Breaking injury news left and right within the last hour — here’s some good news for a change.

Ron Artest has been cleared to play in tomorrow’s game against the Houston Rockets. The injured starting forward has missed five games after falling down the stairs in his home on Christmas night. He was diagnosed with a concussion with other minor head injures.

Ron’s return couldn’t come at a better time with Pau Gasol listed day-to-day after sustaining a mild-to-moderate strain of the left hamstring.

  • muslim mamba

    hot diggity dam i knew it only if pau could but maybe we do need a smaller lineup to beat houston

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Good he hates Houston. Go Ron Ron.

  • http://57.amklac tarwan the tard

    if only you could get rid of fisher, better chance with houston…………

  • Rollin

    Bring the BEAST! We can finally play some D again. (At least more consistent)

  • Day

    Good, I need him back on NBA LIVE lol

    • muslim mamba

      i agree if fisher sits out we can win this game for sure…if he plays i think we all know brooks is going for 40 on us

      • http://LakersNation Marwan..

        If you guys want him out, he can at least take out Scola again and get ejected. That way he exits in style and if he goes down, he takes someone down with him.
        Nah in all seriousness, with Pau out, Ron Ron rusty, LO probably out if not, is playing through sickness, the bench must repeat the performance they had against Dallas. If they can, Pau’s presence will not be missed to a great extent.

        • WifelovesLuke

          It also means that we can expect more post play from Bynum. I expect a solid effort from Andrew tonight.

  • Robert

    A poem:
    Hit his head on Christmas with a bon-bon
    For you, the Lakers, and your fans, tough break
    Youse can fix it with a steak
    Just like Fred Flintstone
    Let it sit on your head bone
    You’ll be ok
    Playing is just one day away
    We need you back
    With your D, the Lakers are stacked
    Hope you alright
    When you’re back, your game will be tight
    Later Ron-Ron, and we out

  • 15xnba champs

    Watching the Lake Show win makes my day

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but something that was left out here is that Phil Jackson did say that Ron was rusty during practice on the offensive end but he shouldnt slip on the defensive end.
    On the other hand though, Ron contradicted what Phil said. After practice, Ron took some extra shots and said “I feel great, and I feel confident”

  • 007

    can’t wait to see if our defense actually improves with Ron back in. i’ll take it with a grain of salt though because it’s obviously his first game back after a pretty heavy trauma and plus, pau’s out too and odom might be a bit sick if he plays. this’ll be another test for our bench to see if they can keep their play rolling from the mavs game.