It seems like Ron didn’t take the comment too lightly. You can’t help but agree with everything he said.

Every time someone badmouths the Lakers, Ron-Ron is the first person to respond and he’s got all the rights to do so. He won’t let you trash talk about the team he plays for, and Doc is not an exception. Here’s what Ron had to say:

Twitter: Boston lost to lakers because of Kendrick Perkins injury. What about in 08 when Bynum was injured. What about this year Bynum was injured ..

Twitter: What about Kobe played with a broke finger …. What about Ron artest defense When the Boston staff said Ron artest was too slow

Twitter: Doc got one million excuses.. Just come back this season a take what you want…

Twitter: The lakers with Bynum in the playoffs healthy has not lost The same way whoever whatever hasn’t Let’s not mention the stats on lock down

Twitter: Nobody made excuses when Boston came to sac town when I was there and they embarrassed us. Acting like they were hardcore.

Twitter: So Boston is going to championship right past Miami?

  • Shake it up!

    Phuckin Ron-Ron, we love you! Way to to stick up for your team!

    • nath

      Men, I did not expect Ron to be this mature :)). Love you Ron!!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    hey artest ,when we want your opinion,we`ll beat it into you……………signed,paul pierce…… one for english.

    • HATER

      Is that the best you got got? Weak A$$ comment like usual. You aint got nothing and we didnt ask Doc to give his lame a$$ excuses to why they lost either.

    • OaklandLakers

      Laffs atu came hard on that one haha. Hey laffs atu Back-To-Back b1tch

    • 242LakerFan

      “…as soon as I get out of this damn wheelchair!”

      • OaklandLakers

        Ahaha Yeah, Paul Peirce has disappointed Inglewood in more than one way. Getting the handicap parking pass being “one way”…

      • cjm

        the wheel chair is a natural for pierce, seeing as he was conceived in a bed-pan.


      Ain’t NO ONE WANTIN YOU CELD!CK OPINION! Oh wait… according to your criteria, the Lakers do want it, and so do the Laker fans! Because your team and you Cockston fans got your @$$es handed to you in GAME 7 of the FINALS! So, I guess we all do want to hear what you gotta say! It’s a sorry @$$ post though, as usual!

      FCUKIN RON RON! Our fcukin PITBULL is gonna off and that b!tch @$$ COCK RIVERS is not gettin off easy on that one!

      Can’t wait for the season to start! Can’t wait to see these sorry bunch of geriatrics on Jan 30th! Our boys will do your DEPEND using fossils in your own CONVALESCENT homes called the GA’DEN Feb 10th too!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rondolasia

      Doc is right. There is no way in hell that the Lakers win game 7 with Perk in the game.

      • daboss1848
      • 242LakerFan

        We beat them 3 times WITH Perkins. What possible reason could there be to believe we absolutely could not have beaten them again in game 7 with him? It’s totally speculative. It’s an “if”. And for every “if” you could possibly give, I could come up with a countering “if”. I mean I could just say “if Drew were healthy for the series there’s no way in hell we’d have needed a game 7.” That’s just as valid an argument.

      • Robert.

        AND, Rondolasia, there is NO WAY IN HELL the Lakers lose in 2008 with Drew AND Ariza in the lineup.

      • CelticsSuck

        Is this you again…laffsatusuck???

    • Kobe bi curious?

      you get penis beat into you ever night!

  • Robert.

    Ron-Ron, our beloved attack dog! He speaks with his level of play. Also getting down to his DPOY shape, so look for a leaner meaner defense machine.
    Meantime, the Cell-blocks are getting heavier, and might need a few more wheelchairs. Discounts on hoverounds for senior basketball players.
    Looking forward to a good ‘Rambis style’ clothesline on Pierce this year! Kobe, Ron-Ron, and Barnes are gonna kick a$$!
    Doc calling us out? Bring it on! I’ll come down from the stands and help out.

  • rondo

    The Hell with Doc River and those has beens (Boston ) They are the over the hill gang.

  • laker fan for life and death

    Doc be careful what you wish for. A pissed black mamba and Ron Ron is way more than you can handle.
    Ron will Fuck You guys up. Remeber what happened when Detroit talked shit.

    • Don (With Malice)

      As a Laker fan, please god, no… not that.

    • Cheech

      Ron Ron Needs to bodyslam Doc like he did pussy pierce on game 1 of the finals

  • http://TLN DanG13

    The Lakers have only improved in this off season. Sounds like this dog is barking up the wrong tree. I think Doc & his leprechauns should just focus on getting past Chicago, Orlando & Miami before they start to even think about the CHAMPS!

  • http://thelakernation bigdubb88

    I like Ron Ron SwaGG!!( i kno that word is over used)but in this case he is the right fit for the Lakers “N yo Face atittude”, that tool of intimadation. Kobe don’t have to always defend the Lakers’ toughness. Ron Ron on point.

  • 242LakerFan

    Well, Doc, now you’ve have done it. You’ve pissed off RonRon. Kobe’s not pleased either, you can bet. I wonder how Barnes is likely to react? Hmmm…

    • cjm

      i think bynum’s reaction is going to be pretty interesting, too

  • Zeki Kayiran

    We probably should not even dignify NO CLASS Doc and the rest of the NO CLASS C’s with responses.

    They got their butts handed to them, and as usual, they will be their NO CLASS selves. Bynum, on one leg, outplayed your chump Perkins in every game of the series. Yeah NO CLASS Doc, your chump Perkins would have won you a championship, as much as your sister would have won you a championship.

    Too bad we will not get to kick your sorry NO CLASS butt again next year, because you will not even get out of the east.

    Live in your misery NO CLASS chump.

  • dude

    Umm id hate to rain on everyones parade…but these comments werent said on ron artests verified account….meaning ron artest most likely DIDNT post these comments….either way they are true i guess

  • ilikebasketball

    and we didn’t have Ariza in ’08. Who was such apart of the next year championship run.


  • laker fan for life and death

    Doc you really should give up the name. Doc is suited for smarted individuals.
    Your name may well as be DUMB ASS .


    So Doc, do you raise your kids by teaching them how to make excuses? probably so you fuck

  • Robert.

    I want to remind everyone here what the media (East coaStPN), and everyone were ‘building up’ during this year’s Finals.
    Remember that they were ‘slanting’ it as though it were a ‘rubber game series’ of a Lakers / Celtics ‘3 year series’? They were saying that last year’s Final Would Have Been Lakers / Celtics IF KG were healthy, AND Orlando didn’t beat the Celtics. ???
    And so they were ‘claiming’, that the Finals this year would establish bragging rights for the winner. If the Lakers win, it’s 2 out of 3 (yes, they ‘morphed’ last year’s win to a fluke and ‘gave it’ to the Lakers). But if the Celtics would have won this year, it’s 2 out of 3 for the Celtics and they have bragging rights. Actually, they would have had 2 out of 2 bragging rights, but the media were billing it as a ‘rubber game series’ before the series started.
    And what happened with that? ESPN didn’t bring that up after, and in fact, they ignored the fact that the Lakers have been to the Finals 3 years in a row, which is amazing in its own right.
    So, I’m thinkin’ … Doc Rivers must be an active “Fantasy Basketball” player/gamer, right? I don’t know much about it, but those of you out there who know better, might know that fantasy games are speculative, based on statistics and other things, etc., right? (please correct me if I don’t know this). They are ‘fantasy’ games and matches based on reality, but they are NOT the real thing.
    Lakers CHAMPS in 2009 and 2010 IS the real thing.
    It’s done!
    Get over it!

  • touch me


  • Trem

    Does Cry me a Rivers actually think he can get into the Lakers’ heads?? LMAO. Looks like everyone in Boston has been their summer hahahahaha. Just I wanted to hear

  • Trem


  • Don (With Malice)

    Fact: LA’s starting 5 has not lost a series since Pau Gasol joined.

  • Cock Rivers

    Injuries are a part of the game! So, quit Bitchin’ Cockston!

  • Carlos Osorio

    Well our excuse will be that we did not have no Andrew Bynum for the whole playoffs and Trevor Ariza.

  • Christopher Korman

    Docs ramblings are just so pathetically ill timed as was PPierce promising the celts weren’t going back to LA.Didn’t K.Garnett say when he came back from his injuries the celts were going to win back to back.?You don’t see phil or kobe make promises about victories that they cannot back up.Doc really needs to learn some humility and realize his team choked and that he was outcoached. How can Doc claim his team would have won game 7 with perkins when his team layed a egg in game 6 by losing by the score of 89-67.Hey doc did the refs out rebound you 23-8?No the lakers did.
    You should have Phil teach how to lose with class.
    Phil never made excuses for 08 so why is doc making excuses for 2010?

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    your right,when mamamaba went 6 for 24 in a game 7 he didn`t blame choking like a weak little poodle.

    • DRE84

      Just like you choke on dick everyday faggot

    • brown

      And, Mamba pulled down 15 rebounds in that same game! Is that a “weak little poodle,” sucker!?

    • cjm

      wasn’t that the game where the boston team blew a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter, and ended up crying during their post-game circle jerk? it’s truly pathetic how celtics fans somehow think that 6-24 cancels out one of the greatest wins in laker history.


    Not only did the celtics give us props by mentioning that we are going back to the finals next season but they put all the other strong teams in the east down by claiming they are going to see us in the finals. I wonder how atlanta, orlando, and miami will think about his comments.

    • andy

      + chicago

    • brown

      I can bet my retirement funds that they won’t get out of the east!

  • Ericnumber13Lakers

    If I’m not mistaken we have the back to back championship trophy AND our players were injured n still smashing on boston! Only reason there was a game 7 was bc the nba needed money Lmao! Shut your ass up boston, looks like all Perkins taught you all was to just be cry babies all together! It’s like your all fighting the justice league. Sit down shut up n GET IN THE CHOPPER! (Schwarznegger voice)

  • Ericnumber13Lakers


    • 242LakerFan

      I think that was the dance he was doing on the sidelines when they were up by 13. He looked in soooo much pain!!!

    • Robert.

      Yeah, and while Perk was dancing around with a busted ACL down the stadium tunnel, our man Drew was dancing with his version of a torn ACL – but Drew’s dance was ‘continuing to play in pain’ !!.
      You know, both these dances are much more professional than the LeBron “I sold out with my 2 buds to party in South Beach look at us ain’t we fly” dance he did a month or so ago. Or the “All Star Boogie” 2 years ago (while Kobe just stood there with a serious look on his face: “we’re here to play”). Or any dance that LeBron does when he’s up by 20 points and about to defeat another sorry team in the L’East. Ah well, it’s all entertainment, I guess.

  • samuel blaise joseph ndiaye

    Hey Ron, do not pay attention to provocationx, concentrate yourself on your preparation
    we love you very much

    • PRLaker

      fucking celtics, if my mom had a dick she’d be my dad, losers make excuses and that’s te way it is, keep making excuses, fact we are the champions and you lost the finals, fact there were two blowouts in the finals both by the lakers, go back to training camps get back to the finals and get your ass handed to you again you fucking losers

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so theres no games on and the mamamaba has still missed 14 shots and no assists….the reason he had 15 rebounds that game 7…….followed his missed shots.

    • 242LakerFan

      You need to work on that stutter you got there, girl. Very slowly; M-A-M-B-A. Never mind, just say “F-F-Five Time W-W-W-World Ch-Ch-Champion” and leave it at that.
      Nice line about the rebounds, though. And to think that only took you two months to think up.

      • bostonSUCKS88

        lol get em

      • Kobe bi curious ?

        yes 242Lakerfan she is just a scorned kobe groupie who wish she had a chance with kobe lol Laff at you have more of a chance having sex with Wilt chamberlain corps then Kobe Bryant! Try messing with shaqs black snake cuz everyone knows you have no chance with the black mamba so leave it alone already baby girl!

    • Kobe bi curious ?

      If your father would have just asked for head instead of A$$ smh. The postive side tho baby girl is that atleast you know how to entertain the men on tln and on the street. I Laff atu everyday when i c U post your comments. Stick to your night job as street walker on Figueroa!

    • Ericnumber13Lakers

      The funny part is when he missed he rebounded n scored with his sack in your face the lakers should be the stars for the next “YOU GOT SERVED SEQUEL BLACK MAMBA STYLE!” n side note only reason why lazybron chose south beach Miami was so that his cougar mom can aquire a whole new set of cubs! Didn’t you hear she’s “in heat” n wants to give closet bron an actual brother who wins basketball games n will prob be a future laker fan I got jobs for all of the keltics n their quilts (including tranny bron n his mom) map quest 7th n figueroa

      • Ericnumber13Lakers

        I’ll keep you in mind when I “laugh” at u (oh shit that’s English! O_o !)

  • Kobe bi curious ?

    They say Hell has no fury like a woman scorned and thats what we have here with laffs at ,you are a scorned woman smh. Baby girl get over kobe he paid you your shut up money now go away he learned his lesson with messing with hotel hoes. Have you ever played basketball b4? Are you still upset that your not in the WNBA? I’m sure you played softball batting .500 as a switch hitter since you seem to go both ways right? Let it go baby girl he dont want you, your still stuck in 2003!

    Ps its funny that i use your old name that you used to troll with it.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    any one out there speakee english?i pressed one.

    • nath

      O_o wow you’re the first dog I see that can trash in English. Nah wait, you English sucks =)) But I want to thank you for your presence here, it proves that Ron was right. Boston sucks!!! Big time!!!

  • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

    hey, im gay!!!

    • nath

      Don’t say that, you insult the gays, you are worst than gay