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UPDATE: Ron Artest’s agent has denied reports that Ron Artest is going to play in Finland. Courtesy Mark Medina and the LA Times.

Days before we will find out whether or not the NBA will indeed begin a lockout, reports are saying that the ever-enigmatic Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest will be playing in Finland this fall for the LoKoKo Loimaa, via BallinEurope

Finland’s top league Korisliiga will witness some serious NBA talent in September 2011, when Los Angeles Lakers forward/multipersonality Ron Artest will join league newcomer LoKoKo Loimaa.

The 31-year old Artest has three years left in his Lakers contract, but that doesn’t seem to bother LoKoKo sports director Aleksi Valavuori, who backs up the rumor in Tuesday’s Ilta-Sanomat newspaper.

“We have sorted things out and I can happily confirm that Artest will arrive in Finland,” Valavuori states in the Ilta-Sanomat interview.

With an NBA lockout very likely, Artest would not be limited to his contract with the Lakers, where he has three years remaining on his deal.

Finland has seen its fair share of defensive talent from the NBA in the last few years, with Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippin both playing games for the league in 2005 and 2008, respectively.

  • Arturoplatinum

    Could they take his contract and keep him? Wash our hands from World Peace

    • Brad777c

      at same time let me add id trade bynum straight up for howard and wudnt blame them for tgrowing n someone else but to act like we wud b better off wo ron is just wrong. And who cares if he wants to go by world peace. At least its positive name. Hes different yes but an animal on d and an ox in the post if needed.

      • Eduard2424

        Lakers should go after James Jones from the Heat.

  • laffsatu

    can he take lamarr with him???

  • Brad777c

    R u insane. We need artest. Hes one of the best defenders n the league and one of a handfull that can at least slow down durant james and mello. Not to mention hes been nothing but class and a leader since coming. I guarantee he cud have made more elsewhere. He was one of few lakers played well entire year. Plus he saved our butts gm 7 celtics lest u forget. Ive watched all 82 gms for past 15 years and fan since showtime days. We r lucky to have him and the rest of our loaded team. We just need recharged not replaced! Go Lakers

    • Bcdrin

      Ron had career lows this year, he did not play well the entire year. Melo and LeBron lit up Ron this year, and KD too. Ron’s defense after we acquired him was never the same and his offense has severely diminished. Lakers need to look at the future seriously, and assess the present roster situation objectively, and proceed to get better always. No one is untouchable, except Kobe.

      • Timmytann9

         Fzrune’s comment contradicts your arguement about his stats. I do think hes lost a huge step ever since he left Houston though.

  • Fzrune25

    I really don’t know how I feel about letting him go… BRAD777c said it well he let go of alot of money in his pocket but most importantly he also sacrificed his numbers the guy has averaged 18+ points per game throughout his career but offenses were en through him and his fg% has never been that good either cuz he is a volume scorer without philanthropic triangle offense
    he was lucky to have gotten 10 shots considering the ball was going through Kobe, pau, bynum
    .. so beyond the money mr world peace has sacrafised alot to join our beloved lakers

  • Anonymous


  • Woktoss

    The entire concept of Metta can be encapsulated in the official Metta chant song (will play automatically and loop forever)… the lryics are also translated into English from Pali language:

    Thank you Meta World Peace!