Last week, TMZ interviewed Dancing with the Stars partners Peta Murgatroyd and Ron Artest.

According to, Peta said at the time that they’ve had about three rehearsals so far and Ron was doing “very well”.

She is very happy with his progress so far. They talk of their height differences for where she’s 5’7″ and Ron is 6’7″. She plans to wear 3″ heels for their dances. Currently, the two are working on the Cha Cha Cha for week 1 and the Quickstep for week 2. They discuss the new moving stage which Ron didn’t know about. The look on his face is a ‘look of fear’ while Peta calms him down. They also talk on the NBA lockout, but, Ron thinks it will all work out somehow where he can still dance if the lockout ends.

The video below shows Ron Artest, and Peta Murgatroyd leaving practice. Ron has a bit of fun with the media and decides to eat an orange without peeling the skin. After he finishes it he says, “Warrior!”.

Is it just me or was Peta looking for a kiss when Ron gave her a hug goodbye?

  • rogers beasley

    as long as the peel is thoroughly washed it is the healthiest part of the orange. the peel alone gives you 226% of daily vitamin c. it’s also cut up in and used in all sorts of spices, etc.