Rosen: Wade to Lakers sounds best

Interesting take from Rosen.

Fox Sports: There are several qualities that his prospective new team would require to bring out the best in Wade: Since he’s basically a slasher with a mediocre jumper, the team must be loaded with dead-on perimeter shooters. To give him the space he needs, a big man who can post up and also nail mid-range jumpers would likewise be essential.

An excellent point guard would assume some of the ball-handling responsibilities that Wade was forced to assume in Miami and allow him to move more freely in an open court (i.e. to run ahead of the ball). Plus, the new team has to be a serious contender for a championship.

Assuming that LeBron stays put, the Cavs would not be the best option for Wade, if only because LBJ is so used to dominating the ball. The Spurs shouldn’t be under consideration since their outside shooting is a continuing problem. In Orlando, Dwight Howard spends all of his time double-parked in the paint.

Denver would fill the bill. But the best fit would be the Lakers because of Kobe’s ability to knock down important jumpers, the versatility of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom and the power of Ron Artest. All that the Lakers lack in this equation is the right kind of point guard. However, Derek Fisher makes few mistakes and, besides, by next season Jordan Farmar should be just about ready to take over most of Fisher’s minutes.

Also, Wade’s signing with the Lakers would most likely induce Phil Jackson to accept an inevitable pay cut and return to L.A. for at least another season or two.

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  • BooBoo37

    that would never work

  • Kobe “Kaos” Jordan

    It’s fun to dream

  • Tyler

    I think that it could work, it would be so tight having wade and kobe together cuz you know it would make them both super hungry to get a title. i say push for this to happen mitch

    • JUICE

      Oh really? ” ‘YOU’ say push for this to happen…”? Well, now I’m sure Mitch will make it so, you know, because you said so! LOL! I’m just messin Tyler.

      Man, where do all these rumors or scenarios come from? A few months back there was talk of joining LeCrap here with Kobe and now there’s this thing… It would be sweet if it could happen, but just don’t see it as likely!

  • zaytoven

    make it happen, get rid of vujajic and morrison for sure.

    • Jonathan

      yes pat riley is going to trade us dwade for sasha, and adam morrison…
      you give lakers fans a bad name… so does the author of this article.

      • shorty doggy

        No, he gives love a bad name!

  • ricky

    A dream indeed, but dreams do come true…let’s just get healthy first and strengthen our bench then we’ll go from there.

  • drive-for-16th

    dwade could start a point, dwade can be still there when kobe retires.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    If that was really on Wade’s mind and in the Lakers’ desires, the Heat organization would have attempted a sign-and-trade with Bynum or something. Miami doing nothing would mean they lose a superstar in Wade and any possibility for adding young talent.

    I cannot see this happening, especially this year.

  • KB24ForLife

    it’s obviously a satire…

  • B Holland

    Great fit here but not happening. There is a salary cap.

  • Roy Taylor

    will the lakers make any trades or moves before the deadline

    • Green Flannel

      idk let me check my crystal ball. lol, jk.

  • Stupid

    Keep dreaming, guys.

  • mr.laker19

    I think there is a decent chance Wade takes over for kobe. But I really think that Durant will be in a Lakers jersey before his career is over. Somebody hast to take over, who will it be?

  • thanhttrinh


  • gus26

    at first glance this is such a pipe that i couldn’t help but role my eyes.. then… well then i thought about it…

    all it would take is for wade to ask riley to go to LA.. look if wade wants to win.. he can push his way to any team he wants.. and who is closer to winning multiple titles than LA?..

    He certainly has options, he can walk away to NY or CHI for the max contract (1st yr starts at 16 million) or resign with MIA for about 18 mill..

    if MIA decides to let him walk they have nothing but a bunch of cap space.. here is where it gets interesting.. bynum’s byc goes away next year.. his contract will be worth the full 13 million and sasha will be an expring contract worth 5 million (yeah total of 18 million)..

    if you’re MIA do you let wade walk away for nothing if he is ready to move on?.. or do you take bynum and an expiring contract while still having enough room to go after somebody like joe johnson

    its really up to wade.. but if he wants to come to LA it really can happen..

  • proemb

    Rosen has been hitting that hippie lettuce a lot lately, writing this kind of non-sense…

  • lakerbunny


  • Xandre

    its so fun to dream lol there is nothing more to say

  • ed1

    and that would only set the lakers back about a billion dollars in luxury tax. There wouldn’t be enuff shots in 4 games let alone one for this dream roster.

  • why?

    we are the defending champs !!!
    we are a championship caliber team now
    whats the point of paying another superstar
    the lakers problem right now isnt talent, the problem is
    energy and effort…if you ask me they are just on cruise control until the playoffs then we will see the real lakers

  • thanhttrinh

    i’ve been say this for a thousand times, WE DONT NEED TO TRADE ANYBODY ON THIS TEAM !

  • thanhttrinh


    • Ronin99

      I don’t think they have seen the last 3 games lately. The guys are stepping up! I agree with you…”Don’t try to fix somethin’ that is not broken.” This would be a pipe dream!

  • nope

    Why bother putting up articles like this?

  • lucid

    LA originally asked for Wade when they were going to trade Shaq to Miami. You can guess what Miami’s response was…