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On draft day there is typically a lot of news going around. Whether it be rumors or reports, speculation on draft picks or trades, the NBA draft days have been pretty hectic news-wise.

Then there is Ron Artest… or WAS Ron Artest. He is legally changing his name to “World Peace.” This is not a joke as TMZ reports:

Yes, Ron is going the way of Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor and Chad Johnson.  Ron’s filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to — World Peace. FYI, metta means loving, kindness, happiness and all that jazz. We’re told Ron wants to put the new last name — Peace — on the back of his L.A. Lakers’ jersey.

Mitch Kupchak was asked during a media session Thursday what he thinks about Ron changing his name to “Metta World Peace”:

As you can see it put a smile to my face” Kupchak said grinning ear to ear. “It’s been done before, so other than that, I really don’t have a comment.”

Kupchak was then asked if the name change surprised him “No, It does not surprise me, early on I wanted to change my name when I was in elementary school, and junior high there weren’t too many Kupchak’s around, but I’m happy with it now.

Finally when asked what should be on the back of Ron’s jersey next year Kupchak simply said, “I’m an advocate of World Peace!” which was met by a roar of laughter from the media room.

  • Anonymous

    Changed my mind… add him to the Odom deal for Iguodala.

  • lakerss

    the only reason he wanted to come to L.A is so he can be this huge star

  • 123KID

    thats it! im no longer buyin anymore artest jerseys. first 37 then to 15 then to world peace.  

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  • DooWop

    trade him.  we need players that are only focused on basketball. 

  • Airswipes

    way to support the guy that wants world peace guys. stop being so negative and let him do his thing. he’s the new dennis rodman. this is probably just the beginning. i’m pretty amused actually and would like to see what other abnormal behaviors come out of this guy

    • Anonymous

      “i’m pretty amused actually and would like to see what other abnormal behaviors come out of this guy”
      Like serving salads at a new Saladish Restaurant, and dropping his pants so he can add his own special dressing? 

      • Tristanspartan

        monolaker that was an unnecessary and distasteful comment

  • Angeleno

    Gotta get Kevin Love now. World Peace and Love on the same team…imagine.

  • xtro

    good bless you, metta world peace

  • Fuck_that

    Artest is pissing me off.
    Just focus on fucking playing ball and stop by so in love with the attention and media crap.
    Pretty soon Mitch will ship his ass off somewhere he doesn’t want to play. 

  • Luke Sucks

    Ron is getting nuttier by the day.   By the way,  Luke still SUCKS!