Good news! Prayers go out to Ron and his family.

Sacramento Bee: He says his daughter, Diamond, who continues receiving treatments for kidney cancer, is doing well. That’s great to hear. For all the criticism Artest has taken, anyone who has spent time around him knows him as a doting, loving, involved father.

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    Wow! Never knew that Ron Ron’s daughter is sick with kidney cancer! It’s a wonder how he’s able to keep it together enough to play the way he has day in and day out! I know that I’d be an emotional wreck if one of my boys got sick like that!

    Great playing so far Ron Ron! Way to fit into the team and not being a distraction! Way to be a fan favorite and embracing your status as a Laker by “hanging” out with the regular folks!

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family about your daughter’s situation! Stay strong and stay focused, and most importantly, stay FAITHFUL!

    Hang out with Fish and get advice and direction from him. He went through all of that with his daughter and her eye cancer. He’s also been the model citizen during those tough and trying times. He can definitely be that confidant for you!

    Keep up the great work!

    Go Artest!!!!!!!!
    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 242LakerFan

    I have a daughter myself and this would be a major distraction to anything else happening in my life. I’ve never complained about him not being 100% in the game, but if I ever thought he wasn’t giving 100% at any time, I don’t know if I could blame him.
    That said, I still feel like he gives everything he has on the court and it speaks volumes about the true professional he has become since Indiana.
    I pray for his daughter’s health and his family’s peace of mind.
    My admiration for him as a man has become even greater.


    It’s great to hear she’s doing well and hopefully on the way to a full recovery. I echo the sentiments you guys just mentioned. Even though this is going on in his persoal life, he has maintained a professional and consistent attitude. Some might say that when he plays and brings that tenacious defense, it might even have a therapeutic effect on him.

  • iiTzDanny

    best Wishes to the Artest Family

  • doodles

    Wow this flew under the radar. Perhaps it is due to the family’s wishes to keep it out of the news. My prayers go out to Artest and his family.

    We’re all focused on this game of basketball put it pales to what happens in real life.