So there is a big conspiracy theory about Kobe intentionally throwing an elbow at Artest’s throat… you know the rest of the story. Here are two examples including a break down frame by frame analysis of the play as well as ESPN reviewing an unreleased baseline angle of the play.

UPDATE: Here is the new released “reverse-angle footage.” You decide. Stu Jackson will have a tough decision to make.

ESPN: ESPN’s Chris Sheridan has seen the reverse-angle footage that doesn’t seem to be online, and writes: On the Bryant-Artest play, the two were battling for rebounding position when Bryant struck Artest with his elbow. Artest immediately began gesturing and arguing that he had been elbowed in the neck, but replays appeared to show Bryant’s elbow striking Artest on his upper chest, just above the “R” on Artest’s Rockets jersey.

As for the frame by frame analysis of the play, check it out on Silver Screen and Roll.

  • JohnJOhn

    So why did Kobe get a flagarant? The proof is in the pudding.

  • Exick

    Kobe didn’t get a flagrant.

  • Chris Manning

    Well it’s not official, but Kobe turned and somewhat connected with an “elbow” in the motion in turning imo.

    But also, if Kobe would’ve connected with the elbow, Artest would’ve been in immediate discomfort in my opinion.

  • Eidraq

    its not in the rule book but i have now lost much respect for ron after he acted like he got hit in the throat when the video shows that he didnt…bs hype by a bs standard player

  • JohnJOhn

    Thats some good stuff man, I want to go to sleep and wake up right in time for Pregame. These have been a very physical playoffs just the way I like it.

  • ilikebasketball

    No Respect for Ron. Why would he grab his throat right away? Did he really go that far with flopping???

  • mr.laker19

    CLEARLY NOT THE NECK! HA HA HA, Artest is nuts

  • Dragon

    Well it was a missed call but hey every player never gets a call here and there. They should let it get physical thats how they use to play it in the old days. Kobe did foul him but Ron shouldn’t have over reacted he just a weird guy. Oh well I just hope Shannon and Farmar picks it up for Fisher because now is their opportunity to show what they can do and better do it right.

  • Chris Manning

    Rockets fans still believe he was clearly hit in the neck.

    Has anyone ever got hit in the neck – I have, you go down quickly and from not much contact. Artest holds up pretty well for getting hit with that elbow right in the neck.

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #70269 Will Be Quoted Here]

    rockets fans are just bitter from the loss and need a reason to attribute the loss to…the lakers are the most hated franchise in bball..its easy to shove blame on our players..and yeah you’re right, i was hit in the neck not more than a month ago playing bball…you dont run off and decide to start a fight right after being hit in the throat

  • OnenOnly24

    Ron was bound to blow up sometime this season for a bad call, yet Rockets fans still want to see Kobe burn.

  • jCL smooth

    i honestly thought he got hit in the throat too before i saw this video. awesome find. sucks for ron ron. his rep just took another hit. haha get it?

  • ant

    i already knew he didnt get hit in the throat. It was such a late reaction from Ron. Plus if he did get hit he would’ve went down or pulled a Sasha at least. Sasha get’s hit in the throat everytime. LOL!!!

  • kb24sdbest

    It’s about time the lakers began playing physical. It starts with Kobe and Fish (our 2 leaders). They both send message to the team and league that the lakers can play tough if we have to. I’m happy to see a better effort, better energy, a sense of urgency, and better defense (although their rotation is a step slow and they often look confuse on who’s suppose to cover the rotation, and they have no weakside help), in game 2. The lakers supporting cast better start hitting some shots and step up in Houston or else were not gonna get a win. I don’t like how kobe is exerting too much energy on game 2. We need kobe more on the road and at fourth quarter. Lamar and his freethrows, shows again lack of focus on his part.

  • WifelovesLuke

    The truth shall set you free!

    Now let’s just hope D Fish gets a fine and nothing else.

    Lakers better bring the pain for game 3!

  • RocketsFan
  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #70282 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the elbow hasn’t connected with the body the video again

  • LakerFan

    [Comment ID #70282 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Haha nice shot, but the elbow isn’t even touching him yet in that still frame. Stop whining, you guys started the physical game, the Lakers are pushing back.

    If you can’t handle the heat, don’t open up Pandora’s Box

  • lakersylfe

    its funny that kobe isnt complaining about artest pushing his head down before the play…am i the only one that saw this?

  • http://deleted let there be light

    look man why dont u look b4 the hit in the chest when artest was all up on the back of the head and neck of kobe, he was boxing out and that was the result or body weight. i have always liked ron artest, but when you are gonna act a fool, then his respect is lost. he said he’s from the street, they dont fllop like that. anyways they know if they wake up kobe the mamba, its gonna be over. thats why they were all mad. if you gonna disect the clip, why not look at the while play, not just segments.

  • http://deleted let there be light

    O yea one more thing, Battier is hitting kobe on the head and tip on of his nose, with that arm and hand in the face defense. everytime kobe goes up, battier looks like he wants to take the mambas legs out. if you ball u know thats a dangerous and annoying play. Kobe gets frustrated with all the illegal picks, jersey grabs, and triple teaming him. one little thing and yall want him out of the playoff game. if thats how u wanna

  • dracul

    First of all, Artest was putting his forearms and weight on kobe’s back and neck. That’s an “over the top” foul on Artest. Then Kobe tries to free himself momentarily from Artest’s weight by throwing an elbow. He connects with Artests upper chest, in the upper pec area. Artest flops back to make it seem like he got hit in the throat, then embellishes by crying to the ref when HE gets the foul, and then with all the adrenaline going he has his usual lapse of judgment and actually convinces himself that he got hit in the throat and that’s how he continues to remember it.

    He can’t look like a punk bitch, so he tries to rile up the indignation of his troops by faking the throat hit, so he has to continue his ‘flop’ by faking indignation at Kobe.

    This type of behavior is typical of Artest, and this type of action under the basket is a TYPICAL EVERYDAY UNDER THE BASKET JOSTLING FOR POSITION, absolutely nothing special about it.

    I wonder how his teammates are gonna react when they see where he actually got hit, how he flopped and how “insulted” he supposedly was for supposedly getting hit with a run of the mill elbow. This guy is a big body, small brain and all dramatic memories of him playing ball in a warzone.

    He’ll probably try to stab Kobe in the parking lot before Game 3 or do something equally stupid. The guy still thinks he’s playing in the ghetto streets or in some imaginary ‘street fighter baller’ video game that’s only in his imagination, so he lives like he’s in that world where he has to defend himself or else he’ll lose health points or life bars or something.


  • unclear

    If you pause the video at exactly :38 seconds left, it’s quite unclear where he was hit, it could be half throat half chest. There’s no reason for Ron Artest to claim to be hit in the throat when he wasn’t touched on the throat at all.

  • Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #70282 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Might be but Artest in the same frame has his elbow shoved into the back of Kobe’s head.

    No harm, no foul.

  • avcpl

    Finally. It was driving me nuts that NOT ONE of any of the TNT announcers or in the studio said ANYTHING about Artest hitting Kobe first and now to see that he wasn’t even hit in the neck…oh brother…

  • Stan

    Major Floppage…

  • Chad

    Go To Hell Ron

  • John

    i dont know if any of you guys saw. jack nicholson was going crazy and telling off the refs. if theres a video out there i would love to see it again. i was there at the game and he literally was verbally harassing the refs for a minute

  • Smush Walton

    Looks to me the Psycho Artest is pushing against Kobe’s head and neck and he’s bending him in half. Where is Kobe supposed to go? Just by raising his arms how could he not miss hitting that goofy pumpkin head. Too bad Kobe didn’t hit him a lot lower as Barkley said should be done to people like Sk-hole-a who set dirty picks.

  • Fred A.

    Ron was all over Kobes back. I don’t blame Kobe for what he did. That was a foul on Ron from what I saw.

  • sketch

    Artest, you fcukin drama QUEEN! See, once a QUEEN, always a QUEEN! Guess what, this Lakers team will dismantle you pocket rocket’s team just like Kobe’s old Lakers team b!itch slapped your Sac Queen’s team Artest! Get ready Ron Ron B.O.H.I.C.A!




    THATS 879 TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!