Ron Artest raises 29k in 90 seconds for charity

    Elie Seckbach reports as Ron Artest sinks 29 free throws in 90 seconds which results in 29k in charity.

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    • Lakers 24 7

      Thank god we have Ron Artest or else the summer for the TLN staff/fans would’ve been boring with no stories to post.

    • 242LakerFan

      No lie, this dude is like a one man 24hr entertainment network. Chinese concert tours, non-stop tweets, weird rap tribute videos, charity events…
      This is gonna be one fun season!

    • Omamba

      I know, without Artest, it wouldn’t have been that interesting this summer, what with all of the comments on our team and whatnot.

    • LakerLoverCelticsHater

      Elie Seckbach reporting? I got a video camera and a TV too.

    • troll

      Elie is so annoying, if i see him in the streets i will hug him hard! bear hug status!

    • 242LakerFan


    • Mitch4Pres

      ron ron working on building up his good karma i can dig it

    • Laker_girl85

      elli is the wackest reporter ever.
      annoying wrap up has got to go!!!!

    • Robert

      Sort of a good sign. Gives us confidence that Ron-Ron will make his free throws when the opposing team plays ‘hack-a-ron’ at the end of games. No? Maybe that was someone else. ‘pack-a-snaq’?