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After a disappointing second-round exit from this year’s playoffs, many pundits were looking to tweak the Lakers’ roster. The age of veteran point guard Derek Fisher was a concern, and images of J.J. Barea tearing apart the Laker defense still haunt the Lakers’ dreams of a three-peat.

Back-up guards Steve Blake and Shannon Brown did little to help the declining Fisher, and with Brown opting out of his contract, picking up a new point guard is vital to the short-term success of the franchise with Kobe Bryant having three to five years left in his career.

Former Laker players, scouts, and even former Sparks player Lisa Leslie chimed in on what ailed the Lakers this season, with former Laker Robert Horry being flagged down during this week’s ESPY Awards to give his insight on the point guard situation in LA, via Mark Medina at the LA Times:

“I think they need another good point guard. No disrespect to Derek Fisher. Derek is alone. I’ve been there, done that. They need a point guard who can distribute the ball, get everyone in order and not be afraid to tell Kobe no,” Horry said. “You can’t outrun age. I think age has caught up to him. There’s some things he can do, but there are some things he can’t do.”

With the lockout in place, it will be difficult for second-round pick Darius Morris to fill that void, without the ability to work out at team facilities or trainers, participate in the summer leagues or communicate with coaches. Once the lockout is lifted, the Lakers will certainly look to free agency to fill the void left by Brown, possibly with none other than recent NBA champion and unrestricted free agent…J.J Barea.

  • Odom the player

    Yes, Yes Big shot Bob I only wish someone would tell Fisher that. Thanks

  • hellraiser

    I don’t understand why the young are always said to be way behind the learning curve whether in  the NBA or the NFL because of the lockout.  Why can’t they hire one of the GOOD ex-coaches or GOOD retired players to train them during this period of time??

    • Logo723

      Who would pay for the hiring of ex-coaches or retired players?  The new players haven’t even received a paycheck yet!  You make a good point but it costs money.  Another issue would be the kind of training they’d receive from someone NOT affiliated with the team they are on. Could be issues with regard to proper training etc. Not all teams train the same (other than just basic exercise or fundamentals).  Additionally, if the player were injured while training with their own paid coaches….they wouldn’t be insured the way they would be while training with their respective team.  Some veteran players are training on their own ….but there are certain risks associated.  New young players have to be extremely careful in terms of what is and isn’t “safe” and/or covered by team contracts.  It’s a sticky issue!!!

  • Freddieross81

    I love derek fisher but we need a chris paul or allen iverson in la

  • Jack Yang

    Well. One thing’s for sure. Steve Blake is not starting PG worthy. 

  • Hotjack1a

    I think everyone that enjoys the NBA likes Mr Derek Fisher. But it is time for him to step aside. THe Lakers need to put that smart guy in the front office. 

  • Robert

    Not worried as much about Fisher’s age as his style.  He is a ‘Triangle’ guard, which means ‘no guard’.  In fact the Triangle eliminates the need for a ‘true’ point guard.  So Fish has operated decently under this offense.  However, he has not been a ‘true point guard’.  We have not seen his ability to run the offense.  If he’s ‘good’, he doesn’t have to be fast.  Jason Kidd is a ‘great’ point guard – passer, running offense, actually good rebounder.  Not fast.  If Fish can run an offense with a new system (Mike Brown’s offense), we’re ok.  Did Fish do that with Jazz, or GSW?  Neither were Traingle, so I’m wondering how he did.

    Also, Fish is a decent spot up shooter.  If a new offense has Fish heading for the corner, for a quick 3 pointer, that’s not bad.  But point guards don’t usually head for the corners – they are at the top of the key, ready to pass, or make a run to the basket (see Steve Nash, who is ‘also’ not fast but one of the greatest point guards ever).

    We’ll see how Fish fares in the new offense.  If not, maybe a new PG will be sought after mid-season ( …. if … there is a season).

  • Antonio Carpio

    Even when Fisher was in his prime, he couldn’t be a starting point guard with other teams. He doesn’t posses the talent like JKidd, DWill,CP3, Steve Nash or even JJ Barea as a point guard. He has never played PG with Phil Jackson coaching, Kobe did. His only bright side is shooting open shots and banging bodies but he can’t guard a top PG.

  • rondo

    Kobe needs his caddy with him to pass him the ball. Notice Fisher is going over to Manila to play with Kobe. He needs Fisher their to pass him the ball.

  • Patrick Coleman

    Leaders Lead & D Fish is a leader. If he plays this season I am not looking for Fish to be something he is not and I will expect him to lead. No dout that father time is near, but I have a feeling D Fish still have a little gas in the tank.