bigloveL.A. Times: Ronny Turiaf, the energetic face of the Lakers’ reserves in seasons past, walked into a different locker room on Sunday, the one that’s 100 feet down the hall from his old one at Staples Center.

He is in his first season with Golden State after signing a four-year, $17-million contract during the off-season, increasing his annual salary by more than five times what he made with the Lakers last season. But he still misses his old locker room, and its inhabitants.

“I talk to them on a daily basis,” he said. “I know for a fact they miss me too.”

Turiaf, 25, was the main name to leave the Lakers last summer, signing an offer sheet with the Warriors that was not matched by the Lakers, who eventually chose instead to sign Sasha Vujacic to a three-year, $15-million contract.

With Andrew Bynum coming back from injury, the Lakers didn’t think Turiaf would get much playing time in a frontcourt that also included Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

Turiaf came into Sunday’s game averaging 4.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and a notable 2.2 blocked shots a game, fourth in the league. Last season, he led the Lakers in an immeasurable category.

“We liked the energy,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “It’s like a radiator out there, just giving off all this great energy and this light, and getting off the bench and creating stuff — laughable stuff, humorous stuff. And that was Ronny’s energy. We miss that because that’s infectious.”

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  • Freshh

    I miss him to,

  • imfasterthanur

    Turiaf has awesome character.

    Damn those warriors for stealing our social star >=|

    (shaking fist)

  • dom1020

    Hey, at least he is getting more PT in GS rather than here in LA where there wouldnt be enough time for him to get in.
    i miss him to


  • Billy Kupchak

    Freshh, did y’know that Ronny was drinking a can of Verve! before every single game he played for the Lakers? I’m dead serious! When I first heard that rumor, I laughed, but now that I drink a can of Verve! everyday, I truly do believe that it is a fact. :cool:

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    Insanely Healthy Energy for TLN!

  • yellowpurplefever

    WHATS UP WITH SASH? HE HUGS EVERYONE, LIKE HIS LOVER? Remember the Pau hug and now this, and dont forget the bandana or the euro-head band.

  • Pop

    I want you to come back Ronnie you are a Laker By heart. We love you.