes on this will be the lineup of the Bulls

    C: Ben Wallace
    PF: Joakim Noah or Joe Smith
    SF: Luol Deng
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    PG: Kirk Hinrich

    As you can see the bulls will have a strong lineup….

    Lakers lineup

    C: Chris Mihm
    PF: Ronny Turiaf
    SF: Lamar Odom
    SG: Ben Gordon
    PG: Derek Fisher

    We will have a rebiulding lineup….this lineup won´t even make the playoffs if this trade goes on might as well move on.

  • fatty

    I tend to agree as well. With the season starting soon, both sides are showing a renewed optimism. Keep the status quo, see how things play out.

    In fact, it wouldn’t hurt for the Lakers to say we are not trading Kobe this season and for Kobe to say something similar. Like, I’m putting my trade demand on hold to see how this season pans out. “Me and the Lakers have come to the conclusion that it would be more productive to shelve all trade stuff until the season is over, and then we will evaluate the situation. Decide then, what is best for me and the Lakers.”

    The Lakers could fully concentrate on the season and make a post season calculated decision on how to proceed. None of this rush stuff, which I feel they are not doing anyway. Just make it clear so we can all go on without distractions.

    I don’t feel anything is going to happen anyway this season. So diffuse the speculation. Its like Ed said so well in his comments, the Lakers are all about winning. Go behind closed doors and smooth out our problems. Publisize the meeting, and come out with a new comraderie. Show the fans we are all about building for a title. I think Ed’s idea would shut up a lot of media stuff and force us bloggers to actually talk more about good positive Laker stuff. lol

  • mplakers

    With all these trade rumors, why isn’t there gossip for a swap between kobe and gilbert arenas plus salary fillers? Arenas has declared he will opt out after this year and has shown an interest in playing for his hometown team. Kobe will be reunited with one of his very limited number of friends in the league, Caron Butler, and he will also team up with Antawn Jamison.

    The Lakers get a bonafide younger superstar to fill those seats and also allow the younger core time to develop with each other. Meanwhile the Wizards get a monster trio of Caron Butler, Kobe Bryant, and Antawn Jamison.

    Somebody please tell the Lakers front office about this! Don’t settle for Ben Gordon or Luol Deng!

  • ab4sure

    ok kobe…so we can’t get deng or wallace, so what do you want the lakers to accept??? If you really want to be traded then your going to have to work with the lakers abit, if not then stay in your purple and gold and learn how to distribute the ball. Seven to’s not too good, but I do give you credit for trying, keep it up.

  • fatty

    I’ve been saying this from day one. Lakers will not get good value for Kobe unless he opens up his list of teams.

    Its the Catch 22 of trade possibities. He wants to be traded, but then restricts all the possibilties to make it happen.

  • BEC

    Kobe doesnt want to get “traded”, he just wants to go to a team that can make runs for a title, because his legacy is on the line here. With that said there is no way the Lakers will get fair or decent or good or even acceptable value for Kobe. Kobe wont go to a team thats been gutted and Lakers wont accept a trade without getting 3-4 players for Kobe in return. Kobe will only accept a trade if its a team that can contend, seeing thats the case that team is probable already playoff bound or near contention, that team will likely not mess that up, so any trade including Kobe will just be a desprate attempt from the lakers to not lose Kobe for anything. So a trade including Kobe will likely suck for us.

  • as1084

    what the hell?? kobe asks to be traded and now that the lakers are considering it, u want to dictate the trade??!!! u know what….take your a** out of LA u moron!! Im sick of ur sh**!!

  • MacBSlick

    1: talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source
    2: a statement or report current without known authority for its truth
    3archaic : talk or report of a notable person or event
    4: a soft low indistinct sound : murmur

    Can we please stop with these stupid rumors which have no truth to them at all. Thier baseless. Why arent we talking about the damn game they played last night?
    I hate this stupid lying bullcrap.
    Need an article spread a stupid rumor.
    Are we all so gullible as to believe these lying so called journalists?
    Come on people lets talk Laker Basketball and stop adding to these lies.


    I think the Kobe watch will be on red when the owners get together. all the offers will be coming out of the woodwork…

  • foxxy


  • http://yenok yenok

    lakers and the ownership will be very stupied to trade kobe without deng

  • rpouncy14

    Dammit!!! Leave Kobe Alone!!!!!! & Besides, Not gonna happen!!!!!!

  • Jrich

    [Comment ID #15116 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe is destined to be a Chicago Bull. He will go to Chicago and never lead them to a championship. When he’s long gone and retired, people won’t remember Kobe for winning 3 titles with LA. He will be remembered as the guy in Chicago who wasn’t as good as Michael Jordan… and couldn’t lead the Bulls to a championship like Mike.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    kobe is the one who decides where he goes…
    and his picks are bull/mavs
    and both team must not give up their superstars…
    otherwise he just waits to b freeagent
    very clear

    unless lakers open the wallet and get some players

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    kobe is going to win more rings…
    that is for sure…
    you kobe haters are really pathetic!!!!!!
    you just deserve that he leaves for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakeshow08

    Why do people keep metioning Agent Zero?, his game is nice but not close to Kobe. Kobe has the best all around game in the leauge if we trade him we need to recieve a package of players not just Agent Zero. KB has that killer instinct that’s unmatched, there’s no equal value for KB period. Nash, Dirk, Arenas, none of these guys play defense, Duncan, Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Stoudamire, teams won’t part with and even if they did still not equal to Kobe. We have the best player arguably ever without a proper supporting cast. LO has a nice game but lacks intensity, Bynum still needs more time the rest of the team average. If we lose Kobe we’re losing our team.

  • repo

    BEC said it best so far. The Bulls not trading Deng isn’t so much about developing talent as it is playing the hand. The Lakers have very little standing in the matter. The best possibility is that the team overachieves markedly and Kobe becomes happy again. This is a slim possibility seeing as Kobe has yet to rescind his trade demand and Buss has very clearly acted as a jilted lover.
    If that does not happen, the Lakers have a situation where they can expect diminishing returns. They can’t dictate a trade because of Kobe’s no-trade clause and his clear unwillingness to move to but a few teams (big market, contending). Other teams have to know that, so why would they feel like they have to make ‘fair’ offers given they are little other offers for them to compete against?
    At the same time, Kobe’s value will diminish as next summer, he will have a minimum of one year left (not to mention, the 15% kicker).
    Buss and the Lakers are in a terrible position.