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A show of hands, Laker Nation: Who would like to see Carmelo Anthony in a Lakers uniform next season?

According to Michael Scotto of, Carmelo Anthony will either play in New York for the Knicks or Los Angeles for the Lakers.

Ultimately, Anthony will most likely choose between the Knicks and Lakers.

A disappointing season thus far for the Knicks has Anthony mulling his options between two similarly popular, yet very different franchises. The Knicks haven’t won an NBA title since Walt Frazier and his mutton chops were running NYC during the 1972-73 season. The Lakers, on the other hand, are the epitome of a top-tier franchise and they have the hardware to back it up.

From that perspective, the choice seems to be an easy one for Anthony. He would, though, have to leave an extra $30 million guaranteed from the Knicks on the table if he chooses to sign with the Lakers.

“Should Anthony decide money won’t buy happiness this time around, the Los Angeles Lakers represent his best option to join a team with a proven winning track record, the ability to pay him adequately and a fellow star in Kobe Bryant.”

Scotto also brings up an interesting point in regards to Anthony and his fellow 2003 NBA Draft classmates:

“Unlike fellow draft classmates LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Anthony was the only member of that group to sign a five-year maximum extension, with a fourth-year option, for more guaranteed money.”

James, Wade and Bosh took less money to go to a wining organization and become legitimate contenders.

Will Anthony do the same?

  • Baltazar Costa

    Lakers fans should understand that there is a ax, named SALARY CAP and for that reason, we can not afford to sign Carmelo Anthony. His salary is almost the same as Kobe’s. And we have St.Nash’s $ 9.7 mil. for the next season, which means, for just 3 players, we have already booked $ 56.2 million. The rest, to the salary cap is just $ 8.8 mil. and we will need at least 11 more players. That is not possible.
    I will rather draft Jabari Parker or Aaron Gordon this summer and make them starters at small forward. Besides, watching yesterday’s game in NY, Carmelo is just one offensive player, nothing else. He demands the ball all the time and shoots way too much to score 61 or 35 points. He has absolutely no defensive skills, nor making plays for his team-mates.We already have one player like him and he wear # 24.

    • Flash

      if thats the case, and all he is…is a scorer….then its strange that he averages almost 10 boards and over 3 assists a game from the power forward position. This is one of those comments that is completely and totally influenced by the media and in turn, a pawn decides to make a case for what a player is….whom the writer apparently has no clue about. Tell me 5 power forwards you would rather have than Melo… far as money goes….Nash may or may not be on the roster next season….beyond Nash, the lakers are basically paying NOBODY ELSE other than Kobe. So in theory…melo + kobe + nick young and a supporting cast that gets followed by the 2015 FA class could be very formidable.

  • CJO

    Melo isn’t going to even consider coming here if D’Antoni is still here.. He will get played out like Howard did in the media, when Melo says I will come to LA if D’Antoni is fired.

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