Hoopsworld: Lamar Odom’s Salary Part II: I went to the expert to get a more complete breakdown on Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom’s salary. Cap guru Larry Coon was happy to oblige:

Odom signed a contract in the summer of 2003 with the Miami HEAT at a base salary of $58.5 million. In the original deal was a signing bonus of $5,781,576. According to the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, signing bonuses are amortized over the life of the contract. In this case, Odom’s signing bonus counts on the cap an extra $963,596 – each and every year of his deal.

(One technical note – bonuses are not amortized over option years – player, team or ETO. In Lamar’s case this is immaterial).

Odom also benefited from a $7.425 million trade bonus when he was traded to the Lakers in 2004. That too is spread out over each year of his deal (except 2003/4 which was before the trade) – even though the money was paid up front. His trade bonus adds an additional $1.485 million to the cap each year.

To break it all down, Odom received $9 million base salary from Miami plus the entire $5,781,576 signing bonus for a total of $14,781,576 in his first and only year with the HEAT (2003/4). This manipulation from Miami was to discourage the Los Angeles Clippers from matching their offer sheet (Odom was a restricted free agent). The actual cap number for the HEAT that season was just $9,963,596.

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    I’ve been hearing rumors of a Hinrich/Gooden or Thomas trade (that’s who I want them to trade Vlad for)for LO.
    Don’t know if I’d do it but Hinrich would be,as Stu says,niiiiiiiiiiiice.

    KEEPLO?.com,c’mon LO,show’em what’cha made of,stop giving up on yourself,homie.

  • ryguy2303

    How is a question a rumor?



  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    I say keep Odom until his contract expires, with Bynum possible max contract, Kobe’s possible 20-mill if he decides to opt out and re-sign, Gasol’s approx. 3-year, 51-mill contract (approx. 17-mill per year), and the rest of the Lakers current and new contracts, we may just have a 90+ and possibly 100+ payroll…unless we dump Odom’s contract, but we’d still be left with possibly somewhere around an 80+ payroll, but what would Jerry Buss rather have, an 80+ payroll, or a whopping 90+ and possibly 100+ payroll? If you know Jerry Buss like we all should by now, then this question is very easy, VERY!

  • S-Quire

    Best bet, if LO doesn’t do something special within the first few months, expect him to go…well, unexpectedly. Lakers are absolute the BEST team at doing under the radar trades out of nowhere and LO is an obvious pick. Blazers have been the kings at draft day deals the last few seasons, but no one does mid-season trades like the Lakeshow and it always is a surprise, which is why when you’re a Laker fan, you always have hope. I’d like to see LO and Luke/Vlad get showcased so we can ship LO out with one of those bad contracts. OR, everyone plays up to their potential (primary beef with these three) and the Lakers flood the rest of the league.



  • ryguy2303

    [Comment ID #52028 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nothing that you said, DCLaker. I was talking about the article.


    My fault,homie(I pulled a LL Cool J vs Canibus,I leaped 1st).

  • Freshh

    Currently, it seems LO is going in the direction of being traded.
    I still hope he can get back in shape and find a way to contribute.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.
  • Freshh

    Marion Marion Marion Marion!

  • Shaq786

    odom, farmar, coby karl, and first rounf pick… for OJ MAYO and Hakim warrick… cut some major salary… continue to be contenders… and build the best team for years to come

  • yellowpurplefever

    Let him loose at the end off the season. Give Ariza the Midlevel x 5 years and save $6mil. Some luck get rid of V-lady and Fluke for a descent PF and some cash.

  • David

    It’s a real shame with Lamar. All the natural talent in the world without the discipline. Heaven forbid he works out in the off-season and develops his right hand. We should have pulled the trigger with him for Artest and Kenny Thomas while we had the chance.

  • Michael_23

    Trevor and Vlad-Rad played well tonight. LO for Marion? Riley does like LO and so does D-Wade.

  • e

    lets first figure out how to play some damn d here

  • LakersFirst

    I think the only way LO gets traded is if it’s for another expiring contract(s) (i.e. Shawn Marion). The Laker’s salary is so high that they need expiring contracts. People shouldn’t ignore the fact that the Lakers are holding on to LO for the same reason why other teams want him, his expiring contract. The Lakers know they have to extend Bynum’s contract and possibly resign Ariza after this season. Keeping LO and letting him leave to free agency would allow the Lakers to essentially move LO’s money to the wallet’s of Bynum and Ariza.

    If the Lakers were to trade LO for players with long term contracts (i.e. Kirk Hinrich), the Lakers would have to insist that the other team take the contract’s of Vlad or possibly even Sasha (I honestly don’t think another team would take Walton’s contract because he has 5 years left). Vlad has 3 years left and Sasha, although he too has a 3 year contract), may actually be coveted by other teams.

  • MarioVI

    I beleive this trade would work. Mix in a couple of L.A. second rounders and a Orl 1st round and you get nice value for Odom. Shooter, Banger and a 1st round pick. Plus no long term committment in salary. Plus you rent a defender for a year.


  • MarioVI

    You can always release Cookie, hes just a salary fill in. He’s neither the shooter, the banger, the defender nor the future.

  • Nabil

    Attitude is contagious. LO doesn’t really try hard on D, or to improve his weaknesses. He’s his own biggest supporter, and never mans up to say, “I sucked tonight.” Champions man up. LO has never manned up. He’s a coaster. Now sometimes he does good, and sometimes he does bad. But he never does his best. There’s never that all out hustle, that contagious fire. In short, he doesn’t have the eye of the tiger. Probably never will. Just the way he’s wired. Dammit, most weekend warriors play with more heart then this guy, and he’s being payed millions! Is it any wonder the fans get frustrated?!

    Ship his butt out of here for someone we can really get behind and cheer for.

  • Michael_23

    I’ve never seen someone so not motivated in their contract year.

  • Smush Walton

    You look at players like Garnet and Kobe…
    they put in the effort from the start of training camp.

    Lamar comes into training camp unfocused, whining,

    Is this a guy to help us win the championship?…NOT!

    He doesn’t care about the championship.
    Absolutely no passion. Half asleep all the time.
    He’s just going through the motions to collect his salary.

  • xtro

    l.o. for t.p. tyshaun prince.



  • Melanie

    Let go of LO. I hate to say it, but he just isn’t physically the player he used to be. I went to the Game vs. utah, and he didn’t play to well. I watched intentively and noticed that he did worse than he did last year, however, I expected this because it IS preseason. Never the less, I don’t believe Odom has the DRIVE to play this basketball game anymore (he doesn’t want it as much as some of the other players do). So I say trade Odom to Houston for ron Artest or someone like that.

  • EveryoneBeRealitic

    Listen odom for marion sounds great but ultimately the contracts don’t match…Marion makes about 3 mil more so there would either have to be another player from the lakers like sasha or a third team involved to pick up the rest of the salary…i don’t know where some of those other dumb trades to the heat and the magic are coming from but they def wouldn’t help. Detroit would never give up tayshaun prince for slowdom. Nor only is tayshaun an all-star, an NBA champion, and an olympic gold medalist, he’s worth his salary and Detroit would be dumb to do that kind of trade. the best trade would be hinrich and hughes for odom but even that sounds suspect..Odom out at the end of the year sounds like the most plausible scenario at this time for the lakers..just try to keep it real…we have a real good chance at the title this year and Kobe will end up with 6 or 7 by the time he’s done..

  • let there be light

    i thought LO was the truth, lately i cant see him playing with any fire under him. if my coach says shit to me i would wanna play ball. if im not comfy in a new role then i would need to stand up and say something. if i was phil i would start fish, kobe, ariza, odom and gasol. Secong unit should be farmar, sasha, vlad rad, powell, bynum or he can change it up wit whoever shows up. second unit would be great for bynum (he needs shooters around him)

  • Lakerboi

    Keep LO. Lets see what he can do off the bench:



    We have towers, shooter, defense. Ariza, Farmar and Lo off the bench will bring some energy…

  • Shaq786

    lamar, mihm, coby karl… for marion and asecond rounder… GET IT DONE NOW!!!