Inside The Lakers: Not that it’s a huge deal, considering how deep the Lakers are this year, but Phil Jackson reminded everyone that the Lakers must trim their roster down to 15 by Tuesday. It currently sits at 17, so the guys on the bubble are likely: CJ Giles, Brandon Heath, Coby Karl and Joe Crawford.

Giles has looked impressive and athletic in the few times we’ve seen him pay in practice and exhibition games, and Phil Jackson has spoken glowingly about him on several occasions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll make the team.

“He’s really talented young man,” Jackson said of Giles. “He has recognition troubles sometimes but he’s the only one who really wasn’t here during our summer league. He came in right before preseason started so he didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as the other guys so he’s been behind a little bit, but his athleticism makes up for it.”

Contracts also figure into the equation. Giles and Heath are free agents, with no guaranteed money. Sun Yue received $100,000 after passing his physical and becomes fully guaranteed for the rest of the year if he’s on the opening day roster. Karl becomes guaranteed if he’s on the roster January 9, as does Josh Powell.

  • kobean

    PG Fish/Farmar/Sun
    SG kobe/Machine/ariza
    SF lamar/vlad/luke
    PF Gasaol/Powell/Giles
    C bynum/mihm/mbenga

  • Dave

    After the FC Barcelona performance, I hope the Lakers ‘kept the receipt’ so they can send Sun Yue back. Wow, that guy sucked with large lips. Was he even able to touch the ball once without a turnover or miss?

  • Forget Artest

    Please cut coby karl. The guy sucks

  • KOBE2K9

    Sun Yue is definetly not NBA material he has a lot of work to do, I don’t even get the feeling that he can hang with the D League right now, his court vision lacks tremendously, his ballhandling is so so, he had trouble against a weak Barcelona team because everyone here knows that they would’ve gotten smashed with our best lineups out there.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Sun Yue didn’t tell well but don’t underestimate Barcelona. They played hard from start to finish and they did all the little things (unlike at least 1/3 NBA teams). He’ll get better.

    I do think DJ’s a lock. However, I can’t decide between Coby, Crawford or Giles. None of those three played superb… if I HAVE to rank them I’d say Giles > Crawford > Coby. Either way, I doubt any of them would get much playing time.

  • Jack Nicholson

    i’d trade coby carl for that $5 dollar quizno meal, i’m starving.


    Give Sun yue a chance hes been sick. he probably feels like sh*t right now, no energy, no balance, etc. But on the topic of cuts get rid of coby karl, heath, crawford but we need to keep GILES (aka mycheal thompson). i think he jus needs more time cuz he didnt play in the summer league like others, coby karl has advantage out of all of them playing last year summer league, d-league and this summer. all he wants to do is shoot thress all day long.

  • David

    I just don’t understand what the team sees in Mbenga,that guy really sucks. I think Giles should make the team over him.

  • aggressive expansion

    they gotta do something about coby karl, while their at it, send fluke walton to the minor leauge or something. of all the ones trying to make the roster, crawford’s got the biggest chance.

  • KOBE2K9

    [Comment ID #52596 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nah you can tell when a player is sick he just sucks, he’s supposed to be a point guard and a point guard NEVER gives up their dribble at halfcourt, even in the Olympics I wasn’t impressed with him at all

  • E-ROC

    Giles has to be among those who make the team. Joe Crawford will probably be the other with the injury to Vujacic.


    Sun Yue…It’s hard to ball with a group of new guys on the biggest basketball stage “Staple Center”. He looks as if he needs to settle down and definetly look into driving in because his first instinct is to pass the ball which gets him introuble. The defense need to know that he can score so that they can take him more seriously. I think he needs to go the D-league for a couple of months to increase his confidence.

    Cobe…ship him out. He had his chance. All he does is over play and miss on offense and defense. Has he made a shot from the outside yet?

    Crawford…Not impressed, but maybe a step up from Cobe.

    Giles…athletic big body. He needs a couple of more meat on them bones. Need to develop some type of mid range shot.

    Heath…Not impressed. Is it necessary to drible through your legs even if the defender is no where in sight? Has he made a shot or even an assist yet? Dude looks like a broke Gary Payton.

    Powell….Love his tenasity. I think he will definetly make the team. A little soft spoken for my taste. Turiaf would of made his voice heard all the way from the bench. This guy will probably text his voice. I don’t think I ever seen him say anything on camera has anyone?

    DJ “TACO”…Good effort, just a little flat footed causing very little mobility.

    just my thoughts.

  • Drake Hunter

    Hello everyone, it’s nice to be back after a long vacation. I missed the website. Here’s my take on the roster, CJ Giles, Brandon Heath, Joe Crawford, and Coby Karl are the reasons why I don’t watch the Lakers in the pre-season. When they get in the game, its boring. None of these guys even deserve to be on the Lakers. The should be lucky we printed their names on a Laker jersey that they can keep as a little momento. Face it, our team is set for the next 5 years with the exception of Fisher who will retire in about 2 or 3 years. Anyone who signs with us better think twice about making this roster. If we didn’t lose Turiaf, this would probably be my favorite Laker roster.

    We’re 10 deep in the rotation without breaking a sweat if Phil decides to go that far down the bench and I’m refering Mihm if Phil decides to play him on a daily basis. Our 4 insurance policy players, Fluke Walton, DJ Mbenga, Josh Powell, and Sun Yue are all very capable backups on any other team and yet they’ll be lucky to even see a minute of playing time on this current squad. I’m hoping that Sun Yue can be groomed into being our future starter or backup point guard but I do see that he has a long way to go before he’s NBA ready. I still like his potential. In the end, I say we keep 14 players and lose all the rooks.

    What I propose as a thank you and farewell to one of my favorite players when he was playing for the Lakers is to sign Eddie Jones to the veterans minimum contract of 1 million and fill the last and final 15th roster spot and let him ride his final farewell tour on the bench so that he can win a championship and finish as a Laker in his last season. He was our future star shooting guard but somehow Kobe fell in our laps and Eddie Jones become a forgotten man. It doesn’t hurt us to sign him and he rounds out the roster very nicely for our 3rd unit.

    PG – Fisher/Farmar/Sun Yue
    SG – Kobe/Vujacic/ Eddie Jones
    SF – Radmanovic/Ariza/Walton
    PF – Gasol/Odom/Powell
    C – Bynum/Mihm/Mbenga

    Is it just me or does our bench look more dangerous now that Odom goes to the back up PF. This is our 2009 Los Angeles Lakers Roster!

  • Lakers4REalz

    LO off the bench is money for us, just as much as drew being back this year.

    LO has experience and the skills to make a big change in a game off the bench..i look for him to be in the definite running for sixth man of the year if he indeed does not start for us….

    I would like to see Coby karl stay on the roster….he at least knows the system…

    DJ is in…I like his hussle and the fact that he is another big body in there….

  • Fred A.

    Fluke Walton, Brandon Heath and Coby Karl 2 DA D-League ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MVP/MaChInE/Crawford or EDDIE JONES

  • No Comment

    Sun Yue is only 19 and hes recovering from mono.. so give the guy a break.

    DJ has to stay because they are limited on backup centers.

    CJ giles is a kid with tremendous upside. He just needs some blisters from the bench so he can learn the system. The triangle isnt the easiest thing to learn…

    Remember that Kobe was not all that great in his first year. As far as i could remember, iverson took rookie of the year. He had potential and thats what the lakers believe in.. why else do you think they are keeping sasha, LO, and luke walton.

  • ojt

    get rid of heath,mind as well get freaking luke out too.worthless like his dad.Both luke and his dad have one thing in common (in Basketball)one good season and then medical retards.

  • ojt

    oh yeah!did I mention that luke walton sucks….worthless execuse of a so call basketball player.

  • Kb_24mvp


  • yellowpurplefever

    I would keep CJ or cut all rooks. Start the season with 14 and possibly add Eddie Jones only if he wants to come back to LA.
    Definitely, Eddie Jones is one of my Fav Lakers. One year we had Eddie, Nick van Ex, Shaq and Kobe on the West All Star team, remember that, SWEET. About Sun, I do agreed to send him to our D-league to get comfortable and conditioning. Sun will rise soon enough, but not just yet. He does have potentials.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #52582 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’ve got Ariza too low.

    Between Vlad, Luke, Lamar and Ariza, Ariza should get the most minutes.

    Mihm is looking pretty good too.

    Coby Karl has to hit the road. He looks overwhelmed out there.

  • T-Dub

    From the comments on Fluke, it’s obvious that no one thinks he’s gotten better nor thinks he will…after 5 years in the league. I mean come on…to be mentioned with Giles, Heath, Karl, Crawford?? Mitch..if you can’t trade, can’t find any takers, just buy his A-S-S OUT! It’s gonna be hard watching another season of Fluke “Smush/Kwame” Walton!!!!!!

  • DCLAKER….and vote please!!

  • Nabil

    Yo how about this trade:

    Detroit trades Antonio McDyess and Tayshaun Prince to get Matrix and Mihm
    Miami trades Matrix to get Lamar and McDyess
    Lakers trade Lamar and Mihm to get Prince

    – Detroit would be dangerous as hell with their new big 4. I mean, wow. And their young bigs are ready for the extra minutes if McDyess leaves, but they also get Mihm as some insurance.
    – Miami has been struggling to find the Matrix’s place with the new team, and Lamar is a great fit with Beasley and Wade. Plus they love Lamar over there. He was actually GOOD when he played there. Plus, they get added depth, since they are getting 2 starters for 1. They could use McDyess.
    – The Lakers are trading a bit of depth for a guy who perfectly fits the 3 spot and solves lots of our defensive woes. Tried to do this trade with one of our 3’s leaving (Luke or Vlad), but nothing seamed feasable to all the teams involved.

    New Lakers 15:

    PG: Fish, Farmer, Crawford
    SG: Kobe, Machine, Sun
    SF: Prince, Vlad, Luke, Ariza
    PF: Gasol, Powell, Giles
    C: Bynum, Mbenga

    It LOOKS like we are thin at center, but then remember that Gasol will be taking care of that spot when Bynum is on the bench. If anything, our weekness would be at PF. But Vlad has stepped into that spot before at times. And from what I hear Powell is looking like he will actually get minutes.

    Thoughts on this trade?


    Did anybody see this…SIC,just plain SIC…