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NEW YORK, May 5, 2011 – Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers has been suspended one game without pay for swinging his arm and striking the face of the Dallas Mavericks’ J.J. Barea, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. Artest’s contact has also been classified by the NBA as a Flagrant Foul Two.

The incident occurred with 24.4 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 93-81 victory over the Lakers at Staples Center on May 4. Artest will serve his suspension tomorrow when the Lakers visit the Mavericks at American Airlines Center for Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Courtesy NBA Official Release

For more on this incident and video check out Laker Nation’s earlier report!

  • Diddokiddo

    This is ridiculous!! The NBA is so weak now days!! I wish we could go back to the old school days, back in the 80’s and 90’s NO BLOOD. NO FOUL!!!!!!!!!! MAN UP!! If you can not take hit, go find a day job!!

    • Haha

      fanboy laker fans… Kobe isn’t MJ. He also isn’t Lebron or Wade… Hey Kobe, tell me how Wade’s shoe tastes.

  • sam

    good job ron, very good job

  • defcon4

    nba is weak…slow motion really makes things worse…if jj was taller would it be a flagrant?

  • Touch Me

    I have warned you all that we have come off of 3 finals appearances and that last time that happened we were eliminated 4-2 by the spurs in 03. Shame on all you ‘bogus’ Laker fans who automatically thought we were 3peating. Now Ron Artest is suspended. You fools kept listening to that bogus Lakerland Nostradamus “ye 3 peat” ye i see another ring” ye this and ye that lakerland i taught you a lesson now bow b4 me and admit dallas got this. Bynum saying we have trust issues. We are falling apart and in panic mode. Learn from the Spurs. I have officially shutdown Lakernation.

    • Barracuda

      So in other words, your the Fat Lady!!!

    • Cody

      Get out of here homo. How the hell are you going to say “we” referring to the LAKERS and talk all that negative bullshit.

  • Cody

    stu jackson and david stern are the biggest fucking jokes in sports. Their is no way in fuck this deserve a suspention. Especially in the playoffs. FUCK OFF stu and stern!!!!!!!

  • fzrune

    please someone please answer me why wasn’t dirk suspended for the elbow he threw against artest? How come this wasn’t even talked Abt I swear that’s great bs

    • ilikebasketball

      because artest’s looked worse.
      its complete bull. Artest, to me, looked like he was going for a bear hug for a foul, but barrea is so small his arm hit his face. not sure why the are calling it an elbow. Dirk’s elbow was deliberate.

      it’s crazy.

      i only wish we were playing well enough for the refs to be called out for their crappiness.
      but we dont deserve that

  • kanon_

    Well, it’s dificult, we need to win game 3 or it’s over…bring the best of you Lakers!!!, if you can’t do it, thank you for 3 straight NBA Finals and a 2 straight Championships.

    Now players get a rest…take long vacations. I guess Phil retires (search a good coach in the summer, how about Jeff Van Gundy, Larry Brown or Adelman?), make a couple moves to transform the bench, and REST YOUR BODY & MIND.

    Be ready for the next season, because we have a team build for a tittle search at least 2-3 more years before reconstruction…

    Don’t you think?

    • bunthin

      well said

  • NoDefense

    this was some weak shit,can’t believe it’s a game suspension………….

  • David Murphy

    It’s all J.J. Barea’s fault, stupid little twit. I hope he had a massive headache this morning.

  • Mkaj

    NBA is weak!

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  • LakerFanJohn

    Jason Terry should of gotten suspended for intentionally pushing Steve Blake in the Regular Season.. This is BS

  • kv24

    I guess this is good for the lakers everytime ron has the ball in his hands makes the opposite teams defense look like the best defense in the history of basketball

  • Robert

    Mavs have been playing hard. They seem to want to get to the next step more than the Lakers. I saw the Lakers with this exasperated look, and of course that led to Ron Artest perhaps being more of his usual great defensive player, and then the refs decided to take whatever was left away from the Lakers (the refs also called strange fouls on others during the playoffs, e.g., the technical on PP (which, despite the fact that I despise the Celtics, I felt was unwarranted. If the refs are letting the players play, they should allow it on both sides.

  • Louis

    Face it Laker apologists/myopics its OVER the Laker championship run its over as they said on ESPN First Take The Lakers half dynasty its coming to an end nobody wearing the laker cares about winning the championship other than Kobe Bryant who is the only one that actually cares to win another one probably to satisfy his damn ego about winning a 6th ring like MJ. Sorry 24 you will never be like 23.

    If the Lakers want to be competitive again they need to tweak the roster First let Phil Jackson leave to Montana and bring a coach that actually wants to be on the sidelines, also get rid of Ron Artest that guy is a joke he only had 1 decent season only becasue he desperately wanted a ring now he dont care anymore and one more is Derek Fisher , you had a great career but its time to hang them up you too slow.

  • Zkkildow

    Hey there you cocksucking piles of shit, how does getting punked by the Mavs taste? Artest is but a representation of your lack of class, your done, Kobe is a is a high priced hamburger in Phoenix… Quit nowgo awayyou suck HAHAHA

  • Aizzle_9801

    We love you artest good luck!!!! Dnt worry bout the haters!!! Everyonefights in the Nba… if that’s the case then let’s suspend the whole damn league!!!!

  • Gibbs

    lol TeamHeat

  • laffsatu

    theres no LEADERSHIP on this team,Bynum in one sentence has shown more leadership than mamba ever has……….

    • gasoft

      there is no brain in your skull
      but how would you realize it?
      too dumb to even understand the concept

      • NoDefense

        nicely done,wasting your time,on a troll

  • gasoft

    it is fine
    a little rest before the playoffs start
    so he will be thready with the whole team to really play with heart
    …oh wait