Ron seems a bit upset at whats being said about Kobe lately.

Twitter: I can’t believe the people of Miami said Kobe sucks. And I can’t believe mark Cuban continues to doubt Kobe. I’m gonna tell Kobe about this

  • Lakers Reloaded

    Kobe has what everybody wants. Multiple championships
    “Its Lonely at the top”
    its funny how cleveland now likes kobe while the kobe hater population in Miami has vastly increased.

    • kb24dbest

      It sounds like HATERS to me……. Is all good, Kobe will beat Wade, LBJ, and Bosh all at once in 2011 NBA Finals.. It feels good to be the best and at the top with so many haters looking at you from the bottom.. hahah..:-)

      • Reality

        The Heat won’t make it to the Finals

        • PRLaker

          they wiil make the finals, as a matter of fact i hope they make the finals to see how mamba and the spaniard kick their asses

      • http://yahoo steve castaneda


        • Kamakazi

          cant afford him

      • LakerFan

        sorry dude!

        but miami won’t be in the 2011 finals :D
        i hope they get beat by boston…

        Boston-LA 2011 rematch!

    • http://yahoo steve castaneda


  • KING

    Ron’s a fool…but Fuck Miami and the whole Miami cHeat organization… they can have LeB-run

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      LOL that’s a good one… I have one too how about LeBurn James?

      • KING

        i like i like haha… how bout LeB-ran? lol

  • 09-10-11champs!

    hahahaha i love Ron
    this is funny as hell lol
    Im gonna tell kobe hahaha like if he was his dad or something like that


    that’s good! it won’t be long,then just like clev. they’ll realize they got robbed and are stuck with lechoke.

  • R T

    Only posted this 7 hours late….why is news posted so late after it comes out on this site? Its like waking up and reading yesterday’s newspaper.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Sir, we are doing our best to bring you the latest news on Fisher and any new signings and posts like these comes after any breaking news. Right now, since there is no news on Fisher and the Lakers, this gets posted.


    Gotta love Ron Ron.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Miami fans can go to fucking hell and burn slowly and painfully watching their unproven team crumble under another Laker championship banner!

    • Lakers Babygirl


  • gameplan

    cavs fans should wear kobe jersey when they face miami at home, It will be much more better if they will wear a cavs no. 23 with a name that read king kobe at the back hehehe.

    • Lakers Babygirl

      nice…Wait til he goes to clev. for his first game….People think Kobe got boo’s in Denver He better hope the towel boy/water boy don’t spit in his water…

    • gus26

      i think if cleveland fans started throwing lebron jerseys on the court that would be funny…

      • justdogm2

        or a shirt that reads I love south beach, but my mom love west!

  • thisisweaksauce

    What exactly did Mark Cuban say about Kobe?

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      i would like to know as well
      link please

  • http://lakernation aly

    kobe couldn’t care less anyways.

  • Lakers Babygirl

    If Kobe Sucks….Then LeBron must be a real Douche Bag

    • http://yahoo steve castaneda

      LowBRON NOT JUST DOUCHE BAG, but THE KING OF SUCKS. you need 3 ( wade, lowbrone & bosh) to deal with one mighty KB24. BIG SHAMED isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo steve castaneda


      • Marwan Marzina

        Actually, Chris Paul already pitched that idea at Melo’s wedding. During his speech on Melo, he said “how about me and you go to New York and join Amar’e to build our own Big 3 and take down the Heat”

        • Kamakazi

          Really? I will look for that link up later on. Do you have any idea what timetable they had set or do you think it’ll be next off-season in 2011? I think CP3 and Melo with amare have a great shot, you could decimate the celtics with that move right now- it will wear them down so much. & we’re not even talking about the bulls and the hawks

          • Marwan Marzina

            Melo just signed an extension and CP3 won’t be a free agent till 2012. I guess it doesn’t seem like they will meet up at all.

  • Robert.

    GO GET ‘EM, RON-RON !!!

  • AndySoo

    Can someone please tell me what Mark Cuban said about Kobe?

  • lakers and boston repeat

    ron ron can kick the heats ass…

  • TheLakerGenera11

    All I know is LeBron had some nerve to mention Kobe’s name in his press conference “well kobe shot 6/24 in game 7 and the lakers still won, bc kobe had help!” this guy is crying he hyper-ventilated seeing Kobe win AGAIN and he said I want Pau Gasol, I want the Triangle offense I want everyone to LOVE ME!!! this guy is a chump…gr8t basketball plyr but damn no bueno on his part wit how he flipped the bird 2 Cleveland…i have no problem wit him leaving its just how he did it…HEAT fans are sooo F’n fake but then again there is some faker nation fans out here too…bring out the pop corn boys bc we got a show on our hands hopefully LA is the last team standing.

  • justdogm1

    kobe CHOKED BIG TIME in a game 7,you girls just can`t admit it…gasoft saves his rat-ass…..right martard?

    • xtro

      kobe rebounded. team effort. idiot.

    • HATER

      justdogm1 you are a jackass. Get the HELL of this site cause it is for LAKER fans and not JIZZ SWALLOWERS like you. Kobe contributed by rebounding and you still say gasoft get a new word cause if he was so soft then why is he a 2 time champion and LeBum has none he needs to stop coming up with all these excuses cause the CAVS had the best record and it meant absolutely NADA! IGNORANT IDIOT!

      • justdogm2

        kobe gives the lakers that 4 point game that the celts did not overcome, watch the game again!

      • PRLaker

        kobe strugled in game 7, but he never gave up, that’s what makes him a champion unlike prinsess james who had to admit that he can’t do it alone

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

      Go watch Game 7 again (as I have) and you’ll see that Kobe gets double IMMEDIATELY, even before dribbling. He was foolish early on to challenge the double and his shooting percentage showed.
      But he calmed down and started taking it to the rim, going for rebounds, and making his second half free throws.
      Kobe ADMITTED he was nervous and worn out. Give him credit for doing the right thing, passing the ball, and going for rebounds.
      If Kobe sucks, then the rest of the NBA is total garbage, and everyone else on the planet is excrement.
      You can’t argue with a fistful of rings as a starter, numerous clutch shots and key plays, and two rings as “The Guy”.

    • Gotta Admit

      its funny when Pau had a bad game everyone was on his ass but kobe and his reason for it was so what he is aloud to have a bad game every once in a while. i give kobe the credit for not killing pau’s confidence and throwing his teammates under the bus as lebron continuously did in cleveland.. bcause of this kobe’s team came thru for him in the moment he needed them most while lebron’s team never came through for him at the end

      • Gotta Admit

        Honestly I cant really be to upset with kobes performance i kno kobe is clutch and great under pressure…but to be fair i dont think that anyother player in NBA history has ever had more pressure on them to win the championship then kobe had on him in that game 7….just imagine if we had lost…Kobe’s legacy would have took a major hit especially when you consider that the media and everyone else just looks for reasons to degrade kobe’s legacy anywayz

  • stryper digg

    (dwayne) all hail to them hek, hek hek

  • Pastorius

    Sounds like Ron Ron has to get back on his Psychiatric regimen.

  • Lakersince84

    LeBronze SUCKS!

  • 123kid

    miami shouldnt even be talkin. they dont even have enough guys to even fill a roster. i dont even think lebron was joking about actually having pat play for the team. if anything, miami should be in panic mode cuz they have to resort to beggin players to come and play for free, they are on the verge of losing haslem to dallas, and they think the likes of jason williams and keyon dooling can help them out.

  • JenFD

    lol..people talk and always will… kobe is obviously not gonna let this keep him and the team down..

    what doesnt kill ya makes u stronger. ha


    Ron Ron needs to hurt miami fans by holding down the fort and stopping LeBuckle with your defense. Stand up for your team Ron and crush miami’s dreams. 1,2,3-PEAT!


    Fcuk yeah! Ron is Kobe’s keeper! (My brother’s Keeper!) He really is playing the little brother role to Kobe. I like that, it shows that the 2 guys are very close! It’s gonna fun this comin season. It’s gonna be great fun to see the Heat boys get their @$$es handed to them by the Lakers! I really can’t wait!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Ansong

    I cannot believe it but the Lakers are champs again and will be champs again and again.
    Please Lakers organization go ahead and sack Mbenga, Josh Powell, Adam Morrison and Luke Walton so you can sign our new young guys who are prepared to play the game.
    Where is the Nigerian we got last year? Please get the young ones who are prepared to be real Lakers.
    Go Lakers!!!. I cannot wait to see these lazy folks go. They don’t deserve to be called champions.

  • 123kid

    wade, lebron, and bosh probably made the biggest mistake of their lives. not only does every team in the nba see them as the most hated tead assembled, but they are the most targeted team assembled. every team in the nba is hungry and is basically screwing miami over (signing players they want and leaving them scraps and a bunch of no names), the east is building up to beat them up, and while they are up partying it up like they’ve done something, every team is practicing.

  • rondo

    Mark Cuban and his sad club don’t have a ring. Miami won’t win any rings with 3 stars and a bunch of scrubs.

  • AndySoo

    Still NO ONE can say what Mark Cuban said to piss off Artest!

  • kobe_mvp_11

    lost yeaR WADE say lamar odom come too home.this year he dastroy cavs lebron go too miami wade wrong man in nba.

  • Kooobee24

    Didnt they know? that Kobe feeds from their hate! Hating him only makes him stronger!

  • Marwan Marzina

    Just for those that don’t know what Mark Cuban said. Basically, he didn’t want to do the Dirk for Kobe trade. This is his reason why “Kobe is a great, great player. But he isn’t good enough to take his team into the playoffs” And that made Ron upset.

    • Day

      Kobe took probably the worst team ever to the playoffs, and to game 7 with a good Suns team. Dirk hasn’t lol, he’s always had a good second fiddle / supporting cast every time Dallas does anything. He’s never been the only player on his team, and done well.

      Smush Parker, Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm were 4 of the starters for a playoff team, name any player other than Kobe who could take them to the playoffs lol

      • Kamakazi

        Thats categoric. Nobody in the league aside from maybe Lebron or wade could even do the same thing and the heat always had better draft picks as did lebron while the lakers were long removed from those 1st tier draft picks. In comparison Kobe took the lakers pretty deep with journeymen players who couldn’t even start in 98% of the teams in the NBA. Go look at the suns who had steve nash a hall of famer and amare an all star.. Nuff said, and if anybody tells u other wise their IQ is 70 and below and they dont know shit about basketball

  • AndySoo

    So why did Ron Ron get soooo upset about something that was said years ago? Did he just come across it? Ron is crazy! I’m sure Cuban doesn’t think the same anymore.

    • Kamakazi

      my guess, he wanted to put it into perspective, because he wanted to remind kobe that people still doubt him etc. And when the heat start shouting “BEAT LA” over and over out of the blue, it reminds everyone because he said “im gonna tell kobe about this” <– this is locker room material. the fact that the lakers will be 'under-dogs' because of lebro-wade-bosh in miami is really really good.

  • Lakersrockagain

    All I can say is Miami seems to be a great bandwagon state. I heard Jerry Stackhouse (a has been) talking about trying to get on that team. Keep hating on Kobe! It just makes him better.

  • SD Anthony

    I didn’t know there were such thing as heat fans… I think we should refer to them as “fans” from here on out.


    305 all day! M.I YAYO 2010-11 CHAMPS CHEAH!!

  • AndySoo

    I’m feeling good of LA’s chances of 3peating and not overly concerned about the Miami thrice. Individually we match up well with Pau as good and probably better than Bosh, same for Kobe with Wade and that’s why LA got Artest; to slow down teams’ superstars like LeBolt! What Miami won’t have an answer for is Bynum IF healthy and Odum. Even the combined PG position of Fish and Blake will prove to be a problem for MIA which is why they wanted to steal Fish soooo bad. Also if LA plays D like they did to win the title theb I think the 3peat is a lock. BTW who put MIA inthe finals already anyway! I bet teams like Boston and Orlando will have something to say bout that.

  • Peter