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As the NBA lockout continues, Laker fans have only one date on their calenders for certain: August 26th, the date of Ron Artest’s court hearing to determine whether the enigmatic, oft-troubled Laker will be allowed to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Along with his name change this summer comes a career change, with Artest hosting his Ron Artest Comedy Tour across four cities. Artest spent this past Friday at the Hollywood Improv, where he gave fans a sampling of his comedy and sat down for an interview with the LA Times.

Ron-Ron talked about what inspired him to do the comedy tour:

Well, you know, I think people got wind that I’m pretty funny, outgoing, ambitious. They wanted me to host a comedy tour so it was something that i was like, “okay lets do it.” I didn’t think twice about it.

By the looks of things, Ron Artest is making the best of the lockout, and exploring things that he may have not been able to do if the owners and players had a new CBA in place.

“WorldPeace” took to twitter recently to voice his pleasure with the freedom to participate in his extra-curricular activities during the labor dispute.

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James Cypert contributed to this report.