Very good article on what our Ronny has dealt with in his life… Fantastic read. From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the iconic Eiffel Tower, the majestic mountains of Washington to the hills of Hollywood, Ronny Turiaf has seen it all.

The third year Lakers forward is no stranger to travel, bringing his amazing tenacity and energy to each of his various stopping points. While much of the creative juices flow through Turiaf naturally, his life story has had an equally large part in shaping the former Gonzaga standout into the multicultural man he is today.

Whereas most families flock to the Caribbean islands for vacation, Turiaf called the small tropical island of Martinique home up until the age of 14. Growing up in a resort-like setting, spending his days walking around barefoot with friends, is an experience not lost on the Creole-speaking native who soaked up every sun-drenched day he spent in his hometown.

“It’s very laid back. Very sunny. Awesome. There’s nothing better than going to visit your friend having a BBQ chicken and just enjoying yourself and having a good time with your family,” said a reflective Turiaf.

Although he grew up playing soccer, the 6’10” forward discovered his basketball talent when he was 14, following the advice of his father. A decade later, Turiaf is the starting power forward for the 14-time NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The stability afforded by the NBA lifestyle is still new to Turiaf whose life story is as much about transitioning as it is about his enormous heart.

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