I guess it’s true what they say, Lakers really are “Showtime”.

ESPN: Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinal series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets was the most watched basketball game ever on ESPN.

The Rockets’ 95-80 victory on Thursday drew 7.35 million viewers, topping the 6.6 million that watched Miami beat Detroit in Game 6 of the 2006 Eastern Conference finals.

  • Sopi

    showtime? what kind?

    this laker team is pissin me off
    i am a diehard lakers fan for life
    but i hope they will lose on sunday….
    i really do!

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Everyone knows the NBA is a business, and this is just part of their plan. The Lakers draw more revenue than any other team out there. If you have been watching basketball over the years you would know that. The games this year have been obviously set up.

    I guarantee the Lakers will win and even cover the -12 point spread. You can take that to the bank (Lakers win by 15 easily)! I bet a bunch of people are going to take the points and jump on the Rockets (I hope they do), especially with the way the have been playing. You watch this game and tell me the NBA does not set up games…

    Boston should have never made it out of the first round, Denver gets bailed out on a critical game 3, KB gets a dumb T in a critical game 6. The way the Boston games have been called, it seems the NBA is trying to set up a 2009 Lakers/Boston rematch. It may be coincidence, but every time Boston lost, the Lakers lost also.

    It may be a big conspiracy theory, but the Lakers could have won game 6 if they wanted to. PJ is a smart man and he knows the matchups. Ask yourself why is he playing certain guys, especially the guys that are struggling. The guys that are doing good are on the bench.

    I predict the finals will be either Lakers/Boston or Denver/Cavs. I just don’t see it any other way, especially how these games have been called. Lakers/Boston would bring in more revenue, and it’s all about the Benjamins.

  • Eidraq

    we just embarrassed ourselves in front of 7.35 million viewers?

  • Vibe

    Devil Stern!

  • Scarface

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    I agree, the game was definetely rigged no wonder the game was the most watched game on ESPN… given the game 7, even more people will watch.

    I do not understand how the Lakers vs Cavs would not be a better matchup than Denver vs Cavs

  • Sako

    Lakers=Record High Ratings

  • lakeshow

    im a laker fan but the reason this was so high is because theres alot of laker haters out there who wants to see us lose against the rockets! haha.

  • Freshh

    You guys/gals are hilarious!




  • Neo-Laker Era

    No wonder this thing has been pushed to 7 games…

  • LakersFirst

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    A real Laker fan NEVER wants the Lakers to lose, no matter how bad they play.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    i do believe scarface is related to vic the schtick..lakeshow is 100%correct..it`s the little city beating up the big under achievers!!!must watch T.V

  • Sopi

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    dude, lakers werent playing that bad at all, they just didnt play with their heart and soul.

    i hate celtics, they lost kg, but they played so hard that they are pusing both series to game 7, i have my hats off for them, but i still hate them!

    This laker team is playing with lousy spirit, how can you play with a team without both superstars yao ming and mcgrady to game 7???

    it’s not about how good or bad a team play, it’s about how hard they are welling to play

    you want me to support some team that is not playing their best effort?

    sorry i just can agree with your “REAL lakers fan” theory!

  • LakersFirst

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    My theory is very simple, I want the Lakers to win…PERIOD! You’re hoping the team that you support LOSES (that doesn’t sound like a fan to me).

    No matter how lousy the Lakers play, no matter how little spirit they play with, I still want them to win!

    Yes, if the Lakers play bad or with little effort, they may deserve to lose, but at the end of the day, I still want them to win. I NEVER WANT THEM TO LOSE.

    You ask the question, how can the Lakers not beat the Rockets when they don’t have Yao or McGrady, well I think the Rockets are better without Yao. Yao slows them down, so the Rockets have to play at a slower pace, which is what the Lakers want (I bet you anything the Rockets office is asking, do we need Yao Ming? Can we get a quicker center?). Now that Yao is out the Rockets can essentially play at a faster pace (i.e street ball), which Adelman coaches very well at. Remember, he coached Sacramento, when they were pretty good and the key to that team was how fast they played and moved the ball, very similar to the Rockets now.

    And without McGrady, the Rockets have basically been playing without McGrady the last 2 years, so they are used to him not being there.

    I don’t know for this sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rockets are an above .500 team when they don’t have Yao or McGrady.

    Still, you should NEVER want the Lakers to lose (fans don’t want their team to lose, it’s as simple as that).