This is pretty cool. Our own staff member and graphics creator, Vaporize, made this “haircut” a while back when we got Artest. Yesterday on Ron’s twitter, he hints he may get the actual haircut Vaporize made!

Twitter: ThugRaider37: @ThugRaider37 Ron get this hair cut! More coming tuesday !!!!!


Do it, Ron Ron!

  • Jen

    Looks good!

  • Calvin

    Love it! Dennis Rodman…Oops I meant…Ron Artest is a beast!!! Lol

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Too sexy!

  • Chris Manning

    I’d love for Ron to get this haircut – another reason why he is in tune with the fans more, than maybe, any other athlete in NBA history.

  • OaklandLakers

    Nice, hey TLN you guys should drop that black navi bar make it purple or yellow

    • Jaime Quintanilla

      Thanks for the input! Still doing small tweaks but loving the fact that you guys are digging the new layout.

      Keep the feedback coming! :)

  • OaklandLakers

    Bigtime! Keep up the good work.

  • Short Dog

    Where can i get this cut. Dam its tight. Props on the design. OG status. Go Lake Show. Its fukcen showtime.