goodronronL.A. Times: It was just like the old days, when the Lakers were winning championships and reporters crowded around players to soak in the latest update on Shaq vs. Kobe.

But in this season’s first chapter of a Ron Artest controversy, there was no mud-slinging. No hint or allegation that the media was at fault. No finger-pointing at other players.

Artest basically confirmed that he drank too much alcohol earlier in his NBA career, backing up his statements in a Sporting News story Wednesday that he sometimes consumed Hennessy cognac during halftime while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

“The whole purpose of the testimony was to share problematic times in my life with the youth,” Artest said Thursday. “There’s a lot of kids out there right now that’s going through the same things I was going through and they’re able to relate.”

In an eight-minute interview Thursday that was ultimately cut short by a Lakers official, Artest didn’t go into further detail about his locker-room drinking with the Bulls, though he did discuss other parts of his past, particularly his hard-charging lifestyle as an NBA athlete.

“It almost drove my family apart, but luckily my wife took me back,” he said. “I feel real relaxed and free and sober. I feel great.”

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      First to Second

  • Aaron2416377

    First to Third

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    STFU with the first, second…. Who gives an F. I dont want to resort to using the words, but its just annoying everywhere I go I read “first”.

    Who cares? Did you win a medal?

    • Aaron2416377

      I got to eat yor mom’s….

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    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      What eat my moms cooking? Yeah I know its great but let your mom cook for you, or if she doesnt you can always eat her PENIS! Either way, it will really taste good for you, cause you have done it before, or you can eat your dads MANVAJ.

  • Gino

    i love ron-ron’s honesty here. not saying everything in a person’s life needs to be public, but i’m glad he’s mature enough to say that he’s had a problem before, and that he know it’s a problem. time to move on and learn from mistakes, and see if people can also learn from those mistakes made.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Looks like you were the “First” guy to actually comment on the article. Kudos to you, Gino.

      Ron has made such a huge difference to this team that it would take too long to list them. The bottom line is that “This” squad of Lakers IS better than last year and that’s what matters the most. Win a championship and actually improve the next season?

      1-2-3 Ring!!

  • Short Dog

    Rons been a cool cat. Good addition to this Dynasty.


  • The Mamba24

    I’ve always liked Artest, even when him and Kobe had that confrontation in the playoffs. I t actually made me respect him more because he don’t take no crap from anyone.