Seems like Ron needs more time to grasp the triangle.

L.A. Times: Defensively, Ron Artest did his job Wednesday night against the Indiana Pacers.

Offensively, Artest continued to struggle.

But because the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse with relative ease, Artest didn’t have to provide much offense.

Artest had just two points, tying his season low. It was the fourth time in his last five games that he has scored in single digits.

He was one for six from the field against the Pacers.

“He obviously didn’t shoot the ball very well tonight,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “He has shot the three rather well for us.”

Jackson said Artest still is finding his way in the offense.

The triangle is not considered that difficult for wing players, but Artest seems to be stuck.

“He’s not growing as quickly as I’d like to see him grow and feeling like he knows what he can get accomplished out there in the offense and getting comfortable,” Jackson said. “Looks like everything he tries to do is kind of force the action instead of get into it. We still have to work a little bit with him to get him comfortable out there.”

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  • Niko

    Hopefully Ron can find his way in the Lakers defense too…’s the reason we got him, to stick Pierce, Lebron, Carmello, etc.

    If he isn’t capable, ship him the heck outta here.

    • LakersBabe

      Not just defense but his physical presence. I agree that he should be playing better but lets wait until the All-Star game before passing judgement.

      • Niko

        I’ll grade it as I see it, so far it’s a C- . You can’t grade him on his potential, his physical presence? Look and see how big buff Kevin Durant faired against him, he wasn’t muscled around either.