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Forward/Center Derrick Caracter has been sent down the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA D-League. In 40 appearances with the Lakers this season, Caracter has averaged 2 points and 1 rebound in just over 5 minutes per game. While Caracter wont be with the Lakers these last couple of weeks, he will at least be able to recieve ample playing time with the Jam.

As for the Lakers’ other rookie forward, Devin Ebanks, he will need an additional 3 weeks of rehab as the stress fracture in his left tibia is healing more slowly than originally anticipated. Ebanks was slated to miss 3 weeks of action, and said he planned to return even sooner, that was on March 4th. In 20 games with the Lakers this season, Ebanks has averaged 3 points and 1 rebound in 6 minutes per game.

Its not likely that either Caracter or Ebanks would have made much of an impact in the final 9 games of the regular season, however with the health of Theo Ratliff still a concern, it is a likely possibility that Caracter will be added to the playoff roster once the postseason begins.

  • LakerMarc

    Good thing it’ll allow them to stay in shape and keep playing and hopefully if Phil keeps a good rotation in the Playoffs, we can see more of Devin, Derrick, and also Theo, Luke, and Joe

    • LakerMarc

      I still can’t get over how much Devin looks like Trevor. He moves like him and his general style of play is TOTALLY TREVOR ARIZA. Too Cool. BRING TREVOR ARIZA BACK TO LALA LAND…HE WAS FORCED OUT AND KINDA CHEATED OUT, THE WAY THAT ALL WENT DOWN……BRING #3 BACK…DO IT!!! DO IT NOWWWWW!!!

      • Ricky

        Ariza was never forced out, he was screwed by his agent, and forced himself out of the Lakers organization. LA was intent on resigning him, but his agent asked for way too much and prolonged the situation, therefore Lakers decided to take action and signed for an available Ron Artest cause they were fed up with the waiting game. Ariza was great, but in order to beat the likes of Boston, Miami, and Chicago, we’re better served having Ron Ron than Ariza.

      • Dragon

        We don’t need Ariza we need a point guard player or at least a pure shooter.

  • lakers

    When is theo ratliff ever gonna play…if we win, he shouldnt get a ring lol, thats not fair and i thought he would be able to help us but seems like he’s done for the season.:/

  • Ricky

    Post season lineups are strict, we’re looking at a maximum rotation of 9 in my opinion. Much like our rotation now, this is pretty much gonna be our rotation heading into playoffs with some spot minutes for Walton and Smith.



    • Josh Herrington

      Is Walton still alive? I think we’ll see some of him too.

    • 242LakerFan

      Most teams stick to about an 8 man rotation for the Playoffs. We have 9 (the ones you listed) and unless there’s a blowout or an injury, Walton gets a few minutes at best. Same for Joe. We’ve only ever seen him with like a minute left in a half to avoid a third foul on a starter or in garbage time. Some players just seem to get old in a hurry.

  • Dragon

    WTH so Theo Ratliff was just for backup to sit his ass at home for the entire season we got him for nothing basically.

  • rondo

    Caracter will be back, they want him to get some run before the playoff. I think the Jam has about 3 games left to play this year.

  • Luke Sucks

    The Lakers would have been better off playing Caracter and Ebanks more. Luke is a joke and should retire.