Ron Artest is ready to talk about “analyzing” the NBA. He talks about Houston, NBA analysts and the Lakers.

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  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    OMG, this guys is really funny/stupid i can’t tell which……
    the 1 thing that he has right is that LA will win..

  • Chris Manning

    Got to love Ron Artest.

  • gugy

    Artest is a nutcase.
    He wants to play in LA so bad. If Mitch works something out with him, I bet he would come down running to play with Kobe.
    That’s his dream and we all know it.

  • Big Dick Nick

    Artest is awesome I would give LO and trevor to get him.

  • imfasterthanur

    As crazy as he is, I wouldn’t mind having Artest on our team – if it were even possible.

    He’d be the wrinkle we need to push us to pure dominance in my opinion.

  • Mitch4Pres

    hahaha i love this guy


    That was hilarious even though I do think he needs to be in therapy this summer. The funniest part was when he said that his family will be visiting Kobe’s family this summer and the kids will be playing in thet jungle gym haha. You just can’t shut this guy up. And he is sorta right, Artest with a healthy TMAC and Yao could be on of the best in the league. I would take those 3 in a healthy state over the Boston 3 any day.

  • ME

    at least he knows whats up ! lakers are the best haha and his team is really good too

  • Matt from Dallas

    haha this guy is crazy, but its funny lol

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