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The Blazers may end up with the 7th seed, which would put them in a first round series with the Lakers.

It would be interesting to see what would be considered the “must-see” matchup.

Brandon Roy’s injuries no longer make him a superstar player. Roy 100% health,  and in his prime against Kobe would be fun to see.

Since Roy now comes off the bench, the match-up most will look forward to in a potential playoff series would be Pau Gasol vs. LaMarcus Aldridge.

However, if the last two games between the Blazers and the Lakers are any indication, the match-up between Ron Artest and Gerald Wallace may be the most intriguing.

Check out (below) what happened between Wallace and Artest in Friday night’s game. (After the jump)

This is not the first time, the two have got tangled up. Check out, what happened back on March 20th.

Portland currently has the 6th seed, and lead the Hornets by 0.5 games. If the Hornets and Blazers end the season with the same record, the Hornets would get the sixth seed because they own the tie breaker.

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  • Javier Juarbe

    Like Wallace is not holding Artest on some of those. It is funny how the commentators are just fueling the fans with the “out of control” and “he is about to snap” comments. So biased and not necessary. I bet if Artest was playing for the Blazers they would be all over Wallace.

    • Luke Sucks

      The bottom line is that “Crash” produced and Ron Ron did not. Ron’s defense is still good but his offense is a glaring weakness.

  • Paul Lee

    funny how Wallace flopped like a girl

  • Mike

    Aldridge trying to be hard, LOL, We’ll see you at Staples during the playoffs after you’re first round exit.

  • Nick

    Funny how you fag Laker fans stick up 4 Artest. He elbowed the guy in the throat last time.. and this time he elbowed him in the back of his head. Yeah…. that wallace is a real instigator. I’de love for u fags to get portland in round one and sweat ur asses off and be in a dog-fight. The only safe series for u is the Hornets. say ur prayers, thats 4 in a row u pond-scum

    • laker101

      You gotta love how other teams fans have to come onto to get their NBA news. What did you think this was ESPN? Of course we are going to defend our team…thats the point of a blog site which is all Lakers all the time…idiot

      • lakerman1

        You are absolutely correct. I will admit i visit other team sites but i do not make stupid ass comments because as you said they are suppose to love their team. People who come here to rag are pathetic losers who get no attention anywhere else and really have no clue of their illness.

    • Nickisgay

      Hahaha how ignorant can someone be…Nick you are stupid.

  • cudder310

    lol its so fucken annoying listening to portland’s announcers…

    • 151rummer

      LOL “RON ARTEST IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!” Like hes running around the court with a freaking gun….Gimme a break!

  • Deemac1

    Funny how Artest is “Out of control” yet he stood his ground and Wallace was swinging wild elbows trying to create space… hilarious

  • ArtestIsADouche

    My name says it all.