This is pretty awesome. Artest and Kobe sat down for a very entertaining interview. It really makes me want Ron Artest to come over this summer (Get Artest?). But seriously, watch this…

  • GotAce

    I seen it..

    if we keep our core. and resign sasha/ronnie.

    Ill definitely
    consider taking in artest

  • Anonymous.

    When did this take place?

  • i love l.a.

    okay this interview got me. had me at hello. agree with gotace… keep the core, resign the machine and ronnie. artest would make us unstoppable.

  • SliqRiq

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  • kb24 4life

    everybody is saying that if we get artest, we should play him of the bench.. i dont think so, get him, and play bynum from the bench… i like drew for 6th man of the year…

    this is what im talking about:
    fish,kobe,artest,lamar,pau with drew of the bench…

    instead of:
    fish,kobe,lamar,pau,bynum with artest of the bench…

    what do you guys prefer???

  • xxv112002

    Resign Turiaf & Sasha, how about Ariza? A backcourt of Artest/Ariza = GAME OVER.

    What we need to do in the offseason is re-sign these 3 dudes and trade Vlade, Walton, & Mihm. Therefore, we’d have a lineup of:


    WOW just look at the second unit. We got SPEED, MUSCLE, & DEFENSE! That lineup can be a starting lineup for any team no doubt!

    But with a lineup of stars, the Lakers are going to encounter salary cap problems in the future. Not like they aren’t now. But remember the Portland Trailblazers? Well, lets just hope the Buss family can afford this lineup.

  • Michael24

    keep walton dont let him go walton is important he knows the triangle like the back of his hand

    sign and trade vlad for artest

    resign sasha and ronny

    fisher/farmar/sun yue
    kobe/sasha/ariza/sun yue
    odom/artest/walton/ariza/sun yue
    pau/odom/ronny/sun yue

    and bring in sun yue he is a 6″9 pg but plays all positions

  • GotAce

    All of this.
    and we can win the title this year too.

    Amazing seasons to come. 08 and beyond

  • ab17

    wow! gave me goosebumps
    just imagining if artest & kobe teamup….

  • Brittnay

    If the Lakers get Artest they will break the Bulls games won in a season record hands down.

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    ron artest looked like a little kid all excited that hes meetin his favorite player haah thats tight

    i hope we get him but can keep lamar

  • Mitch4Pres

    its nice to see that artest seems to have a lot of respect for kobe and kobe for him. hopefully he’d be down to take a pay cut and come to the lakers but idk if i’d want him to start or not. thats a tough one.

  • lakers101

    ARTEST come to LA n win A TITLE!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    yea it was good.. maybe artest would want LA.. only problem is how we get him.. as a FA OR SIGN AND TRADE??? he prolly take paycut… but then we have vlad,artest,ariza and walton wat do we do.. alll of us want keep ariza.. but luke and vlad have big contacts sooo wat do we do if artest wants to take a paycut and come to LA

  • Michael_23

    If we land Artest I sure do hope that egos wont fly around. I admit we had a lot of core people in our group in 2004. Kobe, Shaq, Payton, Malone, Fisher, Devean George, I mean how did all these guys find playing time and sharing points together.

    It was the Lakers that defeated themselves with all that controversy surrounding that led to dismantling that team. I just sure hope with Rob, Pau, Bynum, LO, and Kobe, and oh Bynum and wait, all our small forwards (Ron Artest, Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, Vlad Rad, and Trevor Ariza) can co-exist together.

  • kobay 24/7

    brittany your hot

  • ricky

    1. resign turiaf and vujacic
    2. trade radmanovic, mbenga, and/or karl along with future picks for artest.

    starting lineup:
    C gasol
    F odom
    F artest
    G kobe
    G fisher

    C bynum, mihm
    F turiaf
    F ariza, walton
    G vujacic
    G farmar

  • ricky

    if the lakers some how are able to get artest either through free agency or sign/trade, then he should definitely start. keep bynum on the bench cause he will provide energy, scoring and defense for the 2nd unit and they would be that much stronger. artest can then take responsibility for guarding the other teams best player so that kobe does not have to expend so much energy and focus on scoring and passing instead. odom and pau can clean up the boards and score inside and fish will give balance with tough defense on the perimeter and consistent shooting.

  • RD

    i like artest. but if he comes to LA how much of a paycut can we give him, because we gotta re-sign sasha and ronny, and then in 09 we gotta re-sign KOBE AND BYNUM. how would we afford kobe, bynum, pau, lamar, AND artest? and if we get artest we would have artest, ariza, luke, and vladrad at SF. so we either have to dump luke or vladrad at the end of the season. only time will tell.

  • lakers4ever

    Hey GUYZ!First: Don’t you know that Diop will be a Free-agent this july?so,why not sign him instead of Mbenga.He is a very good back-up center for Bynum.
    Second: Don’t you know that the Mempies will have the 4th pick in the draft? And in the current mock draft OJ MAYO is available for them.i dont think they won’t get him knowing his excellent talent.if they’ll do that,they’ll be forced to trade one or two of there point guards coz they’ll have NAVARRO, CONLEY,CRITTENTON and, among the 4 PG’s, i really think they’ll most likely let go of Crittenton;so, if that will happen,why dont we get CRITTENTOIN back in exchange for either mihm or vlad.

    So, our line-up would be:

    SF: ODOM, ARIZA, PIETRUS/ARTEST(if he’ll agree for a paycut)
    PF: GASOL, TURIAF, Rookie PF (our 2nd round draft pick this year)

    What do you think,guyz!Isn’t it a better line-up?

  • gugy

    Artest is coming to town.
    You can write this down.

    The man will behave, because:

    • He wants to win
    • He respects Kobe
    • PJ will love to coach him, ala Rodman.

    Artest, probably will come as free agent.

    We need D. He will provide it and a lot of toughness.

  • mfoznot

    If the Lakers can keep the peeps, stay healthy, and get Artest, we have the potential to be the best ever! Watch it happen.

  • CriminalMinded


  • Banzai

    When will Sun Yue come over and be a Laker? next season? oh and to everyone that says Brittnay is hot..yes she is quite

  • Killo15

    dude artest isnt a bad guy. he seems to click with kobe and we need more of those kind of guys. i agree with #1 commenter. pick up ariza too. get rid of mihm, newble, and maybe rad and coby. mbeng is iffy if we pick up artest.

  • Ignard

    it is just me or is Artest kinda emotional talking to Kobe

  • The Mamba

    If we get Artest,we shouldn’t sit Bynum. I don’t think,Pau is a perfect center,he is a PF,so I would do it this way:


    Sorry 4 my english :)

  • The Mamba

    And I agree,Brittany is hot! :D

  • e

    artest is the perfect fit for a lockdown defender…he can lockdown anyone starting from antwane jamison to lebron james to allen iverson…id have him start and bynum come off the bench

  • mihaithemiraculous

    If artest comes he has to start and bynum has to sit and be the sixth man, when we play bynum long minutes he gets hurt, for an example look at last year and this year, his body is not ready for that kind of punishment, and on top of that couples with gasol he would slow the fast paced game that the lakers love to play, so only one slow tall player can be in at a time, so we can use odom artest kobe and fish to push the break

  • Viva Vegas

    Man I hope Artest comes to town. We will win for damn sure!!!

  • nikooo

    Nooo. Odom off the bench!

    We sign and trade Radmanovic for Artest.
    Let go of Newble.
    *Mihm can opt out.
    Up to the Lakers whether or not to keep Mbenga and Karl.




    I have to apologize to LAKERNATION…..I’VE SEEN THE LIGHT,GET ARTEST!

    Maybe we can get either Pietrus,Maggette or Desmond Mason along with Artest?O


  • T-DUB

    forget about the money and he cap. with the lakers going deep in the playoffs every year, they can afford the tax. Sac wants to get something for Artest so some kind of trade can happen. I say he starts at SF with Ariza backing him up and Odom or Bynum coming off the bench.

  • Mamba2410

    We don’t need Artest guys, we’d have five SFs (Odom, Radman, Ariza, Walton)! We have enough already, the only way I’d want him on our team is that if we have a rotation like this:


    Actually…I think that’s what’s going to happen, and we won’t even have to take off any SF, that rotation I put up is (to me) perfect for us! Wouldn’t you agree guys?

  • rrrr

    hey laker fans. Artest aint goin to do shit he sucks. and no he cant lock up no one.

  • Smush Walton

    If we get Artest we can unload Smush Walton. He’s too eratic – not sure handed enough, too many turnovers, lousy outside shooter, and those post “moves”? FORGET IT!

  • Luis24

    Am I the only one that does not want Artest I know he is a great player but we aldready have a great team and with Bynum and Ariza coming strong next year why do we want Ariza. Especially I don’t think Kobe will average lots of points, I love the Lakers but I want Kobe to break tons of scoring records, it won’t happen with Artest with us. Ariza could already be out defensive stopper and we have tone of scoring. Kobe is our leader and he should have most of the shots, I want to see those 40, 50 point games. We are fine!!!

  • xtro

    Artest will be a Laker. Start the getartest project.

  • Smush Walton

    We could have used Artest for game 3. We didn’t get much from Walton, Fisher, Odom, Vlad, Farmar was so so. We need more from Pau too.

  • kobe4ever

    Pinky looks fine, can you say…CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • sportsphanatic

    I hate it when ppl say we don’t need Artest. Yeah, let’s just pass up on the best defensive threat the game has to offer. Get outta here w/ that.

    This is the dude we need to put us over the top and make us the NBA’s next great dynasty. We get Artest and Bynum coming to LA to start next season along w/ Pau for a full season and the reigning MVP. Wow. That’s scary to think about.

    Sign this man to a contract, trade Lamar’s inconsistent ass, and have Artest start at the 3. Look, he got mad respect for Kobe, P-Jax love these types of players, he can give us defense and all-around play. He’s perfect for this team.

    He can sign for the MLE, Kobe will buy him a house near his, have Artest and his kids over for BBQ/swimming (he said him and his kids all love Kobe) at his house every couple months, and they’ll live happily ever after winning championships in Lalaland. Do it!!!

  • LA_dreamz

    it’s really up to mitch.if he’ll bring him in our line-up for a MLE,that will be great but if he will ask for a bigger salary ,then,it’s a no-brainer decision.

    We still need to have the services of DIOP at the Center position most especially that he’ll be a free-agent this july.we really need as our back-up center for BYNUM.

    Mempies is not using CRITTENTON alot, so, maybe we can strike a trade for about trading luke walton and coby carl for him.

  • drake hunter

    This would be the 2nd best pickup of the decade for the Lakers. The first is obviously Gasol! FYI….I forgot to mention I was at Game 2 of the Jazz Series and saw Artest outside staples and everyone was yelling Artest you coming to LA and he just smiled!

    Lets start with the log jam at SF. I think Odom is a bonofide PF for us and he give us the versatility to play SF if we need him to so he should stay put. Of the three remaining in Ariza, Walton, and Radmanovic, Ariza stays and I believe if we can, Radmanovic should stay also.

    I’ve never been a fan of Walton and he’s more of a risk and liability on the offensive end. I mean his name is Fluke Walton for a reason. In Radman, if he’s not making his shot or not playing up to par, we can always sub him out. He gives us more versatility on the team because he spreads the floor when he’s on the court and he can play PF also.

    Albeit, anyone of these guys can go if we can get Artest so I’m all for whatever the front office does as long as it doesn’t affect the core of the future and present. This means Coby, Mbenga, Mihm, Walton, and Radmanovic all have to be part of this deal. I believe a combination of Walton, Mihm, Coby Karl, and a 2nd round pick with cash consideration is the best offer we can give without losing any core players. Walton or Radman which ever, but one of them will have to go in this trade. International players have been really successful with the Lakers in terms of revenue in other countries so keeping Radman might not be such a bad idea from a standpoint of the Lakers being world wide fan favorites for the NBA and generating interest from both countries Radmanovic is from.

    Then next year we have to bring over Sun Yue from China and add him to the roster. He’s got to start learning the system and then we’ll be able to find out if he’s the real Chinese Magic Johnson that some people say he is and possibly be added to the rotation once Fish decides to hang up his sneakers. That will give us credibility and more drawn interest from China again to help revenue and profits for the Laker organization. Again, the reason why I say all this is because if payroll is going to sky rocket, the money needs to keep flowing and profits need to be made for the Buss family to maintain this team’s competative play.

    What happens to Bynum? I agree with many others bloggers that he should come off the bench next year and be the sixth man if we get Artest. It allows him to play stress free for a season and not only solidifies the second unit but also allows Bynum to continue to progress at his pace that he was at and not feel he needs to rush back to his form where he was when he got injured. This take less pressure off Bynum yet allows him to continue to exceed all our expectations and probably make Phil Jackons job 20x’s easier when he gets a look at the roster and the way it will be set. Keep in mind that the line-ups and bench are never set in stone. Phil can always rotate different players to different roles and start certain players but the following should be the line-up for at least 90% of next season if it happens.

    PG – Fisher
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Artest
    PF – Odom
    C – Gasol

    PG – Farmar
    SG – Vujacic
    SF – Ariza
    PF – Turiaf
    C – Bynum

    Radmanovic, Mbenga, and Sun Yue fill out the roster with spot action.

    We strengthen the starting SF, back-up SF, back-up Center, and have three very quality insurance players. It’s hard to imagine that we can get even better next year than what we are now but I can see the future and the reality of it all and I follow because I believe!!!!!!

  • xtro

    Artest will come.

  • Tony

    I love Odom. He’s been one of my favorite players since his days at Rhode Island. Odom isn’t a true 3, and they are going to be looking for a true 3 man. Artest is an All Star caliber 3 that would come to LA via sign and trade.

    But if Artest comes to LA, Odom will have to make room. People also need to realize that Bynum is going to get a near max extension and he’s not going to be coming off the bench.

    Artest/Walton & Ariza

  • Bryan

    Artest or Posey/Rad/Ariza
    Gasol/Odom of the bench cause lamar is better at PF than SF

  • Topher

    Artest is good at D, but, I think a better option would be Shawn Marion. Compared to Odom he has same PPG, RPG, but more steals more blocks and better 3 and FT %
    Artest is not a good rebounder 5.8 whereas Matrix is 10.2 last year.
    Only thing is Artest is cheaper, but Marion is not much more expensive than Odom.
    Package Odom with either Mihm or Luke Walton.
    LA needs D, toughness and SF capable of shooting a decent 3%.

  • jessica

    :] its okay to dream