Sorry LeBron, you can’t blame Ron for telling the truth.

L.A. Times: “I think Kobe’s got five rings, six-game winners [last season], 23 straight points in the playoffs, mostly jump shots, couple attacks, big-shot maker,” Artest said. “So that said, Durant’s second-best player in the NBA.”

When a reporter asked, “Where does LeBron fall?” Artest ignored the question and said, “I luckily had the chance to guard the second-best player in the NBA.”

“Where is LeBron James on your list?” another reporter asked. “You got to ask him,” said Artest. Follow-up question: What about on your list? “I only count to two,” Artest replied. “I’ve been out of school for 10 years. I only count to two.”

  • Varick Hudson

    Ron Ron you are truly a very funny guy, excellent retort, excellent.

  • Savant24

    lol and he was a math major

  • Fernando Torres

    hahahahahahahahaha! lebron got owned

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so he was asked who was the most gay….bryant no.1

    • prlaker

      when asked which was the most disgusting whore, laffs atu mom’s#1


    LeBron who? Hahaha! How can you not love ‘The True Warriors’ soundbites? He’s the BEST!

    “I only count to two,” Artest replied. “I’ve been out of school for 10 years. I only count to two.”


  • LaKeR bOy


  • ricky

    Ron Ron has the best soundbites! “I only count to two”. Damn, this season is gonna be freaking awesome when we clash with Miami.

  • showtime4eva

    yeah,that’s I rank them too. lebra is never a factor.

  • Alex

    HAHAHA. Ron Ron is right!
    Lechoke who?

  • Robert.

    Vintage Ron. His key play in the Finals, and legendary post Finals interview give Ron rights to say what he wants now.
    Recall that he led a team (Rockets) to the biggest challenge against the Lakers in the postseason (next to Celtics), going to a full 7 games (2008-2009), and that was with a ‘limited’ roster (when Yao broke his foot). Ron and Pau have both taken ‘secondary’ roles to be on a championship team.
    It’s gonna be a great year. First I was a little concerned about the miami move. Now, I’m looking forward to it!

  • showtime4eva


    Kobe Bryant versus LeBra James when guarding each other on the ball, in isolation situations in the past six seasons. They have met in seven games:
    Category Kobe LeBra
    Plays 27 13
    Points 20 7
    Points per play .74 .54
    Field goals 9-24 2-8
    Turnovers 2 1

  • DirtyHurtz

    Ron is preparing to shut down L-boogie thats y he really putting in the the extra work to be lighter and quicker… he’s sick of the way they’ve put Lb on a pedestal and he hasn’t done anything…. Ron Ron is out to make a point “GREATEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF ALL TIME”

    • Robert.

      Yes! Ron-Ron is working on shutting down the main players. He has the chops to get DPOY again, if he really tries (but this time, he would have to surpass Dwight Howard, who is a one man wrecking machine – tops in blocks and D-rebs). Ben Wallace was a top defender (even recently) – Ron-Ron can do the same. (Unfortunately, just ‘stopping’ someone doesn’t tend to lend to a stat like ‘blocks’, ‘steals’, etc.).

  • si pepe

    hehe! he is the best man..

    • 242LakerFan

      And laffs atu is the maid of honor LOL