Ron and Kobe named toughest defenders

Toughest defenders both on the same team? Makes Lakers scarier.

Daily Breeze: Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant were named the toughest defenders in the NBA in a poll of 173 players conducted by Sports Illustrated. Artest earned 42 percent of the votes and Bryant received 13 percent in results announced Tuesday.

  • LOL

    haha nice, but we need pau to play tough and bynum as well.

  • trippleocho

    Just wait for the playoffs.

  • slimehead

    yeah we are a lot better defensively now.. but the problem would be on the intensity really, incosistent.. play tough play like the way we were after when we got murdered by boston in the championship couple of years ago.. if they really want to repeat then theve got to earn it, and stop acting so easy.. weve got the throne but theres a lot of team want to take it away from us.. dammit dont let them cuz we the champs!! whoa cant believe i said that hahaha

    • airkobe

      forget that boston beat LA on 08, co’z I believe lakers won that that year. It is the refs who won that year! their rings are fake!

      • daboss1848

        do we need passports to enter your land of delusioon?

      • slimehead

        thats not the my point either… i just want they to be as hungry as before not stop acting like they owe anyone some respect coz theres many teams trying to put them down..

  • Robert

    All we need is to sign Raja Bell, and coax Bruce Bowen out of retirement, and then we have the top defenders of the last decade on the Lakers.

    • i hate green

      Raja Bell???

  • hello world

    why do you need to keep changing your name?

  • Eidraq


  • Eidraq

    artest should have minimal part in the offense…use him for lock down defense..he doesnt need have a point on the board and still be effective..plenty of scorers are on this team..sasha should see more playing time to make up for artest’s lack of ability to spot up and shoot consistently

  • i hate green

    reminds me of the doberman days of mj’s bulls, with pippen being iceman to kobe’s maverick… although jordan was a beast on both ends it would be nice to have kobe pick up his defense some more… don’t give me the excuse that he needs to save his energy for the 4th quarter, mamba’s got the potential to be right there w/ ron ron as a top defender if not better.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      no one is even close to this

      • airkobe

        This is totally a proof that jordan didn’t won it by himself. The bulls are a complete team with pippen on that defensive ends and rodman as a rebounding minister and of course jordan as the game finisher…I never seen from a laker team who played like pippen. yes ron artest is picking it right now but his no athletic as pippen..jordan did all the scoring but no team mates complains like pau..ariza can be pippen if he continues with lakers. yes ron ron decide to play defense but when are the twins will decide to be a rebounding and shot blocker..imagine ron as perimeter defender with kobe lamar, pau , and bynum as a rebounder and shot blocker? we can be better than bulls 72-10 if the twins don’t questions kobe’s shot and just play as real bigmen…

  • Eidraq


  • brilliantn

    is there a link to this sports illustrated poll?