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According to TMZ, yet another Laker will star in his own reality TV show.

Ron Artest will star in “Last Second Shot”, a 44 Blue Production, in which Artest will mentor a group of parolees to give them a second shot at life.

According to reports, Artest will work with a team of mental health experts and life coaches to help the parolees take control of their lives.

“We’re gonna put them through an intensive experience,” Artest said. Adding, “Give them hope and confidence to change their lives.”

TMZ is reporting that 44 Blue Productions has yet to pitch the show to any TV networks but networks are “very high on it.”

Watch the Trailer of “Last Second Shot” after the jump

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Looks like a good show.  Wonder if Ron Ron will get into a fight w/ one of the parolees

  • LakersTheTruth

    time to kick Artest out of our team. He is just too focused in being a media star. Focus on playing ball asshole and have a better season than last.  Bring Ariza back! 

    • Anonymous

      We need Ariza back

  • Bleeds Laker Blue

    Looks like Ron is trying to do a good thing however, if championships are really what defines being a Laker then Ron and Lamar need to get focused on BB and drop this reality stuff.

    • Jack Yang

      Lamar hasn’t been a problem actually. He’s been pretty consistent up till the New Orleans series. Dallas was just a better team this playoffs (unfortunately). But I agree that it’s these distractions that’s throwing the team off from buying into the team concept on court. 

  • Anonymous

    Did i see Plaxico Burress in the trailer? lol

  • Mhawkins258

    Why the fuck are these guys so distracted with this extracurricular reality crap? You guys are paid to play ball and win rings. I love the Lakers but each of the main players are starting to annoy me with their personal decisions. These guys are spreading themselves thin. Wanna punch a fuckin wall!!!!!

  • Manu Schreibmüller

    its a great think to help those people and a great thing by ron ron but please TRADE HIM ASAP!!! Ron having his own show is the most stupid thing i have heard since Gasol wnats to play for spain… Ron will just be distracted…u can´t do that after such a year he had…if he had a great year and we would be in the finals now ok, but this way….no way…sorry Ron not smart!

  • laffsatu

    the rest of the league laughs hard at the OVER-RATED L.A.KOBES.

    • Ronin99

      You are clearly delusional laffs as many here would probably agree…

  • Jack Yang

    As much as Ron is doing a positive thing, I want him traded ASAP. He’s too obsessed at fixing his image through these shows, events, music, etc. He needs to just focus on Lakers basketball. 

  • Juan Dela Cruz


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