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A tragic story that will bring a tear to anybody’s eye is what “Big Shot Bob” is currently going through.

AOL’s Sporting News is reporting that Robert Horry’s 17-year-old daughter Ashlyn Horry has died today from “Severe respiratory issues and a host of other complications requiring a six month stay in Texas Children’s hospitals Neonatal Intensive Care Unit” according to Black Sports Online

Robert Horry is a 7-time champion, winning three titles with the Lakers.

Horry’s big game heroics have touched Laker fans all over the globe, and seeing a former Laker great having to go through something like this is truly devastating.

We here at Laker Nation want to send our prayers and well wishes to the Horry family in this time of sorrow. It is truly a tragedy and we wish the family nothing but strength as they go through such a difficult time. urges you to help fight this disease by donating to the Ashlyn Horry Foundation

  • Jix8isler

    God Bless The Horry Family my condolences 

  • Gugy

    The Laker family prayers are with you Horry and family.

  • E_mflores417

    Prayers for the Horry family

  • Lex

    RIP Ashlyn.

  • derek enero

    damn rip

  • derek enero

    damn rip

  • Raph switzerland

    I’m in tears man.. all my thoughts and wishes to Robert and your family

  • TWIN6868


  • null

    May her sole rest in peace.

    David question for you. Why was she in a neonatal intensive care unit? Instead of a pediatric intensive care?

  • Anonymous

    Prayers of peace and comfort for all the Horry family. As a father, I can imagine the pain he must be feeling right now.
    Laker Nation is behind you 100%, Rob!

  • Cecil

    A great peson with a tragic loss. Robert will forever remembered in Laker lore.

  • Khách

    Wish her rest in peace

  • Dharri0829

    Very sad. May God give them perfect peace in their time of mourning.

  • Nicky G

    Rest in peace, my condolences to Robert Horry and family

  • Tara TheLakerFan Smith

    My prayers to the Horry family.  I pray GOD will provide strenght and guidance during this sad time. 

  • Rodrickmunguia

    my heart goes out to the horry’s family

  • drive

    Very tragic, prayers go out to his family. 

  • Larry B

    My condolences to the Horry Family…. Sorry for your loss . 

  • Drewdeluxe

    Is this the same daughter that he had to constantly visit Houston on Lakers off days when he played? I remember he only chose to play for teams close to Houston cause that’s the only hospital to take care of his child’s issues..

  • TouchingMyself

    Prayers and a moment of silence for the Horry Family.

  • ETorres06

    Our hearts go out to Rob and his family during this most difficult time. You are in our thoughts and prayers Rob. We love you.

  • Pamelabowie

    god bless to the horry family and god will give u strength love u. laker fan/ san antonio

  • EnigmaNetx

    I am SO SAD for You Mr Horry. GOD Bless and keep your Family in His Heart. She’s in Heaven Now…No More worries in this world. REST In PEACE Young ANGEL.
    You Will Get pass this sorrow with GOD”S Grace.

  • Edrdocastillo1976

    Thaughts and prayers are with the Horry family.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    My DEEPEST condolances to you and your family …

  • pio2u


  • Wayneshardwood

    I can’t imagine how heavy your heart must be. I wish you the best in your time of grief. You’ve shown us all what it means to be a father. This reminds me of a phrase I grew up with. Why do the worst things always happen to the best people? Because they can handle it.

  • Carmenrosa503

    May she rest in peace.

  • bbz62

    you championships as a player will pale in comparison to the father you were in her life and the love you had for each other. I know that the words expressed here will never soften the pain you feel or fill the hole in your heart, but pls know that our prayers go out to you and your family.

  • cherryb

    My prayers are with Robert Horry and his family. GOD will see you through this. Remember all the good times you spent with each other. GOD bless  

  • marc

    You and your family will be in our prayes Robrt

  • Dvz2000

    prayers are with you and your family Rob…

  • online sports betting

    WOAH! Condolence to him and his family.