Ron Artest gives $45,000 watch for education

If anyone is surpised by this, raise your hand. Nobody? Via Ron Artest’s Twitter

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“Ron Artest gives a poor kid from china his $45k diamond watch for his education.”

Having this guy around with us is going to make for some very interesting stories. Fair to say we’re all looking forward to it.

Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for
  • JohnJohn

    I need that watch 2 RonRon

  • gugy

    That’s nice of him.
    God bless you Artest, with a diamond ring! :-)

  • lakerschamps-09

    wow damn thats really nice of ron ron

  • Ryan Eusebio

    That is good to hear. GO RON ARTEST!

  • http://iklklkl aaron24

    im poor and i need bling for my education

  • PurpsNGold

    Really? What if that kid just flips that watch and does other stuff with the money.

    Eh… But a great gesture and heart.

  • Michael_23

    Awesome news when you don’t have to sign up for NBA cares and do that kind of thing. Doesn’t have to be $45k for show your love, but that’s pretty cool of him to do.

    Much more love to Ron Ron and Bill Clinton this week.

  • 242LakerFan

    I don’t think Clinton had much to do with it, but that was definitely a class move by Ron. He’s been having a blast over in China and it’s obvious he’s connecting with the folks on a deep level. Much respect, Truwarier!

  • KING


    • Kam Pashai



    My Man Ronnie steping up………

  • Kid Kaos 310

    I hope good karma comes of this: a $45K watch for a championship ring/s
    God bless Ron Artest, I’ll be picking up your jersey real soon

  • BostonSmeldicks

    hey ron i need a laptop and a car.. =D

  • 242LakerFan

    I could learn a lot from a $45K watch!

    • domz

      wow that’s 2.25 M pesos here in the Philippines. you can have a business, college fee for 4 years and some money for pleasure

  • Mitch4Pres

    git em ron ron


    Sh!t, he probably regretted it the next day, just like when he didn’t opt out of Sacramento 2 years ago! LOL!

    Nah, that’s good sh!t Ron Ron. I agree with gugy. He’ll get his ring for his watch! I think that’s a great trade! Sort of like the Ariza and Artest scenario. I loved Ariza and hated to see him go, but who’s gonna disagree with Artest being a major upgrade!?!?

    Man, it’s slow until late Oct! No basketball news at all! Hate this! I’m resortin to watchin baseball! The slowest sport of all next to golf! This sucks!

  • lakerman1

    Shows where Rons heart is. 1st he accepts less money for a championship and his Asian trip has reported nothing but good things about him. Some guys can be no nonsense and still have a good heart. Go get that ring Ron.

  • Bshawk

    Machine donates used hairnet to orphan too.

  • mamba assassin

    man, don’t tell me next time he might give away his championship ring XD

  • Source

    what an ass, it doesnt even fit the kid