Congrats to the ex-Laker, Robert Horry! And remember, he’s won 2 rings with both the Spurs and Rockets, and 3 with our Lakers! I’m proud of big shot Rob!

ESPN: Robert Horry is now the sole owner of the league record for most postseason games played.

By playing in Game 5 against the Hornets, Horry overtook Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to take the record. The game was number 238 in the postseason for Horry.

  • sammie

    good job robert horry! pretty soon in the future someone else will break YOUR record! HAHA!

  • xtro

    I hope Big Shot Bob Horry’s jersey will be retired up on the rafters at Staples Center someday. Thank you Robert Horry for WFC ’00 against The Portland Trailbalzers and for WFC ’03 against the hated Sacramento Queens.

  • Ballin’08

    Horry is a B!tch. He left the club, no sorry “abandoned” the club…While we still cheer for others that use to wear the purple and gold who left to pursue other opportunities: Tyron Lue for example, Horry had a secure spot on our roster, and just left us…F@ck you Horry!! We should have kept Ceballos..

  • LD2k

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    Come on man. He went to where his family and daughter was. And the dude had five rings. I think we should thank him for his contributions…

  • laker#1

    Robert Horry should come bak to LA n retired here!!THANKS FOR THE BIG SHOTS!!!

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