artestL.A. Times: Be careful what you wish for, the series.

Rarely have two playoff teams been as happy to see each other as the Lakers and Rockets.

The Lakers wanted to play the Rockets, whom they have handled, rather than the Trail Blazers, who have handled them, and with whom the series would have been a holy war.

The Rockets, who just got out of the first round for the first time in 12 years, are happy to be anywhere, even with a gargoyle, not a pot of gold, at the end of this rainbow.

Last week, with Rockets fans celebrating the Game 6 victory over the Trail Blazers, Ron Artest grabbed a microphone and told them to chill.

“I’m not happy just getting out of the first round,” he said later.

“That’s not L.A.’s goal, that’s not Boston’s goal, that’s not Cleveland’s goal and it’s not our goal.”

It was still a long time coming for the Rockets, in what was starting to look like the Endless Comeback.

For the a team named for the Johnson Space Center, it was more like NASA’s early days when, as “The Right Stuff” author Tom Wolfe wrote, “Our rockets always blow up.”

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    and here.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Can Artest control his emotions tonight? Can Kobe stay in the Triangle system? Will the real Bynum stand up? Can the Lakers keep the speedy PG’s out of the lane? When will Luke be back? Can Gasol contiue his great play? Will the bench mob be better with Odom running the 2nd unit? Will Farmar continue to pull splinters out of his posterior? These are all questions I can’t wait to be answered.