Ron Artest is known for giving the ultimate sound bite, after his amazing performance in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, his post-game interviews received more press then his heroics on the court.

Once again, Ron Artest has out done his play on the court. He finished with 18 points, and 3 steals. Including, throwing down a dunk, and hitting an off balance jumper at the end of the third overtime to seal the win for the Lakers.

However, for those who caught the post-game comments, this is what’s sparking conversation the day after, and rightfully so. Courtesy FSN

  • Jonathan

    Lol wow he still didn’t answer the question.. Gotta love Ron Ron

  • LakerMarc

    Psychotic…..a happy one though. I wonder If Ron-Ron is truly dangerous…….

  • lakerman1

    Ron is just a fun guy and this team is going to need him in for this title run. Drew is back againt the Clips tomorrow and although the Clips will play hard the Lakers should be able to get this one. One, Two, 3peat.

  • xtro

    i love this guy!

  • 123kid

    he is one crazy dude. and its kinda crazy, but i think ron has a point on the lakers trying to catch up the the spurs for the #1 seed. with duncan out and the next several games the spurs have, i think duncan got hurt at the wrong time.