lueHoopsworld: This has been making its way around the popular message boards over the past 24 hours, and while our initial response after checking a few sources was simply not to comment on it, it does seem to be growing.

A widespread rumor as the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks working on a three-team deal that would essentially send out Luther Head and Carl Landry from Houston, Chris Mihm heads out of LA and Tyronn Lue and Charlie Villanueva depart Milwaukee. There are several versions of this out there, with multiple papers now reporting it on their websites.

Depending on which you believe, the Rockets could end up with Villanueva and Mihm, Lue goes to the Lakers, and Landry and/or Head land in Milwaukee.

Other details are varied and, at times, nonsensical.

The reason this rumor is so popular is because it does address some needs. We’ve seen numerous reports that the Lakers might have interest in Lue to replace the injured Jordan Farmar. The Rockets recently unloaded Steve Francis to open up a roster spot, and it’s widely believed they’ll use that spot to sign a back-up center – likely Dikembe Mutombo. As for the Bucks, Villanueva’s name just seems to come up any time someone wants to talk about the Bucks.

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  • 123kid

    to me it just makes no sense. for 1, the villanueva is one of bucks top scorers, so why would they give up that and if he goes to the rockets, where does he really fit in. it makes sense for the lakers to drop mihm and get a point guard, but adding the rockets into the mix and how they are giving up landry doesnt make sense.

  • LAL8306

    no way i do that trade. its great to get lue but houston gets the best of that deal by far. On top of that i dont think we need another guard, i like the rotations we have now. Were paying Sasha nearly 5 mil so he needs to be on the court more and hes more effectve with more time and I love that Phil now puts Ariza in the backcourt with Kobe from time to time which is by far our best defensive unit! The triangle doesnt need a true point. So if we do anything with Houston its for Battier. I believe thats where the lakers can put themselves ahead of the rest of the league is attaining a better 3(SF) man.

  • lakersno834

    This makes no sense what so ever. I would not give up Mihm for Lou. Cuz just incase an injury occurs to either bynum or gasol, mihm can be a good backup if given time to play. On the flip side I would to the trade if we end up with lou and one another guy. But not with this.

  • Whatsa

    But we have Benga, and even Josh Powell.

    I want Pargo though.. instead of Lue..

  • Mitch4Pres

    cant we just go after marbury instead? why is no one talking about marbury anymore?

  • lakerfan81

    mitch4pres Because Marbury is insane, a locker room cancer. There is a reason why none of his teammates (or really anyone in the league) is standing up for him saying that he is being mistreated by the Knicks. The guy clearly does not care about playing or he would actually be trying to make a buy out possible. He knows the Knicks are not going to buy him out for the same amount of money they owe him for the year, but he is not willing to take a buy of a couple million less. That clearly shows that he just doesn’t care.

  • xxv112002

    I don’t like this trade. Though I like Lue & Pargo. Lue provides the spark. Pargo provides stability. Lakers have the stability (Fisher) but lost the spark that Farmar provides. But trading Mihm for Lue? Why trade a big, finally healthy Center for a Point Guard we need temporarily? If we trade Mihm, we should get more than Lue. Mihm is a very good player, Lakers just need to give him more minutes. You’ll see.

  • KOBE2K9

    I don’t why people like Lue, he’s another old midget point guard, I would way rather have Pargo, but all in all the Lakers should not trade with the Rocket especially in this deal because they get the way better part of the deal, but give up Battier and we are talking

  • Patrick Bateman

    I’d rather have Villanueva and Head for anyone not named

    Gasol, Ariza, Bynum, Kobe, Fisher….seriously

    Anyone like Luke Ridnour’s game?

    He is in a Bucks uni and I’d love to have him back up fish or Farmar

  • kobe-wankenobi

    lue is a horrible choice
    we lack defense, lue cant defend at all
    so we would be even more weak in defending pg
    please mitch not LUE!!!!!!!!!

  • Allen Iverson

    Don’t you guys remember what I did to Mary Lue Retton – – floor routine was great!

  • yellowpurplefever

    [Comment ID #57254 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Did you forget our Finals vs Sixers. Lue was a pest to A.I, hounded him where ever he goes. Lue can play D. better than Famar, guarantee! Plus hes cheap for a veteran NBA player. If you are talking about Marberry then NO WAY.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #57261 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This guy is one of the losers on the klac boards. Always following me around. His take is a loser take as you can see.


    Contrary to the naive thinkers, who state; that Marbury is a cancer or that he is not coveted by anyone else in the league, is just plain, ignorant and blissful spewing!
    …These people need to inform themselves before posting complete and utter NONSENSE!
    …Once Marbury becomes available, there will 29 other teams trying to sign him up on the cheap!
    …Then, it’s up to Marbury who he chooses to sign with!
    …This is a NO-BRAINER! ………..Geeeeeeeezus, give me break!

  • therealdrakehunter

    get lindsey hunter


    Eh, hunter,
    When Lindsey finally becomes available for a trade to anyone, who do you suggest the Lakers trade him for, that would be; No.1) Allowable, and No.2) Viable! …???????????


    Check out who has become suddenly available!


    sign alonzo mourning and pj brown, they are agressive, they play defense, and they get rebounds

  • iluvkobe


  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #57288 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What a retard!
    If anything “sucks” around here its idiots who post suck STUPID garbage. Take your garbage to a SuckDics site. This is more to their intelligence level.